Skincare At It’s Best; Youtube

UntitledSo I have created my second youtube video, which is all about skincare.

My skin has always been very dry, i have always had problems with ezcema and rashes, allergic reactions and just genuinely having very sensitive skin. So as you can imagine, I have had to try many many products to find out what works best for me. So these are some of my ultimate favoruite products at the moment and I hope you enjoy it.

I would love to hear your favourite skincare products, I am always looking for new and different skincare products so let me know.

I have really appreciated all the support from you guys on my channel and really hope that continues so please subscribe, like, comment and share with others you think my like my videos!

Stay Sassy, Grace xox

Grace’s Music… (well i wouldn’t quite call it a career yet but you can help.?)

So some of you might know that despite running, i obviously also go to school, shop, spend time with my friends and family but one thing i really love is singing.

I have been singing ever since i was a little girl in the back of my mumma’s car, surprising her that i knew all the words to the hits faster than most 2/3 year olds can say let alone sing. I’ve been to singing class after singing class but i’d say over the past i haven’t focused on my singing as much as i have wanted, simply because I’ve been focusing on other things, not that i haven’t missed it because i have.

So, point of the story is, that today I’ve decided to open up and invite you to the world of my voice (if thats what you want to call it) and i want you to help me, guide me and get me heard if you can.

I have a youtube and sound cloud where i post videos and clips of me singing, i’ll admit i haven’t done a video (i haven’t had the right song) or the confidence to be honest but maybe after posting this i will!

I want your opinions, your requests, your comments, your subscriptions and more!



Hope you enjoy! Let me know dolls and stay sassy xox