Get That Scary Style; Halloween Looks!

With Halloween approaching in just a few days time, I thought this would be the perfect time to create some asy and last minute halloween make up looks complete with outfits and make up.

Now us girls always want to have fun and of course that means dressing up for halloween, but unfortunately long gone are the times when we can cover ourselves with a sheet and call ourselves a ghost. Now that’s not gonna catch the boys eye is it?

Fortunately for you, I’ve put together some sassy, stylish yet still halloween themed outfits perfect for your halloween night out! Let’s get ghostly!

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 20.58.03

Look 1;

This first outfit is of course a cat; a typical girl halloween outfit! But I can assure you no other cat in that room while look as stylish as you! This ‘catsuit’ with the mesh and low cut neckline is set to make heads turn all on it’s own, when paired with these gorgeous fur earrings which add to the cat theme perfectly as well as causing extra interest into the outfit. The PVC trench coat will also add extra warmth to the outfit as well as another texture and links to the stereotypical leather catsuit for halloween, in another light. Of course the face lace adds some extra mystery to the outfit and the cat ears…I mean derr…a cat outfit wouldn’t be complete without them.

Catsuit –    Earrings, Coat, Cat ears – New Look   FaceLace- Rosegal

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 20.58.09

Look 2;

This day of the dead look will be looking perfect with a sugar skull make up look, which can be done on half a face or even a whole face. Whilst black and white sugar skulls are popular, with the black dress I personally think that a colourful sugar skull will bring a different aspect to the outfit but it’s up to the wearer. This cross necklace adds to the religious feel of the day of the dead theme as well as the headband adding extra interest to the outfit. The lace up boots add extra grunge to the outfit as well as a trend hit at the moment.

Dress –   Headband, Necklace –   Boots – New Look

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 20.57.48

Look 3;

A skeleton look is a amazing look for halloween which can be easily paired with make up. This dress is a perfect example of an easy look for halloween, paired with this facelace to add extra interest and a look of effort. These fringing poncho over the top will add a bit of extra layering and texture to the outfit as well as an entering piece to be taken off during the night. The metallic shoes add a pop of colour to the outfit breaking up the black and white.

Dress –    FaceLace – Rosegal   Shoes and Poncho – New Look

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 20.57.24

Look 4;

This look is a romantic gothic kind of look, a very mysterious look as well. This look is the perfect princess kind of look; to be added with the make up (to be seen further down the blog post) This lace, floorlength princess like dress is beautiful for this outfit with the cobweb effect necklace adding some spook. The beaded clutch bag and earrings also add some different texture and trend to the outfit as well as some extra glam, not to mention the headband for an alternative to a tiara adding a 20’s aspect to the outfit.

Dress –  All other pieces – New Look

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 20.57.40

Look 5;

This look is a very minimalistic look for Halloween, when you don’t really know what to go as, don’t really want to go too full out but still want to dress up. This bodysuit is an interesting way of mixing up an outfit as well as mixing up a skeleton look with the hands. Of course, paired with this PVC skirt adds extra interest and on trend qualities to this outfit. This fishnet tights scream Halloween Style as well as these lace up grunge knee high boots.

Bodysuit –   All other items – New Look

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 20.57.13

Look 6;

These elegant dark gothic pieces are perfect for another princess of Halloween look. This skater dress adds a different spin to the princess look, not all of us love a slinky maxi so this is another alternative. The chunky cross necklace choker adds some metallic colouring to this outfit breaking up the black and again adding a spooky religious look to the outfit. The headband and shimmer in the golden shoes, linking colour wise with the necklace, also add a little extra princess glamour.

All items in this look – New look

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 20.58.17

Look 7;

Another a-meow-zing look here! See what I did there…not impressed…No…Ok.  This dress from a distance shows the look of hair linking a kitty look here, as well as with the faux fur gilet. The cat ears once again are a must have for this look, as well as the face lace adding extra interest and mystery to the look for Halloween. The added feathers on the necklace adds to the feline look, adding the clutch and shoes for some glamour for the outfit.

Dress –   Facelace – Rosegal    All other items – New Look

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 20.57.55

Look 8;

This final look is a different look for Halloween, some most people probably wouldn’t even think of. This outfit is linked with a make up look I have for you (seen below) Therefore I have gone for this simple slogan T shirt from the Terminator ‘I’ll be back’ which perfectly sums up the outfit. Since the terminator is very strong and tough I have chosen this PVC leatherette mini skirt, which I envision the T shirt tucked into, to extra toughness and grunge to the outfit. As well as adding these bad girl fishnet tights (rip for extra terminator-esque look) I have given two shoe options for this look, a low pair and a heeled pair. The lace up stiletto boots which add extra trend and once again a bad girl sass look for the outfit, however if you want to continue in the more grunge, harsh, true terminator style look then these low top heavy boots are the way to go.

T shirt – Primark   Both pairs of boots, skirt and tights – New Look

No Halloween Look would be complete without make up! I have two looks for you guys today…one is a look perfect for them princess outfits…but a lot more…dead! Another look is a terminator look. Both these looks were done on my sister and her friend.


For this look I first created a glamour make up look complete with a pink and purple shimmer cat eye look complete with winged liner, mascara and of course a pop of lipstick. For this part of the look, in this case, the products used were;

Eyeshadows – Kiko Shimmer Eyeshadow in Purple, Tarte Palette for Green eyes (the purple shade used in the crease) As well as a dusty pink shade eyeshadow from Barry M

Eyeliner – Seventeen Wet Look Liquid Eyeliner

Mascara – Benefit Roller Lash

Lipstick – Mac Matte Lipstick in the shade Heroine.

The rest of the look I dusted a black and grey eyeshadow under her eyes to give that deathly, ghostly look. I then lined out where I wanted the scratches to go using a variety of irritated pink, reds, purples and a hint of black eyeshadows to create that bruising look. I then used thick scab look fake blood to create the deep scratches look.



For the second look I created a terminator look which I actually created based on a look my sister wanted. IMG_8015

This look will look perfect with the terminator outfit I have pieced together. I created this look by marking out where I wanted the metal looking parts to go, then going over this line with liquid latex (which can be bought at any fancy dress store around this time of year as well as online, but I picked mine up at Hobbycraft this year) After letting the liquid latex to dry, with the help of the hairdryer set on the cold setting, I then grabbed some tweezers and began pulling around the edges on the inside of the wound.

Once this was done, I then grabbed some foundation matching my model’s skin tone and placed this on top of the edges to make the liquid latex blend with the skin looking more like flapped skin. I then took a silver grease paint and began painting this on the inside of the wounds. After this was dry I made a black oval around the eye to look like a black hole robot, as well as drawing in the panels and bolts of the robot, with liquid eyeliner. I then began bruising and creating the look of irritated skin on and around the outside of the flapped skin. I did that creating light pinks, reds and purple eyeshadows. As well as adding some black to create the charcoal, burnt effect that the terminator obviously goes through in the film. When you’ve been beaten up, set on fire and dragged across the pavement, you’re bound to have some dirt and charcoal in your wounds wouldn’t you?

I then added some extra extra scratches around the outside of the wounds and along the face and of course added some thick scab fake blood around all the outside of all wounds on the face as well as some on the scratches…some spots of blood thicker than others as of course not all cuts scab evenly.IMG_8017



And those are the finished looks!

I hope you have enjoyed these posts and let me know if you end up recreating any of these looks or even what you do go as for Halloween…you can do this by tagging me in an instagram re-creation post at gracedowns3 or on twitter @gracelanddowns.

Until next time…Have a spooky Halloween Night and stay sassy! xox