Colour Me Right;Max Factor CC Colour Corrector Review

We all get them patches of skin that we just don’t like…whether it is redness around our nose, veins, under eye circles or anything else we can pick ourselves apart for. Recently all over the beauty tutorials, Instagram 1 minute makeover accounts and of course the Kardashians (How else would they look so flawless?) I have been seeing all this colour correcting, people going way beyond contouring into putting pink, green and yellow all over their faces. I questioned whether this method actually worked, so I decided to find out for myself.

I went into Superdrug and purchased these three CC colour correctors by Max Factor, green for redness, yellow for under eye and dark circles and a highlight. I have now been using these for a few days and decided to give my opinion for those of you out there like me who need a real girl’s opinion. ccI’m going to review each corrector separately taking into consideration, where I used them on my own skin, the blending ability, reaction with other products e.g foundation/powder as well as the sensitivity, packaging, price and all that jazz.

Let’s start with the green colouring for redness. I personally do have quite a warm and red toned skin so I was really curious as to whether this product would satisfy my skin. I used this colour on the sides of my nose, under my nose just above my cupids bow as well as on any spots I had. I blended this in with my finger instead of a brush as the warmness of the skin on the hands tends to make consistencies such as this product blend better on my skin personally. It blended incredibly; I have to say I was a little worried I was going to end up with green blotches on my face where I had used the product and no real redness recovery at all. It really has reduced the redness on my skin.

The yellow colouring for under eye circles is incredible! This has to be my favourite, I used this under my eyes which meant I didn’t have to use concealer, as well as it lasting all day which sometimes my concealers don’t. It also acted as a natural highlight under my eyes giving me that under eye look that the Kardashians really do have, which I thought I would never be able to achieve with a drugstore product. I also used this on my brow bone to conceal the line of my brows which worked amazing as well as blending in incredibly to my brow bone leaving no excess dramatic colour.

The highlight, I have to say is the one I was least impressed with as I don’t think it really did anything, I was lucky enough to purchase these colour correctors during a Max Factor 3 for 2 deal meaning I got this one free however if I hadn’t, I don’t think I would have bothered with this one, simply because I felt like it didn’t really show on my cheeks although it did do a good job at highlighting my nose and underneath my bottom lip but the main area I wanted it to highlight (my cheeks) it just wasn’t noticeable.

ccc2The whole set of colour correctors as a whole, I love the packaging in the fact that they are a crayon as well as loving their sensitivity as I do have rather sensitive skin to a majority of products and using a product with a creamy crayon consistency such as this did worry me, but there was no trouble whatsoever. The colours lasted all day and didn’t fade away leaving me with blotches or patches like I thought they might. More to the point they really do what they say on the packaging which a lot of products of this nature don’t. The only thing I would suggest is that although I think that having them to buy separately is great as not all people would need all three due to different skin types, but if like me you did want all three, to pay £8.99 per corrector seemed rather a lot, I would love to see these three in a set to save people like me who need all three buying them individually.

Overall I love, love, loved these three correctors and am happy to save I am now on the colour correcting wave and am loving it.


Let me know if you have any tips for colour correcting, I am always looking for new make up tips or if you do purchase this product, let me know what you think.

Stay Sassy x

It’s not what you wear, It’s the Make up that counts – Halloween Edition


So i thought i’d post this a month in advance so that you have plenty of time (like myself) to practice these looks. Halloween is fast approaching and I was thinking about what I can do for the variety of events i’m attending to be a bit different and just something i’ve never done before. So i did my research and I’ve found some incredible tutorials i’m just itching to try out.

Bonnie Corban SFX 

This girl is my fave for any kind of special effects make up. She really is incredible and makes the looks seem easy to re-create as she explains.

This look is extremely cool for a simple bit of make up matched with a spooky outfit, but some of her looks are perfect for halloween with a more simple outfit.

WARNING: Latex glue can be dangerous if used inappropriately (IT WILL PULL YOUR HAIR OUT)

This is the one my little sister wants me to try out on her for our family halloween party. Day of the dead inspired sugar skulls are incredible and surprisingly easy and flexible to make your own.


This girl is incredible for whole face and body looks. But she also does the best little injury make up special effects. Like this zombie bite effect.


Theres one video by this gal that really does fascinate me as well as the fact that she only uses make up to create this look, unlike many of the other make up artists shown in this blog post.


i’ll admit, this is the only video I’ve watched by this gal, but it is pretty darn amazing.

So let me know what you try or what you love, or if you have any other videos you think myself or any other viewers would like. My try outs of these looks will be posted soon.

Stay Sassy (and scary) dolls xox