Colour Me Right;Max Factor CC Colour Corrector Review

We all get them patches of skin that we just don’t like…whether it is redness around our nose, veins, under eye circles or anything else we can pick ourselves apart for. Recently all over the beauty tutorials, Instagram 1 minute makeover accounts and of course the Kardashians (How else would they look so flawless?) I have been seeing all this colour correcting, people going way beyond contouring into putting pink, green and yellow all over their faces. I questioned whether this method actually worked, so I decided to find out for myself.

I went into Superdrug and purchased these three CC colour correctors by Max Factor, green for redness, yellow for under eye and dark circles and a highlight. I have now been using these for a few days and decided to give my opinion for those of you out there like me who need a real girl’s opinion. ccI’m going to review each corrector separately taking into consideration, where I used them on my own skin, the blending ability, reaction with other products e.g foundation/powder as well as the sensitivity, packaging, price and all that jazz.

Let’s start with the green colouring for redness. I personally do have quite a warm and red toned skin so I was really curious as to whether this product would satisfy my skin. I used this colour on the sides of my nose, under my nose just above my cupids bow as well as on any spots I had. I blended this in with my finger instead of a brush as the warmness of the skin on the hands tends to make consistencies such as this product blend better on my skin personally. It blended incredibly; I have to say I was a little worried I was going to end up with green blotches on my face where I had used the product and no real redness recovery at all. It really has reduced the redness on my skin.

The yellow colouring for under eye circles is incredible! This has to be my favourite, I used this under my eyes which meant I didn’t have to use concealer, as well as it lasting all day which sometimes my concealers don’t. It also acted as a natural highlight under my eyes giving me that under eye look that the Kardashians really do have, which I thought I would never be able to achieve with a drugstore product. I also used this on my brow bone to conceal the line of my brows which worked amazing as well as blending in incredibly to my brow bone leaving no excess dramatic colour.

The highlight, I have to say is the one I was least impressed with as I don’t think it really did anything, I was lucky enough to purchase these colour correctors during a Max Factor 3 for 2 deal meaning I got this one free however if I hadn’t, I don’t think I would have bothered with this one, simply because I felt like it didn’t really show on my cheeks although it did do a good job at highlighting my nose and underneath my bottom lip but the main area I wanted it to highlight (my cheeks) it just wasn’t noticeable.

ccc2The whole set of colour correctors as a whole, I love the packaging in the fact that they are a crayon as well as loving their sensitivity as I do have rather sensitive skin to a majority of products and using a product with a creamy crayon consistency such as this did worry me, but there was no trouble whatsoever. The colours lasted all day and didn’t fade away leaving me with blotches or patches like I thought they might. More to the point they really do what they say on the packaging which a lot of products of this nature don’t. The only thing I would suggest is that although I think that having them to buy separately is great as not all people would need all three due to different skin types, but if like me you did want all three, to pay £8.99 per corrector seemed rather a lot, I would love to see these three in a set to save people like me who need all three buying them individually.

Overall I love, love, loved these three correctors and am happy to save I am now on the colour correcting wave and am loving it.


Let me know if you have any tips for colour correcting, I am always looking for new make up tips or if you do purchase this product, let me know what you think.

Stay Sassy x

5 Beauty Tips You Never Even Thought Of

We are all constantly looking for new beauty tips and tricks to improve ourselves, whether it’s our technique, use of product, mixing of products or just how to work it! I’ve got some new beauty tips and tricks that you’ve never even thought of…here we go.

  1. Plump your lips by applying a darker lip liner with a lighter shade lipstick in the centre

This is such an easy trick that I have been using for a long time. Many people result to doing a Kylie Jenner and overlining the lips drastically to achieve the illusion of a plump lip but this doesn’t have to be done. By simply applying a darker shade of lip liner than the lipstick you are planning to use around the outside and inner corners of your upper and bottom lips, you can create the illusion of fuller lips through the highlighted shade in the centre. This works especially well with red and light pink lips but can easily be adapted to any shade. And if you’re not a fan of lip liners simply apply a darker shade of lipstick first, job done.

2. Pick the correct make up shade for your skin by testing the colour on your jawline

Many people often make the mistake of picking the wrong shade of foundation by testing it out on their hand…something even the biggest beauty guru’s have been guilty of… ending up in the annoyance of a shade too light (making us look ghostly in the application process) or too orange/dark (making us look like we’ve just stepped off the set of TOWIE) the trick is to test the shade of foundation on your jawline which you will see that if the foundation looks as though it has disappeared means it is the correct shade for you.

3. Oil Blotting Sheets

Ever had that moment on a hot day or in a hot stuffy office where you mildly begin to sweat leading to your make up turning shiny in the process. Many think that applying more powder will fix the problem however this is not the case as it actually brings out the oil in the foundation more when you sweat causing the powder to create patches of foundation in the pores on your face. Therefore the best solution is to carry around some oil blotting sheets which can be bought at any drugstore e.g boots or superdrug. They also come in handy for lots of other things so are worth the try.

4. Tape to make your eyeliner even

Oh the struggles of eyeliner…it can be extremely difficult especially with liquid eyeliner to make the wings of your eyeliner even meaning they end up getting longer and longer as you try to even them out. My trick is to place a little bit of tape when you want your eyeliner and even eyeshadow if you wish for a smoky cat eye look. Therefore any that you go over will go onto the tape giving you a nice clean cut off as well as making sure both eyes are as even as possible.

5. Pressing your tounge to the roof of your mouth when smiling to enhance your features

It is important to appear as photogenic as possible when posing with friends or solo meaning you want to enhance your best features as much as possible e.g CHEEKBONES! I have found that the best way to do this is to press your tounge against the roof of your mouth when smiling to enhance your features as well as highlighting your contouring and making your face appear slimmer and more structured. Perfect for a catwalk worthy grin!

Would you Rather? Beauty Edition and GraceLaLaLand is 1!

So I had a very special guest for this latest video, my beautiful cousin Olivia, who is also a make up guru.

Go check it out and don’t forget to send me any video responses as well as giving the video a thumbs up and subscribing!

In other news and you will see from the title, gracelalaland; the blog, is one tomorrow and I thank anyone who reads or has read my blog ever! It means an awful lot to me as it is something I love doing and has also helped me realise my dreams of working in the fashion industry as well as giving me a new pastime and subtle confidence.

So here is to another year!

Stay Sassy xox

From the catwalk to you…easily and affordably.

Who says you can’t rock the trends, we are giving you the tips on how to work the catwalk trends yourself, easily and affordably.

Bright blue eyes

Blue eyeshadow not only gives you a flashback to the 80’s but is a huge trend on the catwalks right now. There are also many ways to wear it, you can simply just line the eyes with blue as you would with your normal eyeliner, or work a smoky eye re-do as seen at Emanuel Ungaro, with a block solid blue colour all over the eyelid for extra stand out factor.

Here are some affordable yet amazing products to create this look;

Max Factor Excess Intensity longwear eyeliner in Aqua = £6.99

Barry M Dazzle Dust in Kingfisher = £4.29


Block colour tips

This trend spures from the ombre nail seen on last season’s catwalk. However sports a chicer, stronger clear cut colour.

House of Holland clashed red with pink where as at Giles Deacon forest green and black was all the rage.

TIP ALERT! Hands not so steady? Use nail tape to create that clean cut line you intend.

Plait Attack

Nothing says lazy summer like braids but the catwalk is taking it one step further. Ultra messy plaits went XXL in many shows this spring summer.

First prep damp hair with mousse and rough dry, tease with fingers before plaiting. After creating the plait loosen it and pull bits out and apart for that ultra messy catwalk appearance.

Mark Hill Just Tease me! Wide tooth comb = £3.29

John Frieda luxurious volume thickening mousse = £3.99


Red Lipstick Riot

When has red lips really gone out of fashion you ask? Agreed, however red lips has been made more of a winter thing at recent catwalks, however burberry are bringing red back this summer, clashing it with pastels for that stand out look.

As well as concealing and lining for that perfect finished look.

Sleek Lip liner in Rouge = £2.99

Elizabeth Arden Moisture lip in bold red = £21


Woodstock Waves

Them low- maintenance locks have been fashioned all over this season featuring in Chanel, Etro and Jill Stuart as well as being carried onto the red carpets of many award shows this season. Ditch the straight look for this 70’s festival inspired waves, parted at the centre and styled to look like they dropped during the day.00010h_426x639TIP ALERT! Avoid volume at the roots and instead only tong mid-length and ends for that drop out finished look.

2015 First months Favourites

So the first month and a bit of 2015 have gone by and i thought it was about time i did a favourites piece. So here we go;


So i have a lot of categories in my beauty section usually separated into eyes, lips, foundation etc. But today to save millions of categories, I’ve decided to piece them all together. So my favourites in beauty at the moment has got to be my urban decay naked pallette I recieved for christmas.

My personal favourite colour is the Venus which I tend to use in the corners of my eyes, W.O.S for my base and naked 2 for my crease. They are really long wearing and come as a perfect compliment of colours.

Another favorurite of mine was actually also bought for me for christmas and came as a recommendation from one of my good friends Liv, The benefit brow zings shaping kit.066

I use the light colour which is dark enough even for eyebrows darker than mine, which are naturally a light blonde. The kit comes with a wax for shaping, powder for setting, an angle and blending brush, tweezers and a mirror. This has done wonders for my brows, it is so quick and easy to use and easy to carry around for touching up brows when you’re out if you need to, without having to take everything separately.


At the moment I have been religious about my skin, as you always should be, but even more so than usual. One of the products I have especially been loving is the Vitamin E moisture mask from Body Shop, which leaves my skin feeling super soft and glowing.IMG_0427

I have also been loving the Zoella moisutrizing body cream, my little sister (a massive zoella fan) got this for christmas and tbh I am always reluctant to use such products because usually they don’t agree with my skin but this is so soft and really has made my skin so soft, especially before fake tanning.


So the other night I went to my boyfriends sisters St_Moriz_Tanning_Mousse___Dark_200ml_1366634567engagement party, so i wanted a nice…even…non-orange tan. After going to my spray tan appointment to find the salon home, I had to result in self tan. Using what I found in my mum’s cupboard I wondered what kind of tan I was in for. I was pleasantly surprised. St. Moriz, self tan, although it doesn’t come out too dark, it didnt come out patchy, too orange, streaky, it didn’t react with my skin and didn’t go patchy when washing off, instead has faded and washed off evenly. I can actually say I fully recommend this tan and was happy with it.

TV show; 

So over the christmas break and ever since I have been watching, quite religiously and obsessively I have to admit, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS! And omgosh i have actually become obsessed, now being on season 5 and waiting weekly for the new episodes on netflix, I am literally going crazy waiting, despite my many other things to do! If you haven’t seen it, basically it is a murder mystery series, when four teenage best friends’ friend goes missing, they try to solve the mystery of her murder all whilst recieving threats and texts from someone ‘A’ who they have no idea of. As the story develops a lot more happens and I literally cannot wait to find out what happens at the end! So majorly recommend this to anyone who loves mysteries, general drama and a bit of romance.


I literally have kind of fallen in love with the new Rihanna, Kanye and Paul McCartney song ‘FourFiveSeconds’ 

So that is all for this month’s favourites, hope you like my recommendations and let me know when you try them darlings.

Stay Sassy dolls, until next time xox

It’s not what you wear, It’s the Make up that counts – Halloween Edition


So i thought i’d post this a month in advance so that you have plenty of time (like myself) to practice these looks. Halloween is fast approaching and I was thinking about what I can do for the variety of events i’m attending to be a bit different and just something i’ve never done before. So i did my research and I’ve found some incredible tutorials i’m just itching to try out.

Bonnie Corban SFX 

This girl is my fave for any kind of special effects make up. She really is incredible and makes the looks seem easy to re-create as she explains.

This look is extremely cool for a simple bit of make up matched with a spooky outfit, but some of her looks are perfect for halloween with a more simple outfit.

WARNING: Latex glue can be dangerous if used inappropriately (IT WILL PULL YOUR HAIR OUT)

This is the one my little sister wants me to try out on her for our family halloween party. Day of the dead inspired sugar skulls are incredible and surprisingly easy and flexible to make your own.


This girl is incredible for whole face and body looks. But she also does the best little injury make up special effects. Like this zombie bite effect.


Theres one video by this gal that really does fascinate me as well as the fact that she only uses make up to create this look, unlike many of the other make up artists shown in this blog post.


i’ll admit, this is the only video I’ve watched by this gal, but it is pretty darn amazing.

So let me know what you try or what you love, or if you have any other videos you think myself or any other viewers would like. My try outs of these looks will be posted soon.

Stay Sassy (and scary) dolls xox

Ways to make your nail polish stay on longer


We’ve all had them times when we’ve gone to the nail shop or painted our nails and a week later we’re saying ‘HOW ARE THEY ALREADY CHIPPED?’ Well you may not know but you are actually doing some things with make your nails chip without knowing it. Lucky for you i’ve got 8 ways you can make your gorgeous vanish stay on longer.

Nail Biting: I know I do it! Brought on my nerves or stress, biting your nails or picking at them is the most common way to ruin your polish. You should try applying the dip and twist no nail biting polish. It certainly works wonders for me.

Hairspray: Hairspray hairspray hairspray! Although it keeps your hair looking perfect but it has all the chemicals in it similar to nail polish REMOVER! So don’t go spraying to much over your pretty nails!

Perfume: Perfume also has many of the chemicals similar to nail polish remover, so you may smell good but you have chipped nails so remember not to go spraying that sweet smelling scent too close to your nails, just your wrists will do.

Dishwashing: Hence why dish gloves aren’t just a fashion statement.

More Nail Polish: Many of you think that putting more nail polish over the top makes them less likely to chip but in fact it makes them more prone to chipping as the layers of polish begin to lift off altogether.

Suncream: A great protectant for your skin, but it will ruin your polish. Sunscreen ingredients can soften nail polish and even dissolve acrylic nails. Yikers!

Now hopefully by following and not following some of these you’ll be all ready with perfect nails for longer that usual!

Stay Sassy Dolls xox

Make up Today

So today I’m just having a casual day, popping out a couple of times so I thought I’d show you my make up for today and the products I use.

So I moisturize using aveeno and I use that after my cleanse for the morning.
This hydrates the skin which leaves it smooth and long lasting for foundation.

I then use my real technique foundation brush to do my foundation and I use true match by l’oreal Paris and the colour I use to match my skin is vanilla rose. I then use my power brush by real techniques to do my powder, again using l’oreal Paris true match powder in vanilla rose.




I then put on my base eyeshadow which today I used the Barry m white dazzle shimmer. I put this on my eyelid and buffed in so it wasn’t such a block colour. I then used my body shop eyeshadow pallette and used the shimmer brown in the crease of my eyes.




I then use my seventeen wet look eyeliner which is amazing! Best eyeliner I’ve ever used, it glides so well across the eyelid. I’ve done a 50’s flick today which I drag out the side of my eyelid. Then I’ve put on my benefit real eyes mascara which I got last week at the open air cinema benefit truck.



Next I put on my new l’oreal Paris pink lipstick, I don’t know exactly what colour this is but it is identical to the old mac girl about town lipstick, which for some reason I cannot find anywhere recently. If anyone knows of where I can find it please let me know.

Today I’ve done a small plait on one side of my hair, inspired by pixie Lott at v! And inserted a feather accessory into the underside of my hair.




Thank you for reading, I will post a picture of my new nails later. If you have any questions about the products used don’t hesitate to contact.
Stay sassy, grace xox