Beautycon 2015

So as many of you know I am now part of another blog as well as writing my own, called ‘couture stories’ I am their social media manager, so on behalf of them I visited beautycon london at london Olympia yesterday! So I thought I would write and tell you a bit about it. 

So I went to beautycon with my beautiful cousin Olivia, we got there after a massive trek! I’m talking like 5 different train changes! And it was so beautiful, the colours were all the beautycon colours, lilac’s and pale blues and pastel pinks! Then when we went in there was massive balloons that were actually so amazing!  



Then when we walked further in there was so many stalls with all different beauty related things, including many giving away freebies! There was a beautiful Liz Earle counter with all like little bridges and huts and they gave us these adorable cookies and lemonades!  


Then because we followed them on Instagram and posted a picture of a Liz Earle sign and tagged them we got these bags, containing a amazing 50ml bottle of their cleanse and polish which is so amazing, I really recommend it, the texture feels so good on your skin and just leaves it feeling amazing, as well as smelling great! 




We then went over to the style uk stand which were giving away these beautiful tattoos, you know them metallic ones that kylie Jenner and beyonce have worn to festivals and cochella and things, well we got some of them and then the same kind of process had to post a picture and we got a massive free pack!    


Then we visited some of the panels that were going on during the day including a beauty Q&A with lily pebbles, Vivianna make up, Freddy my love, beauty crush, Lucy and Lydia and many more! We were lucky enough to snag a few piccys with them after as well!  




   We also got to meet one of my personal favourites, Helen Anderson, who is a youtuber and in a band called box of light in case you didn’t know! Go check her out, she was so lovely chatting to us and everything, they all were!  As well as them signing my business cards! 



But overall I think my favorite bit of the whole event was the BENEFIT COUNTER! It was beautiful, with 10% off, mini samples and lemonade!  


So overall yesterday was incredible! The only disappointment was not being able to meet Tyler Oakley, he just has too many fans! But yeah we loved every minute and will Definately be back next time! It has also inspired me to start doing YouTube videos of my own, let me know if you think this would be a good idea? 




Stay sassy! And go check out the posts on the couture stories Twitter and Instagram as well as mine for more! 



After 5 years of waiting, Pretty Little Liars have finally revealed that A is….


 We don’t know whether to be extremely excited or extremely disappointed on last night’s Season 5 finale of PPL but we do know there is one word to describe ‘Welcome to the dollhouse’ Creepy…

The suspense has been killing us and thousands of fans across the globe with the trending hash tag at the end of last weeks episode revealing #BigAReveal

But was it really a reveal?

On one hand we know who A is but on the other we have no idea who the hell they are? In case you don’t know Pretty Little Liars is a hit TV series following the lives of four teenage girls involved with a few others who are being targeted and harassed by someone, they have no clue who and neither do we – A.

So after 123 episodes, 123 texts from A and 9 deaths, this was meant to be the Big A Reveal.

So what did it reveal?

This episode revealed that A in fact has a nAme, and it is ChArles. Charles most likely appears to be Alison’s brother Jason’s twin, therefore also half-brother to Spencer. With likely motives on Alison and Spencer for their parents hiding him away. It’s all very confusing but now we have to wait until summer and the final season of Pretty Little Liars to finally understand the mess.

So what does Pretty Little Liars Boss Marlene King have to say about the whole affair?

Marlene King reveals that she is excited about the whole motive of this A as well as the identity and having the audience finally getting the answers as to why?

She also reveals that she has been dropping hints throughout the seasons featuring season 3 episode ‘Now you see me now you don’t’’ the mime’s name is Charlemagne, hinting at the name ‘Charles’As well as a string of twitter hints such as ‘Get ready for a bromance’ etc.

However it also has been revealed by Marlene King that this may actually not be the end, revealing that this is the #BigAReveal but not the #UberAReveal

Why O Why would they do this to us?

So I guess we will just have to be patient, but for now go ahead and follow @ABCFpll as well as @imarleneking for all the official upcoming news on your favorite suspense story. And if you haven’t yet watched pretty little liars, get started with all 124 episodes on Netflix…Get addicted like the rest of us.

5 hot and upcoming artists you should be listening to

Here are in my opinion top 5 upcoming artists you could be listening to before they blow up

Years & Years –

This London based trio have proved their deserved recognition with their recent hit ‘King’ which hit number 1 on 8th March 2015.

This catchy song, features interesting electronica beats also represented as pop and dance music, linked with meaningful lyrics.The music video for this track also represents the message of the song with dancers controlling, touching, forcing the main featured character, mixed with editing to sense this illusion.

Years & Years have described their sound as electronica mixed with pop and 90’s dance influences; also featured on many of their other tracks including ‘Desire’ and ‘Take Shelter’

I strongly recommend this band as I think they are going to be huge in the future. Debut album set to release June 22nd 2015. Watch this space!

Box of Light –

Box of Light are a UK based, five piece indie acoustic genre band, fronted by Youtube sensation Helen Anderson (MelonLady).

This indie acoustic band promote a free spirit individual vibe with catchy lyrics for that perfect chilled out, free listening music.

Other upcoming tracks including ‘Falling’ and ‘Anywhere’

Box of light currently have an upcoming tour in which they will be playing at small music locations across the nation including Manchester, Birmingham, London as well as many more locations.

Watch out for this band, I have a good feeling about them, simply because the music does just give you that chilled out vibe, perfect for any situation where you just want that easy listening good music.

Adam Barnes –

This man I am telling you is an upcoming cross between George Ezra and Sam Smith. With his EP, Blisters, Barnes has become a YouTube and social media success promoting his guitar mixed with dreamy voice and creative lyrics.

His single ‘Old Shoes’ has recently gained a lot of attention when being featured as the background music for a YouTube video by popular blogging and YouTube icon Zoella.

Other hot tracks by Adam include ‘Apples’ and ‘Come undone.’ Check out his new EP ‘The land, the sea and everything lost beneath’ to be inspired by truly beautiful lyrics and sounds.

Jhene Aiko –

Now time for a more R&B artist, Jhene Aiko is an American singer and songwriter who are best known for her collaborations with various artists including Drake, Childish Gambino and many other R&B Rap artists.

Working in the music industry for a long time, beginning when appearing in many music videos, Jhene was set to release her debut album ‘My name is Jhene’ all the way back in 2003, but shortly before was dropped from Sony records and the album was never released. When returning to music in 2011 with many full length projects including various EP’s and singles when she signed with Def Jam Records and is now promoting her EP ‘Sail out’ including tracks such as ‘3:16 am’ and ‘Bed people’

Jhene’s most recent exposure has come from her feature on a Omarion and Chris Brown track ‘post to be’ in which Jhene is featured in a verse as well as working her style and dance moves in the music video.

Vince Kidd

This R&B artist didn’t begin as people would often think.

This grime and hip-hop artist actually began in a squeaky-clean boyband making the final of X factor under the name Matthew. It wasn’t until under his alliance Vince Kidd, that he was began the grime and R&B vibe he expresses today, promoting this side of him on Series one of the Voice UK, in which he stunned the judges with his remix of Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin.’

As well as continuing to later on progress to the final with his alternative remixes featuring Elvis’ ‘Always on my mind’ as well as Whitney Huston’s ‘Your love is my love’

Following fourth place on the voice, Vince released various EP’s including The Saturdays Vanessa White on track ‘The zoo’ Other tracks include ‘You&Me’ and ‘My gang.’ Currently Vince featured on the Hollaphonic track ‘Dangerous’.

Fashion Inspiration War sparked over native design at New York fashion week 


Controversy has been sparked this week over a native design featured in a fashion runaway release causing an inspiration feud between the brand and another designer claiming that her design had been robbed.

 Native American designer, Bethany Yellowtail took to instagram during February 2015 New York Fashion week, after KTZ’s catwalk release of their new line featuring indigenous native designs in which Yellowtail claims has been lazily knocked off as their own by KTZ. 

 The dress as stated on my website embodies a Crow design from my great great grandmother…funny I didn’t realize @ktz_official knew the Yellowtails or the Crow people” she writes. 

 “It’s one thing for designers to be unoriginal and knock off other peoples designs but what happens when you blatantly take cultural valuable designs from Indigenous people? Let’s find out….#CanANativeLive #boycott #KTZ #ktzofficial #boycottKTZ

 Yellowtail states that the hourglass motif, featured in the KTZ design as well as her own, has been in her family for generations. Her great great grandmother and her involvement in the native tribe inspired it. Yellowtail also comments on the misinterpretation and appropriation by outsiders of her native background, lazily calling it ‘inspired’ fashion. 




 Marjan Pejoski, creative director and designer for KTZ positioned this line at New York fashion week as a tribute to “the primal woman indigenous to the land”

 But many were not convinced.

 An online discussion has since kicked off with many commenting on the cultural appropriation leading to Kelly Cutruone, fashion PR maven and representive for KTZ to comment. Cutruone states that KTZ draws inspiration from various sources other than simply just the indigenous culture. 

 “Marjan has been inspired by native tribes over the past twenty years and featuring this inspiration in her designs ever since”

 If you are trying to pay tribute to a culture, the inclusion and collaboration with the indigenous is key as it steers negative comments on the collection instead making the culture inspired by fashion a positive vibe instead of a accused knock off.

Although even if there is a similarity, these images have existed for hundreds of years. As well as many patterns in fashion nowadays, hence the Aztec pattern trend in fashion in past seasons.

KTZ celebrates “beauty, truth and power behind indigenous things” however many are now starting to question whether KTZ is instead a fashion version of a copy-paste motive.

Current Favourites

Ok so these are some of current favourites in make up, fashion, skincare, movies, music etc etc. So let me get on with it.


One of my beauty favourites at this current moment is my MAC lipstick ‘girl about town‘ which i actually used to wear a few summers ago until my one completely went down to the nub and I could no longer actually get the colour onto my lips! So i searched and searched for it but whenever I went to my local MAC’s at the time which was either bluewater in the little house of fraser stand which is always packed and you can never get a look in or London Selfridges which again you can never get a look in. But recenty a new MAC store has opened in Intu Bromley (my local shopping centre) and I can fully say I have taken advantage of it. So i went in there and looked at the heaven that is the MAC lipstick stand, and low and behold there it was!

So it’s this gorgeous pink colour which works perfect on it’s own and brightens up any outfit. But what I have been finding is that wearing my ‘Cherry Me 015 Baby Lips by Maybelline, which really mositurizes my lips and makes the lipstick just glide right on and gives it that glossy effect rather than matte which sometimes i prefer.


I have been loving the body shop seaweed night treatment recently. Now i love a lot of the ranges from body shop, simply because they have so many types. I am a particular fan of the Vitamin E and the Aloe range. I have to say this is the first product i have used from the Seaweed range and it is beautiful! I put it on my skin at night (hence the name) with my dermalogica ultra calming serum as well as sometimes my vitamin E oil around 20 minutes after it has sunk in. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and glides right on as well as having a nice natural smell. I highly recommend the body shop. *(body shop haul coming soon!)


Now this is a little different from my usual fashion sense but the other day i was in bluewater with my boyfriend, and we was in Adidas (he is a trainer addict) and i had remembered seeing this jacket on tumblr, with a girl wearing it with like light pink jeans and trainers and i just loved it. So i tried it on and just had to get it, so i did and i love it. I think it will look so good with like a white scallop top and jeans, either light pink or light pastel blue coloured or just basic plain jeans and like a statment pastel necklace and a light pink lip. i will definatrly post a piccy of this ensemble when i do find the perfect event to wear it. 

have also really been loving recently because i just think it is such good quality and the amount you get for your money really is amazing. Particulatly i have been loving the Zoella SS15 Lookbook, the video Zoella did promoting these looks, some of the outfits i really did love like the first one i thought the zoe bow loafers in the burgundy were gorgeous as well as the yellow duster coat. However there were some items that weren’t on the lookbook video but were online. 



I have found a new love in music this week, I found this song on the Tyler Oakley Jams Playlist and I really love this particular song and themenaing of it as well as her voice. And that is….Someone New by Banks. Just have a listen…i see big things from this chick. 

I have also done a cover of this song on my soundcloud if you would like to go check that out.


Girl About Town Lipstick – £15.50 – MAC

Maybelline Baby Lips Balm Cherry Me – £2.99 – Any drugstore selling maybelline make up range

Seaweed Night Treatment – £12.00 – Bodyshop

Adidas Jacket – (currently trying to find out the name) – £55

Zoe Bow trim loafer – avaliable in black and burgundy – £25 –

Jay Longline chuck duster – £35 –

Becky Gingham Print Shift Dress – £18.00 –

Now that is enough for today I think, I will be letting you know more outfits of the day and make up tutorials soon as well as i am considering doing some tutorials on youtube linking with my blog, if you would like this let me know:)

Top 20 Chick Flicks for the perf pick me up

Sometimes you just need that girly night in to yourself or with your girls, these are some of the films me and my girls enjoy on a night in, enjoy and let me know if there are any i missed out on;


Storyline – 9/10          Actors – 9/10     Comedy – 8/10    Romance – 10/10      Overall – 8/10         Simply because i’ve read the book version and its just not as good, sadly. But a strong strong recommend.


Storyline – 7/10       Actors – 8/10   Comedy – 6/10   Romance – 7/10     Overall – 7/10          Proper chick flick, one for the girls who want their revenge, as well as a seriously hot leading man, as well as the beaut brittany snow.


Storyline – 10/10   Actors – 9/10   Comedy – 9/10  Romance – 5/10  Overall – 9/10   Not a very romantic film but it is so great for laughs and just those what if mad moments.


Storyline – 8/10   Actors – 10/10  Comedy – 10/10  Romance – 7/10  Overall – 9/10   Perfect film to watch for a laugh with the girls, by yourself or even with your family (like i did last night) And like who doesn’t love a film with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.


Storyline – 8/10  Actors – 7/10  Comedy – 2/10  Romance – 10/10  Overall – 9/10     Super romantic re-make of a classic film which leaves you wishing you were treated like this by Alex Pettyfer and having you wish you were ermmm…the girl that no ones know yet but soon will after this!


Storyline – 10/10   Actors – 9/10   Comedy – 4/10   Romance – 10/10  Overall – 9/10   Yet another super romantic film based on a true story, true inspiration and pure love, as well as the eye candy that is Channing Tatum, who is just…woah in this.


Storyline – 7/10   Actors – 7/10   Comedy – 10/10  Romance – 7/10   Overall – 8/10     Hilarious film, not as well known but certainly worth the watch, Anna Faris is hilarious and the storyline is just hilarious, must watch and a proper pick me up film.


Storyline – 8/10  Actors- 9/10  Comedy – 4/10  Romance – 10/10  Overall – 8/10   The famous ‘Dear John’ yet another romantic Channing Tatum film, full of action, romance and even more romance. This film will make you feel romance, make you cry, make you miss and make you just want to be kissing Channing Tatum. Must Watch. Although a crappy ending i might add…bring on dear john 2!


Storyline – 8/10  Actors – 9/10   Comedy – 6/10  Romance – 10/10  Overall – 7/10    Can be pretty confusing but an amazing storyline based on an amazing book, and one film i know that actually does the book justice. Plus Anne Hathaway truely plays this to the T! Plus it kinda makes you want to fall in love with your best friend…but i’ll let you find that out for yourself.


Storyline – 9/10     Actors – 10/10   Comedy – 5/10  Romance – 9/10  Overall – 8/10     No one can dislike a film with Zac Efron in now can you? Just watch the trailer and you’ll see its worth it.


Storyline – 6/10  Actors – 10/10  Comedy -7/10  Romance – 6/10  Overall – 9/10    Yes, this film doesnt actually have a great storyline and doesn’t really have any comedy or romance, but just wow, it all totally works in a way that can’t be explained. A true 80’s classic and who can forget the signature song? If you haven’t already seen this movie it is definately worth a watch


Storyline – 8/10  Actors – 9/10  Comedy – 8/10  Romance – 8/10  Overall -9/10    This film is the inspiration to so much, honestly more than i can explain. Not to mention the fact that it teaches many girl codes as well as being another teen girl classic, featuring Paul Rudd and the late great Brittany Snow. A hilariours and truely girly watch.


Storyline – 9/10  Actors – 10/10   Comedy – 8/10  Romance – 9/10  Overall – 9/10   A tragically hilarious storyline as well as being able to look at Aston Kutcher for 90 minutes…and Cameron Diaz, she isn’t so bad either i guess.


Storyline – 10/10  Actors – 9/10  Comedy – 8/10  Romance – 9/10  Overall – 9/10  This is such a good film based on a true story as well as leaving a good message of family and responsibility to the viewer…oh wow my a level media student just came out a bit there…sorry about that. What i meant to say was Josh Duhamel is hot!


Storyline – 10/10  Actors – 10/10  Comedy – 9/10  Romance – 9/10  Overall – 10/10  One of my personal favoruites as well as the fact that it includes like three of my favourite actors, Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro and JENNIFER LAWRENCE!!!! The queen in motion picture of the moment. As well as being a love story based on real issues. Also i might add is an incredible book and where one of my favoruite quotes/words comes from. Watch and see if you can figure out what I’m talking about eh??


Storyline – 9/10  Actors – 10/10  Comedy – 6/10  Romance – 10/10  Overall – 9/10   One of my favourite books, film cuts out a lot but still does it incredible justice as well as making the characters seem even better than they seemed in my mind, an incredible act. It includes a great load of love, friendship, heartbreak and just really makes you appreciate life. Also once again it includes some pretty awesome quotes and some pretty awesome actors, i mean Emma Frickin Watson come on?


Storyline – 6/10  Actors – 7/10  Comedy – 7/10  Romance – 8/10  Overall – 8/10   Reese Witherspoon as a young lady, yes this film can be a little creepy, weird and plain odd but is also oddly captivating at the same time. Not the best film i have ever watched but worth the watch.


Storyline – 9/10   Actors – 10/10  Comedy – 10/10  Romance – 9/10  Overall – 10/10   This film is another one of my faves, true girly and just a great watch. Showing you just how crazy and important a girl’s wedding can be.


Storyline – 9/10  Actors – 9/10  Comedy – 10/10  Romance – 8/10 Overall- 9/10       This films makes me laugh everytime i watch it, it is just one of them films that never gets old. Just watch it and see, and watch Matthew McConaughey’s butt…woah, surprising.

20. And last but not least…THE BACK UP PLAN 

Storyline – 9/10  Actors – 9/10  Comedy – 10/10  Romance – 9/10  Overall – 9/10     J-Lo eat your heart out, as well as this mad plot of this film will leave you just thinking ‘omgosh what if that happened to me?’  It honestly will keep you hooked on the screen.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, the trailers and will have a good night in whether it includes jennifer, channing or aston! Let me know what you think of these films or if i’ve left any out that you want to recommend i would happy to hear.

Stay Sassy xox

Do you want a raisin? about a DATE? 10 fun things to do for Him AND Her

Okay so ignore the cheesy title, but you see what I did there. What would the world be without a cheesy pick up line right?

Anyways…Me and my boyfriend often spend a lot of time together, but sometimes when we do, we wonder what we can do that is different and fun for both of us. So I have made a list of fun, exciting things for both you and your boys.

1. Sea Life Aquarium – Myself and Tom went to the london sea life on Valentines and honestly it was way better than i thought it was gong to be, all the fish look so pretty and the sharks are there to make your man feel like he’s tough. Really they are just as intrigued and excited by the nemo fish as you are…trust me? There are so many things to see and it takes some time if you have a good look around, as well as loads of interactive things as well. There’s also a cute little gift shop which sells minature stuffed animals of the fish and animals there…hint hint wink wink boys, every girl loves a cuddly toy, no matter what they say!

2. Bowling – bowling has been a date atmosphere for years, and for a good reason too. You wear some funny shoes, take the mick out of how bad one of you is and also have some healthy competition complete with bants about how you probably have to have the side bars up or use the kiddy ball because the others are too light. All in all a fun, chilled out date for the both of you.

3. Yo sushi – Now this is a favourite place for me and tom, simply because i love sushi and he loves how the plates move! This is a fun, different spin on a restaurant, and if your man or yourself dont like sushi like my tommy doesn’t, then there is always the choice of the hot curries, chicken, rice and noodles. It’s just a fun twist and a relaxed eating setting. Also it can be a life trying to watch the other one handle their food with chopsticks and making a mess of it; this is usually myself.

4. Wii Competition – Get some snacks, drinks, push the tables aside and get the nunchucks ready! A wii competition is a perfect way to spark some competition without having to spend any money as well being the comfort of your own living room and trackies. This is one of mine and tommy’s favourite things to do, although he may brag about beating you for a while, he will soon be shut up when you beat him at baseball (4-1 I might add) And you don’t just have to stick to the wii sports, why not go for a bit of mario kart or just dance? That keeps the mood going.

5. Baking together- Now whenever i hear about couples baking together all i think of is the stereotypical him putting flour on her nose and her laughing etc etc. It doesn’t have to be that soppy people. Baking together can just be an excuse to make something yummy for while you watch the tons of movies you plan on watching that night and does give you an excuse to get a little messy along the way, or just have a full on attack flour fight. Check out this Baking Mad Brownie Recipe for some inspiration.

6. Brighton day out – Now me and tommy are yet to do this but I’m waiting for summer for us to go, going on the rides on the pier and sitting on the beach really is a lovely day out with your boyfriend/girlfriend. You don’t have to do the stereotypical pier thing, you could just grab some fish and chips on the beach, walk round the lanes and shops and go in the arcades. Either way it can be a fun day out and cost bare to nothing if you want it to. However a nice day is much nicer for this kind of thing so I would save this for more of a summery date than a wintery one.

7. Portsmouth Shopping outlet – When me and tommy went here we honestly did have the loveliest funniest day, mostly because of me needing a wee so bad in the car and him laughing at me the whole time until i finally got to a toilet with my legs crossed. But seriously this place really is lovely, there are some lovely restaurant overlooking the quay and also some really good shops like swaroski, ralph lauren, nike, jack wills, links and loads more, all at outlet discounted prices. I personally think this place is perfect to go to just before one of your birthdays or christmas or just when you both have a bit of money to spend and want to treat either eachother or even yourselves.

8. Take a car journey to wherever it takes you – This is something my parents always used to tell me they did with eachother and with me when i was little, they used to just take a drive out, either find a nice little pub somewhere or just take some food in a bag and, park up near a field and have a picnic, some music and just relax. I can’t wait to do this in the summer, it would be perfect in the summer whether to just lay down in the middle of nowhere together, catch some rays, listen to some music and just be together. And again it costs little to no money; accept in petrol of course depending on how far you go.

9. Go for a bike ride – Now there are loads of places I have been on bike rides to and you can do this is virtually any weather; of course it is more pleasurable when its not pouring of rain or completely freezing but hey! You can take your bikes to one of the nice biking forests that are around like bewl water or bedgebury, and ride alongside eachother and take in the scenery, or race, or you could even hire one of them two people tandem bikes for a laugh!

10. Paddle boating or boating – There are a couple of places that do this in the summer and I honestly do think it is so much fun and even more fun with someone you love. It looks romantic plus you really will have a laugh, figuring out how to go and how to turn and how to get back when you get stuck in the middle of the lake like I did once. i know you can do this at hyde park as well as greenwich park. It really is a fun spring/summer activity with your bf/gf.

So I hope i have given you some inspiration as to what you and your boyfriend or girlfriend could do this weekend or in coming days you have spare to make plans. Let me know if you have any other suggestions I haven’t tried or other places that do any of the things listed etc. Also let me know if you do end up doing any of these suggestions with your partner and how they went. Hope you enjoyed this post and until next time, stay sassy xox