5 Beauty Tips You Never Even Thought Of

We are all constantly looking for new beauty tips and tricks to improve ourselves, whether it’s our technique, use of product, mixing of products or just how to work it! I’ve got some new beauty tips and tricks that you’ve never even thought of…here we go.

  1. Plump your lips by applying a darker lip liner with a lighter shade lipstick in the centre

This is such an easy trick that I have been using for a long time. Many people result to doing a Kylie Jenner and overlining the lips drastically to achieve the illusion of a plump lip but this doesn’t have to be done. By simply applying a darker shade of lip liner than the lipstick you are planning to use around the outside and inner corners of your upper and bottom lips, you can create the illusion of fuller lips through the highlighted shade in the centre. This works especially well with red and light pink lips but can easily be adapted to any shade. And if you’re not a fan of lip liners simply apply a darker shade of lipstick first, job done.

2. Pick the correct make up shade for your skin by testing the colour on your jawline

Many people often make the mistake of picking the wrong shade of foundation by testing it out on their hand…something even the biggest beauty guru’s have been guilty of… ending up in the annoyance of a shade too light (making us look ghostly in the application process) or too orange/dark (making us look like we’ve just stepped off the set of TOWIE) the trick is to test the shade of foundation on your jawline which you will see that if the foundation looks as though it has disappeared means it is the correct shade for you.

3. Oil Blotting Sheets

Ever had that moment on a hot day or in a hot stuffy office where you mildly begin to sweat leading to your make up turning shiny in the process. Many think that applying more powder will fix the problem however this is not the case as it actually brings out the oil in the foundation more when you sweat causing the powder to create patches of foundation in the pores on your face. Therefore the best solution is to carry around some oil blotting sheets which can be bought at any drugstore e.g boots or superdrug. They also come in handy for lots of other things so are worth the try.

4. Tape to make your eyeliner even

Oh the struggles of eyeliner…it can be extremely difficult especially with liquid eyeliner to make the wings of your eyeliner even meaning they end up getting longer and longer as you try to even them out. My trick is to place a little bit of tape when you want your eyeliner and even eyeshadow if you wish for a smoky cat eye look. Therefore any that you go over will go onto the tape giving you a nice clean cut off as well as making sure both eyes are as even as possible.

5. Pressing your tounge to the roof of your mouth when smiling to enhance your features

It is important to appear as photogenic as possible when posing with friends or solo meaning you want to enhance your best features as much as possible e.g CHEEKBONES! I have found that the best way to do this is to press your tounge against the roof of your mouth when smiling to enhance your features as well as highlighting your contouring and making your face appear slimmer and more structured. Perfect for a catwalk worthy grin!

50 unanswered questions you’re dying to know; Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Finale

So #FAceToFAce happened! And it was basically a clue the whole time (cece!!!!)  Derrrr…. 


Although it as an explosive and brilliant episode, it seemed to be a little more obvious than we all originally thought. But…there are still so so many unanswered questions!! So here they are…lets get these answered army! 

Questions we need answered;

1. Who killed jessica? 

2. What was the NAT club all about?

3. I understand cece’s story but why did she want to hurt the girls so much…surely she should be wanting to hurt her dad if that’s the one she seemed mad at, what did they do to her?

4. Remember the man Toby went to see to speak about his mum why did he tell him to tell his mum to stay away from the blonde girl…how did he know that Bethany killed his mum…?

5. Why was she so nasty to Ali if she loved her so much?

6. Had Sara Harvey really been down there the whole time or was it all an act?

7. How did Sara meet cece and get involved?

8. What did Emily do to Sara that caused her to be in the hospital?

9. Who killed Garrett? 

10. Are the mums still in the basement?

11. Where did they take cece after they found out? 

12. So did cece just pretend to leave town and really stay in rosewood the whole time?

13. What was her actual motive to hurt the girls…..!!!!!!!!

14. So what did Jenna ever have to do with anything….?

15. And wren?

16. Remember when melissa Hastings admitted to killing Bethany young….then Mona did too?!??? So who actually did?

17. And if Mona thought it was Ali she was killing then why did she help her disappear in the first place 

18. What was September 7th all about? What does that represent?

19. What about tanner? Did she know all along!!!!

20. Who was the man that was coming for Allison 5 year later? 

21. Why is Ali now mrs rollins! Did she marry? What happened to Lorenzo?

22. How did the girls even manage to graduate high school and go college with all that going on

23. Where did Holbrook go?

24. Where did Noel khan go?

25. Where the hell did Jenna go? And how was the whole Jenna thing relevant?

26. Did Toby ever find out about his mum’s death? 

27. How are the girls just so forgiving?

28. Why did Mona tell cece everything? 

29. Surely Mona knew it was cece when she came off the drugs?

30. Surely Lesley stone knew that Charles was cece if she was in radley for so long 

31. What the was wrong with Bethany? 

32. How did she actually die? 

33. Why did Cece favour Ali over jason? He was her brother too!

34. Is cece full transgender? 

35. Was this the plan the whole time or was this a recent thing in relation to the recent news with Caitlyn jenner etc?

36. How did maya die? 

37. Who exactly is Rhys? Does he know about cece? Is he in on it?

38. So was the money from the carrisimi group to hanna real? A nice gesture from Cece? Or was it a trap?

39. Why was melissa and cece talking that night? Was jason hallucinating?

40. When Ali first started getting A messages was that cece or Mona?

41. Was Ali ever pregnant?

42. Was beach hottie actually wilden? If so wilden knew cece was Charles! Why didn’t he say anything!!!

43. What did cyrus ever have to do with anything? 

44. How did Ali know the girls were in danger when she left rosewood? Was she tracking them? 

45. So in the very beginning when wilden was grilling the girls for what happened that summer? He knew! 

46. How did cece escape radley!

47. Where did all of mona’s issues go? They seemed to disappear?

48. What happened to Paige? How’s she doing?

49. Who’s body was in the barrel that the liars originally found in the storage unit? 

50. Why did cece do all the things she did if she loved Ali and really had no reason to hate the girls…?

51. ( OOPS one more) if Marion was alive when Alison was a teenager how come she died when Charles was a kid, when Charles is older than Ali?   


A lot of intense questions myself and I’m sure many of the PLL army are dying to know! And also can we just appreciate that we have to wait until January to find out about this flash forward! Now that’s just cruel. 

All the questions stopping you from travelling; answered.

Many people dream of travelling or like the idea, but just have too many thoughts and questions that stop them from actually taking the bull by the horns and doing it. And that’s when time flies and there you are, 80 years old and kicking yourself for not getting out there and seeing the world. So here are all the questions and worries holding you back; answered and solved.

travel1. Money

  “I can’t afford it’

 The answer to this worry can be as simple as a bit of a reality check and redefinition of travel. By changing your idea of travelling to being more about hostels and street food and less about resorts and cruises, that is the first key money saver in itself. The initial expense of travelling comes with them first flights, but there are plenty of saving schemes and cheap flight companies out there now. It’s just picking the right one and destination for you. And once you’re there , there’s plenty of affordable options. You can wonder round the streets of Rome, taking in the sites. Learn all about Karma from the eyes of the elephants in India, and get crispy brown on the beautiful beaches of Greece. All for free, once you’re there.

  1. Health

 “I’ll catch a deadly disease”

Realistically you’re biggest health worries when abroad in any country is one of three things, heat rash, dehydration or if you’re particularly unlucky…the runs. But overall these three are something we all experience at some point in our lives, no matter whether we’re in our home town or in the middle of the desert. As long as you get all the necessary shots, be careful of what you eat, sanitize and drink lots of water you should be fine. The true fear here lies with all the false knowledge the media drills into us about foreign germs and bird viruses. And worse comes to worse, if you get the flu, break your arm or just feel plain rubbish, there is always a hospital or pharmacy that can take care of you wherever you are.


3. Language barrier

 “I won’t understand a word that’s coming out their mouth and vise versa”

 Speaking just English means a good portion of the world with somewhat understand you, especially in major cities etc. And even if they don’t a collection of hand gestures, noises and body language will get you far enough. Alternatively you can also tutor English to local college students or workers in turn for them to teach you some of theirs, or take some classes whilst your there or even before you go. There are plenty of online courses for teaching a whole variety of languages out there.

4. Safety

 “I’m scared of getting robbed”

 Let’s get this straight, murders, kidnappings and robberies happen all over the world, no matter where you are. Even walking down your own road you are at risk, The truth is, go to the right areas. Sure if you go to war territories in the middle east or try to enter area 51, or wander round in the back streets of New York, you might be in for a spot of bother but otherwise there are plenty of places with low crime rate stats and if you are general street wise and sensible, obiding by all the rules and precautions of being street smart, don’t let it hold you back.


5. Hostels

 “Hostels are dirty, filthy and have nasty people staying in them”

Despite what you’ve seen in the movies, hostels can be generally safe and fun accommodation that allow you to do whatever you want, when you want, are cheap, affordable and give you the opportunity of meeting other like-minded travellers to share your travel stories.

6. Time

 Isn’t it all just a waste of time”

 Sure, everyone has their own opinion about travelling, your friends think you should go for it, your parents think it’s a waste of time and your grandparents think you’ll never come home. Many think travelling is just an excuse to go out partying and getting drunk every night (which it should be some of the time) But travelling has real value that your day to day life can’t provide you with. You’ll be changed and experience opportunities and see things you never will otherwise, there is more to the world than just what you know. As well as all this travel stories can be a real conversation starter between colleges, friends, dates and when applying for work/on your CV.


So what do you think of travelling now? Let me know in the comments or tweet/facebook me your travelling experiences or places you most want to travel to, or anywhere you think I should get out and see. So people the message is, get out there, go and do it. Get a backpack, book a flight, order a drink and live. As the saying goes, you only live once.

Would you Rather? Beauty Edition and GraceLaLaLand is 1!

So I had a very special guest for this latest video, my beautiful cousin Olivia, who is also a make up guru.

Go check it out and don’t forget to send me any video responses as well as giving the video a thumbs up and subscribing!

In other news and you will see from the title, gracelalaland; the blog, is one tomorrow and I thank anyone who reads or has read my blog ever! It means an awful lot to me as it is something I love doing and has also helped me realise my dreams of working in the fashion industry as well as giving me a new pastime and subtle confidence.

So here is to another year!

Stay Sassy xox

Skincare At It’s Best; Youtube

UntitledSo I have created my second youtube video, which is all about skincare.

My skin has always been very dry, i have always had problems with ezcema and rashes, allergic reactions and just genuinely having very sensitive skin. So as you can imagine, I have had to try many many products to find out what works best for me. So these are some of my ultimate favoruite products at the moment and I hope you enjoy it.

I would love to hear your favourite skincare products, I am always looking for new and different skincare products so let me know.

I have really appreciated all the support from you guys on my channel and really hope that continues so please subscribe, like, comment and share with others you think my like my videos!

Stay Sassy, Grace xox

From the catwalk to you…easily and affordably.

Who says you can’t rock the trends, we are giving you the tips on how to work the catwalk trends yourself, easily and affordably.

Bright blue eyes

Blue eyeshadow not only gives you a flashback to the 80’s but is a huge trend on the catwalks right now. There are also many ways to wear it, you can simply just line the eyes with blue as you would with your normal eyeliner, or work a smoky eye re-do as seen at Emanuel Ungaro, with a block solid blue colour all over the eyelid for extra stand out factor.

Here are some affordable yet amazing products to create this look;

Max Factor Excess Intensity longwear eyeliner in Aqua = £6.99

Barry M Dazzle Dust in Kingfisher = £4.29


Block colour tips

This trend spures from the ombre nail seen on last season’s catwalk. However sports a chicer, stronger clear cut colour.

House of Holland clashed red with pink where as at Giles Deacon forest green and black was all the rage.

TIP ALERT! Hands not so steady? Use nail tape to create that clean cut line you intend.

Plait Attack

Nothing says lazy summer like braids but the catwalk is taking it one step further. Ultra messy plaits went XXL in many shows this spring summer.

First prep damp hair with mousse and rough dry, tease with fingers before plaiting. After creating the plait loosen it and pull bits out and apart for that ultra messy catwalk appearance.

Mark Hill Just Tease me! Wide tooth comb = £3.29

John Frieda luxurious volume thickening mousse = £3.99


Red Lipstick Riot

When has red lips really gone out of fashion you ask? Agreed, however red lips has been made more of a winter thing at recent catwalks, however burberry are bringing red back this summer, clashing it with pastels for that stand out look.

As well as concealing and lining for that perfect finished look.

Sleek Lip liner in Rouge = £2.99

Elizabeth Arden Moisture lip in bold red = £21


Woodstock Waves

Them low- maintenance locks have been fashioned all over this season featuring in Chanel, Etro and Jill Stuart as well as being carried onto the red carpets of many award shows this season. Ditch the straight look for this 70’s festival inspired waves, parted at the centre and styled to look like they dropped during the day.00010h_426x639TIP ALERT! Avoid volume at the roots and instead only tong mid-length and ends for that drop out finished look.

GraceLaLaLand Youtube Channel

So as you can tell from the title, I have decided to create a youtube channel. I have wanted to do this for a while but have never really have the confidence but after going to beautycon and seeing all the amazing youtubers and seeing that they have done it, I thought maybe I could do this….

Since getting into the fashion retail academy in London and kind of changing everything I am doing and wanted to do…getting into fashion now, i’ve gone shopping in a different light, travelled a little more, been on a few adventures, experimented with make up and I have just thought that maybe I could do it…Of course i don’t know how it is going to go but hopefully i will be able to create something you want to watch.

So here it is…go subscribe!