London Fashion Weekend; featuring Christopher Raeburn, Very Exclusive and more.

So yesterday I attended the London Fashion Weekend which was really amazing. There were so many amazing brands there as well as so many amazing people in fashion. So if you love all things fashion and make up…keep reading.

This year, London Fashion Weekend had a brand new venue in the heart of Chelsea,  the Saatchi galley, a truely beautiful location for this event. The way the gallery is laid is that it has different rooms on different floors in which various of pop up shops were located. Now a lot of these brands were designer or high end brands; although some amazing discounts were on meaning that if you were looking for a bargain you definately were getting one! Just to name a few there was an armani exchange stand, Vivienne Westwood, Chloe, Celine, Jimmy Choo, Gucci as well as so many more. I really did spot some amazing piece and accessories.

 There was also a room solely dedicated to accesories and jewellery which featured some amazing brands such as Love Bullets, Alice Eden, Frends Headphones, Leanne Claxton Scarfs, Wolf and Moon and lots more. I actually bought a love bullet from their new range of expression jewellery. It was this beautiful green crystal pendant meaning love and expression.

 The best part of the day overall was 100% the catwalk shows. The first one I saw was the designer catwalk which was Christopher Raeburns A/W range which was absolutely incredible. Christopher Raeburn’s whole brand is inspired by sustainable fashion and recycled materials, which realisitically sounds kind of dull, however I never thought that sustainable fashion could look this creative, stylish and sexy. Raeburn’s A/W collection was inspired by the sea and the sustainable living near the ocean. This is where a lot of the patterns and colours of the collection came from as well as the materials and fabrics used. Outerwear was certainly Raeburn’s strength and for AW15 he has really played with grey woolen overcoats, trims of electric orange faux fur, quilted jackets equipped with oversized hoods, and fishermans parkers covered with tiny shark prints. The colours of this collection included extreme bright oranges, rusts, grey, blues and navys. I think some of my favourite pieces were the navy bubble jumper, the grey woolen coat with orange fur lining and the metallic silver shark print backpack…definately one for my list!

 I was lucky enough to actually meet Christoper after the show, by entire luck and chance and got to tell him how much I appreciated his image, ethos and designs. He was incredibly greatful and such a lovely gentlemen, it really does seem obvious at to why he recieved the GQ men’s breakthrough designer of the year award! (Congratulations Christopher) I even got a sneaky picture as he called it, even better with his designs as the backdrop!

The second catwalk I saw was the  trends show which really was inspirational and gave me a lot of ideas with regards to my own style this season. The show was sponsored by and featured clothing from very exclusive.com which is a new website full of the best brands clothing and accessories. The show was split into four sections, Into the Wild showing animal prints, Shades of Marsala showing shades of red, burgundy, rusts, plums etc, Super Retro showing that whole 70’s trend that just isn’t going anywhere yet and finally Punk showing a lot of leather! All of the looks were incredible, complete with outwear, shoes, bags and accesories. I loved a lot of different pieces in the collections but I have to say my favourite section was shades of marsala, the burgundy/plum shades just are so intriguing to me and you will definately be seeing a lot of these shades in my wardrobe. In particlar I fell in love with a pair of metallic plum and gold shaded harem pants and a beautiful burgundy vivienne westwood bag. (Let’s hope my boyfriend gets my hints)

Overall I had an incredible day and found a lot of inspiration from London Fashion Weekend and cannot wait to visit more events like this in the future.


Savage Beauty; Alexander McQueen Exhibition

IMG_3148London’s where I was brought up. It’s where my heart is and where I get my inspiration.”  Alexander McQueen

The recent exhibition at London’s V&A museum is the largest Alexander McQueen exhibition that Europe has ever had the pleasure of seeing.

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty showcases McQueen’s visionary body of work. Spanning his 1992 MA graduate collection to his unfinished A/W 2010 collection, McQueen’s designs are presented with the dramatic staging and sense of spectacle synonymous with his runway shows.

If someone asked me to describe this exhibition in three words I would have to use unique, mad and inspiring.

Every room showed a different collection or two, and every room had a different vibe, a different atmosphere and made you feel a different way. The whole experience really played on emotions of the viewer.

‘I find beauty in the grotesque, like most artists, I have to force people to look at things in a certain way’

Some of my favorite rooms and collections were by far the room displaying the Autumn/Winter 2000 collection; ‘It’s a jungle out there’ as well as the ‘Esbu’ collection. The walls of the room were covered floor to ceiling in tiny bones and skulls, the collection was inspired by animals and the theme of Thomas’s Gazelle with the relationship between predator and prey.

This was also reflected in the materials used in the collection; hair, latex, mud and beads. The mannequins used to display this collection were masked with beaks and horns.

‘What I do is look at tribes, the way they dress, there is a lot of tribalism culture in my collection’

The best thing about the exhibition I found was the knowledge of the inspiration and story of the collections.

An example of a collection I found this in was McQueen’s second collection for Givenchy which told the story of a fictional surgeon who dissembles woman and then reassembles them as hybrids with bird parts; explaining why this collection included a lot of feathers, black and beak like features and models with leather chained masks. During presentation of this collection on the catwalk it was said that McQueen took his final bow with a live falcon tethered to his wrist.

‘You’ve got to know the rules to break them, that is what I’m here for, to demolish the rules by keep the tradition’

 By far the most flamboyant room was during the middle of the exhibition, in which pieces were placed all around the warehouse like room, on shelves floor to ceiling. Viewers sat in the middle of the room for a 360 view of all the pieces. These angles linked with the hardcore music, various clicking and banging noises made this room truly incredible to experience.

As it is well known in the media, Lady Gaga was a keen wearer of Alexander McQueen outfits and pieces, understanding where she took her inspiration from his pieces. For example the red mass, the lace, the high rounded shoes etc.

“Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment.”

As I moved further through the exhibition I found the spring 2011 collection ‘Voss’ really intriguing.

This collection was displayed through a mirror, walking up to the display it was reflected and all you can see is yourself. The lights then lifted inside the mirror and the models were displayed. This was a representation of the Voss catwalk presentation, the audience could see themselves before the show and when the show began the models couldn’t see out. I found this a truly amazing concept, making the catwalk an experience rather than just a show.

“I never look at other people’s work. My mind has to be completely focused on my own illusions.”

The whole exhibition was truly an experience and all collections by McQueen were truly unique, all with different aspects, the themes and what inspired them. However my personal favorite collection of McQueen’s was his last and unfinished collection before his death in February 2010, Plato’s Atlantis. This collection presented a future in which ice caps would melt and waters would rise meaning that life would have to adapt in order to live meaning humanity would go back to how it once was. The outfits in this collection truly reflected this, with the main colors being yellows and blues. The yellow reflecting the air with moth patterns and floating wing like aspects. Therefore the blue reflecting the water, with sparkly scale like features representing life underwater.

“As a designer, you’ve always got to push yourself forward; you’ve always got to keep up with the trends or make your own trends. That’s what I do.”

There was, of course, a shop at the end of the exhibition with many merchandise of not only the exhibition but also of McQueen’s life and collections, such as some of his pieces, photos and postcards, notepads and designer books. Any merchandise you can possibly think of, it was there to buy.

I highly recommend any fashionistas and all knowledge seekers to go check all articles on this exhibition; it truly was unlike any exhibition you would have seen before. Inspirational, unique, creative, mad and more importantly grotesquely beautiful.

‘There is no way back for me now, I’m going to take you on journey’s you’ve never dreamed of” – Alexander McQueen – 1969 – 2010

GraceLaLaLand Youtube Channel

So as you can tell from the title, I have decided to create a youtube channel. I have wanted to do this for a while but have never really have the confidence but after going to beautycon and seeing all the amazing youtubers and seeing that they have done it, I thought maybe I could do this….

Since getting into the fashion retail academy in London and kind of changing everything I am doing and wanted to do…getting into fashion now, i’ve gone shopping in a different light, travelled a little more, been on a few adventures, experimented with make up and I have just thought that maybe I could do it…Of course i don’t know how it is going to go but hopefully i will be able to create something you want to watch.

So here it is…go subscribe!

Current Favourites

Ok so these are some of current favourites in make up, fashion, skincare, movies, music etc etc. So let me get on with it.


One of my beauty favourites at this current moment is my MAC lipstick ‘girl about town‘ which i actually used to wear a few summers ago until my one completely went down to the nub and I could no longer actually get the colour onto my lips! So i searched and searched for it but whenever I went to my local MAC’s at the time which was either bluewater in the little house of fraser stand which is always packed and you can never get a look in or London Selfridges which again you can never get a look in. But recenty a new MAC store has opened in Intu Bromley (my local shopping centre) and I can fully say I have taken advantage of it. So i went in there and looked at the heaven that is the MAC lipstick stand, and low and behold there it was!

So it’s this gorgeous pink colour which works perfect on it’s own and brightens up any outfit. But what I have been finding is that wearing my ‘Cherry Me 015 Baby Lips by Maybelline, which really mositurizes my lips and makes the lipstick just glide right on and gives it that glossy effect rather than matte which sometimes i prefer.


I have been loving the body shop seaweed night treatment recently. Now i love a lot of the ranges from body shop, simply because they have so many types. I am a particular fan of the Vitamin E and the Aloe range. I have to say this is the first product i have used from the Seaweed range and it is beautiful! I put it on my skin at night (hence the name) with my dermalogica ultra calming serum as well as sometimes my vitamin E oil around 20 minutes after it has sunk in. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and glides right on as well as having a nice natural smell. I highly recommend the body shop. *(body shop haul coming soon!)


Now this is a little different from my usual fashion sense but the other day i was in bluewater with my boyfriend, and we was in Adidas (he is a trainer addict) and i had remembered seeing this jacket on tumblr, with a girl wearing it with like light pink jeans and trainers and i just loved it. So i tried it on and just had to get it, so i did and i love it. I think it will look so good with like a white scallop top and jeans, either light pink or light pastel blue coloured or just basic plain jeans and like a statment pastel necklace and a light pink lip. i will definatrly post a piccy of this ensemble when i do find the perfect event to wear it. 

have also really been loving boohoo.com recently because i just think it is such good quality and the amount you get for your money really is amazing. Particulatly i have been loving the Zoella SS15 Lookbook, the video Zoella did promoting these looks, some of the outfits i really did love like the first one i thought the zoe bow loafers in the burgundy were gorgeous as well as the yellow duster coat. However there were some items that weren’t on the lookbook video but were online. 



I have found a new love in music this week, I found this song on the Tyler Oakley Jams Playlist and I really love this particular song and themenaing of it as well as her voice. And that is….Someone New by Banks. Just have a listen…i see big things from this chick. 

I have also done a cover of this song on my soundcloud if you would like to go check that out.


Girl About Town Lipstick – £15.50 – MAC

Maybelline Baby Lips Balm Cherry Me – £2.99 – Any drugstore selling maybelline make up range

Seaweed Night Treatment – £12.00 – Bodyshop

Adidas Jacket – (currently trying to find out the name) – £55

Zoe Bow trim loafer – avaliable in black and burgundy – £25 – boohoo.com

Jay Longline chuck duster – £35 – boohoo.com

Becky Gingham Print Shift Dress – £18.00 – boohoo.com

Now that is enough for today I think, I will be letting you know more outfits of the day and make up tutorials soon as well as i am considering doing some tutorials on youtube linking with my blog, if you would like this let me know:)

It’s coat time!

So dolls, autumn/winter is here and it’s time to get them coats out again!

Some find it sad wearing a coat again, realising that summer you thought would never end has ended! But no worries, I have done my research and found some fierce coats that you won’t just have to wear, you’ll want to wear!





Now some of these coats are a littl pricey but for a good coat, you need to spend a little but others are cheaper or have some amazing deals! Asos particularly are being generous with coat prices this winter! So head on over to some of these websites for even more deals and let me know what you think of my picks!

1; little-mistress.co.uk – £60
2; River island – £90
3; Asos – £54
4; asos – £42
5; New look – £24
6; notonthehighstreet.com – £55
7; River island – £90
8; Topshop – £75
9; Marks and Spencers – £79
10; missguided.com – £59.99
11; asos – £36
12; New look – £64.99
13; Topshop – £48
14; river island – £90


Personally my coat was one of my best investments, I love this topshop coat of mine! Although I get told I look like candyfloss about 4 times a day, I take it as a compliment! 👍 x

Lovestruck playlist

In this current state I’m in, I cannot stop listening to certain songs. So i thought i’d share my teenage lovestruck playlist with you. I’m always looking for some new music to check out so hopefully i can share with you and you can share back with me.

1. Last Request by Paolo Nutini

2. Better Together by Jack Johnson

3. Thousand Years by Christina Perry

4. Baby by Rudimental (feat MNEK)

5.Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran

6. Better Man by Paolo Nutini

7. How Will I Know (Sam smith edition)

8. I’ll be by Edwin McCain

9. I’ll bring you flowers by Sweet female Attitude

10. I’m yours by Jason Mraz

11. Clarity by Zedd feat Foxes

12. Not a bad thing by Justin Timberlake

13. Wrote A Song by MNEK

14. Can’t help falling in love with yoy by Elvis

15. Mine by Taylor Swift

16. No scrubs (Bastille Cover) (Might not quite fit in but I think of it like, glad I’ve got what i do kinda song plus its a great cover, check them singing it at V)

17. Hummingbird heartbeat by Katy Perry

18. Both of Us by Paradise Fears

19. Dilemma by Nelly

20. Nirvana by Sam Smith

21. You’ll be in my heart by Phil Collins (Yes this is the one from Tarzan, don’t be hatin’ on ma fave disney film y’all)

22. Thinking bout you by Frank Ocean

23. Let me Love you by Mario

24. I should have kissed you by Chris Brown

25. How to Love by Lil Wayne

26. Simply Amazing by Trey Songz

27. Ashley by Big Sean

28. Lost and not found by Chase and Status

29. Boom Clap by Charlie XCX

30. Plans by  Van Susans

Hope you check out and enjoy these songs, i”ll post them in a soundcloud playlist for you to straight listen to if i get the request to, just let me know. And let me know any songs you recommend for ma lovestruck phase.

Stay Sassy Dolls xoxox

Brighton Babe


So today i went to the british seaside wonderland that is Brighton! I love brighton, i’d live there if i could. It just has such a cool vibe you know like omgosh i love it!


So my outfit of the day today was my checkered new look dress that was a birthday gift by my best friends. I’ve been living in these new look and tunic style dresses in general this summer. I just feel like they are a really flattering shape for not only my body type but for others as well. I have a couple styles and am going to continue wearing them when i start sixth form by smarting em’up. I also wore my topshop circle sunnies which i’m sad to say are actually battered after a tough summer being used like everyday but i still wuv them!
And of course ma pink lippy!

Checkered Dress – New Look
Circle Sunnies with gold strip – Topshop
Girl About Town Pink Lippy – MAC
(OMGOSH! my mum just looked over my shoulder saying “do you wanna write what i wore today?”)

So i’d also like to add in a little review to this video and it’s a review on this restaurant i went to in Brighton today. ‘Riddle and Finn’ All i can say is mwahhh, bellisimo. The best seafood i have ever had. If you enjoy seafood like i do this is the best restaurant ever. There is one along the seafront of brighton (the one i went to today) and there is one along the lanes of brighton.
This was the starter i had, it was bellinis(which i’m told is like a little savoury pancake) with smoked salmon, sour cream and capers.
Omgosh this main was to die for! This was mackereal which was grilled. So yummy!
Because the restaurant was on the sea front we got to look out to sea while we ate which was novelty in itself.
I really would recommend this restaurant.

I love brighton, the pier, the shopping, the food, the beach. Anyone who has never been there i urge you to go, it’s the perfect day trip out!


First Post

So no one is probably even reading this because I’ve actually and literally just made my blog, Grace-La-La-Land.

So I thought I’d tell you a bit about why I decided to make a blog in the first place and that was because I have been an active user of social media for a long time now, maybe three years or so. And I very much like writing and like expressing my opinion, also I want to do something along the lines of fashion and journalism when i’m older so I thought why not combine all of my favourite things and create a blog about it. I’ve known people create blogs before and I’ve had many people on my tumblr and my shopcade tell me I should make a blog and it seemed like a fun thing to do so I thought why not.

I’m going to keep updating the blog and it’ll probably take me a little while to get up to speed with everything so bare with me if you are even reading.

Stay Sassy guys and I look forward to your feedback and contact in the future xox