All the questions stopping you from travelling; answered.

Many people dream of travelling or like the idea, but just have too many thoughts and questions that stop them from actually taking the bull by the horns and doing it. And that’s when time flies and there you are, 80 years old and kicking yourself for not getting out there and seeing the world. So here are all the questions and worries holding you back; answered and solved.

travel1. Money

  “I can’t afford it’

 The answer to this worry can be as simple as a bit of a reality check and redefinition of travel. By changing your idea of travelling to being more about hostels and street food and less about resorts and cruises, that is the first key money saver in itself. The initial expense of travelling comes with them first flights, but there are plenty of saving schemes and cheap flight companies out there now. It’s just picking the right one and destination for you. And once you’re there , there’s plenty of affordable options. You can wonder round the streets of Rome, taking in the sites. Learn all about Karma from the eyes of the elephants in India, and get crispy brown on the beautiful beaches of Greece. All for free, once you’re there.

  1. Health

 “I’ll catch a deadly disease”

Realistically you’re biggest health worries when abroad in any country is one of three things, heat rash, dehydration or if you’re particularly unlucky…the runs. But overall these three are something we all experience at some point in our lives, no matter whether we’re in our home town or in the middle of the desert. As long as you get all the necessary shots, be careful of what you eat, sanitize and drink lots of water you should be fine. The true fear here lies with all the false knowledge the media drills into us about foreign germs and bird viruses. And worse comes to worse, if you get the flu, break your arm or just feel plain rubbish, there is always a hospital or pharmacy that can take care of you wherever you are.


3. Language barrier

 “I won’t understand a word that’s coming out their mouth and vise versa”

 Speaking just English means a good portion of the world with somewhat understand you, especially in major cities etc. And even if they don’t a collection of hand gestures, noises and body language will get you far enough. Alternatively you can also tutor English to local college students or workers in turn for them to teach you some of theirs, or take some classes whilst your there or even before you go. There are plenty of online courses for teaching a whole variety of languages out there.

4. Safety

 “I’m scared of getting robbed”

 Let’s get this straight, murders, kidnappings and robberies happen all over the world, no matter where you are. Even walking down your own road you are at risk, The truth is, go to the right areas. Sure if you go to war territories in the middle east or try to enter area 51, or wander round in the back streets of New York, you might be in for a spot of bother but otherwise there are plenty of places with low crime rate stats and if you are general street wise and sensible, obiding by all the rules and precautions of being street smart, don’t let it hold you back.


5. Hostels

 “Hostels are dirty, filthy and have nasty people staying in them”

Despite what you’ve seen in the movies, hostels can be generally safe and fun accommodation that allow you to do whatever you want, when you want, are cheap, affordable and give you the opportunity of meeting other like-minded travellers to share your travel stories.

6. Time

 Isn’t it all just a waste of time”

 Sure, everyone has their own opinion about travelling, your friends think you should go for it, your parents think it’s a waste of time and your grandparents think you’ll never come home. Many think travelling is just an excuse to go out partying and getting drunk every night (which it should be some of the time) But travelling has real value that your day to day life can’t provide you with. You’ll be changed and experience opportunities and see things you never will otherwise, there is more to the world than just what you know. As well as all this travel stories can be a real conversation starter between colleges, friends, dates and when applying for work/on your CV.


So what do you think of travelling now? Let me know in the comments or tweet/facebook me your travelling experiences or places you most want to travel to, or anywhere you think I should get out and see. So people the message is, get out there, go and do it. Get a backpack, book a flight, order a drink and live. As the saying goes, you only live once.