50 unanswered questions you’re dying to know; Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Finale

So #FAceToFAce happened! And it was basically a clue the whole time (cece!!!!)  Derrrr…. 


Although it as an explosive and brilliant episode, it seemed to be a little more obvious than we all originally thought. But…there are still so so many unanswered questions!! So here they are…lets get these answered army! 

Questions we need answered;

1. Who killed jessica? 

2. What was the NAT club all about?

3. I understand cece’s story but why did she want to hurt the girls so much…surely she should be wanting to hurt her dad if that’s the one she seemed mad at, what did they do to her?

4. Remember the man Toby went to see to speak about his mum why did he tell him to tell his mum to stay away from the blonde girl…how did he know that Bethany killed his mum…?

5. Why was she so nasty to Ali if she loved her so much?

6. Had Sara Harvey really been down there the whole time or was it all an act?

7. How did Sara meet cece and get involved?

8. What did Emily do to Sara that caused her to be in the hospital?

9. Who killed Garrett? 

10. Are the mums still in the basement?

11. Where did they take cece after they found out? 

12. So did cece just pretend to leave town and really stay in rosewood the whole time?

13. What was her actual motive to hurt the girls…..!!!!!!!!

14. So what did Jenna ever have to do with anything….?

15. And wren?

16. Remember when melissa Hastings admitted to killing Bethany young….then Mona did too?!??? So who actually did?

17. And if Mona thought it was Ali she was killing then why did she help her disappear in the first place 

18. What was September 7th all about? What does that represent?

19. What about tanner? Did she know all along!!!!

20. Who was the man that was coming for Allison 5 year later? 

21. Why is Ali now mrs rollins! Did she marry? What happened to Lorenzo?

22. How did the girls even manage to graduate high school and go college with all that going on

23. Where did Holbrook go?

24. Where did Noel khan go?

25. Where the hell did Jenna go? And how was the whole Jenna thing relevant?

26. Did Toby ever find out about his mum’s death? 

27. How are the girls just so forgiving?

28. Why did Mona tell cece everything? 

29. Surely Mona knew it was cece when she came off the drugs?

30. Surely Lesley stone knew that Charles was cece if she was in radley for so long 

31. What the was wrong with Bethany? 

32. How did she actually die? 

33. Why did Cece favour Ali over jason? He was her brother too!

34. Is cece full transgender? 

35. Was this the plan the whole time or was this a recent thing in relation to the recent news with Caitlyn jenner etc?

36. How did maya die? 

37. Who exactly is Rhys? Does he know about cece? Is he in on it?

38. So was the money from the carrisimi group to hanna real? A nice gesture from Cece? Or was it a trap?

39. Why was melissa and cece talking that night? Was jason hallucinating?

40. When Ali first started getting A messages was that cece or Mona?

41. Was Ali ever pregnant?

42. Was beach hottie actually wilden? If so wilden knew cece was Charles! Why didn’t he say anything!!!

43. What did cyrus ever have to do with anything? 

44. How did Ali know the girls were in danger when she left rosewood? Was she tracking them? 

45. So in the very beginning when wilden was grilling the girls for what happened that summer? He knew! 

46. How did cece escape radley!

47. Where did all of mona’s issues go? They seemed to disappear?

48. What happened to Paige? How’s she doing?

49. Who’s body was in the barrel that the liars originally found in the storage unit? 

50. Why did cece do all the things she did if she loved Ali and really had no reason to hate the girls…?

51. ( OOPS one more) if Marion was alive when Alison was a teenager how come she died when Charles was a kid, when Charles is older than Ali?   


A lot of intense questions myself and I’m sure many of the PLL army are dying to know! And also can we just appreciate that we have to wait until January to find out about this flash forward! Now that’s just cruel. 

Fashion Inspiration War sparked over native design at New York fashion week 


Controversy has been sparked this week over a native design featured in a fashion runaway release causing an inspiration feud between the brand and another designer claiming that her design had been robbed.

 Native American designer, Bethany Yellowtail took to instagram during February 2015 New York Fashion week, after KTZ’s catwalk release of their new line featuring indigenous native designs in which Yellowtail claims has been lazily knocked off as their own by KTZ. 

 The dress as stated on my website embodies a Crow design from my great great grandmother…funny I didn’t realize @ktz_official knew the Yellowtails or the Crow people” she writes. 

 “It’s one thing for designers to be unoriginal and knock off other peoples designs but what happens when you blatantly take cultural valuable designs from Indigenous people? Let’s find out….#CanANativeLive #boycott #KTZ #ktzofficial #boycottKTZ

 Yellowtail states that the hourglass motif, featured in the KTZ design as well as her own, has been in her family for generations. Her great great grandmother and her involvement in the native tribe inspired it. Yellowtail also comments on the misinterpretation and appropriation by outsiders of her native background, lazily calling it ‘inspired’ fashion. 




 Marjan Pejoski, creative director and designer for KTZ positioned this line at New York fashion week as a tribute to “the primal woman indigenous to the land”

 But many were not convinced.

 An online discussion has since kicked off with many commenting on the cultural appropriation leading to Kelly Cutruone, fashion PR maven and representive for KTZ to comment. Cutruone states that KTZ draws inspiration from various sources other than simply just the indigenous culture. 

 “Marjan has been inspired by native tribes over the past twenty years and featuring this inspiration in her designs ever since”

 If you are trying to pay tribute to a culture, the inclusion and collaboration with the indigenous is key as it steers negative comments on the collection instead making the culture inspired by fashion a positive vibe instead of a accused knock off.

Although even if there is a similarity, these images have existed for hundreds of years. As well as many patterns in fashion nowadays, hence the Aztec pattern trend in fashion in past seasons.

KTZ celebrates “beauty, truth and power behind indigenous things” however many are now starting to question whether KTZ is instead a fashion version of a copy-paste motive.

Bloggers throw a party; Gracelalaland edition!

So during my little trip away this weekend, I was reading the winter edition of the amazing company magazine, my one true love. As it was the party edition, they had a edition of bloggers and their ultimate party plans. They included Gala Gonzalez of Amlul.com, Victoria from Inthefrow.com and the fabulous Peony from peonylim.com. So in the art of partying i decided to do a Gracelaland.com edition…so here we go!

If I were throwing a dream party, my top three guests would be…Marilyn Monroe, Lea Michele and Sam smith. i would love to hear about Marilyn’s life, even though i already know about most of it through the millons of biographies i’ve read, and just to be in her presence. Lea Michele because she’s so beautiful and a recent fashion and beauty icon (as well as Glee being my favourite show) and Sam Smith because I would love to just have a chat with him, for longer this time, and sing with him. Marilyn-Monroe-marilyn-monroe-30014001-960-1280


If money were no object…I would serve chamagne all night and each guest would leave with a goodie bag full of the most glamourous and perfect beauty, fashion and gadgets. The venue would be covered in the most gorgeous flowers in massive vases and fairy lights all around and the outside gardens of the venue would be covered in fairylights and red carpets.

Music Matters so i’d play…house music for my girls, chris brown for my boy, the trevor nelson r and b collection 3 because there are some hot tracks on that, as well as some The 1975, Two Door Cinema Club and get my boy Sam Smith to grace us with his gorgeous voice.

I’d drive to my dream party in...an open back mustang jeep covered in fairylights with pillows and blankets in the back so me and tom can leave whenever we want and have a camp out.


The party would be in….A beautiful country house with big beautiful gardens, not my house so none of my stuff gets broken and i dont have to clean up.

If I could have anyone perform at my party it would be…Queen B or my boys The 1975! But then again Clean Bandit and Jess Glynne would be pretty amazing! I’m indecisive but then again money is not object as said above.

My dream outfit would be…A white beaded, sparkly floor length gown with a train with Christian Louboutins. Paired with some accessorizes including a flower headband.

My dream date would be…No one other than my gorgeous boyfriend…although I wouldn’t mind my guilty crush Harry Styles buying me a drink. Harry-Styles-enjoying-the-2013-Teen-Choice-Awards-at-Gibson-Amphitheatre

After all the fun...I would head to macdonalds drive thru to pick up some nuggets, a mcflurry and a chicken burger for my boy before we head off to camp in our mustang.


So that’s my party…hopefully someday it will happen.

Until that day, stay sassy dolls xox

It gets better

Hey dolls,
So this is a bit of a random post but I just wanted to tell you actually how happy I am..(for a change)

The past few years have been kinda shitty for me, not in detail but just not great. I kind of lost my way and I felt like it’d never be ok again.

But recently I’ve become really..well I’ve become someone I’m proud of. With a lot of help and some truely amazing people, who I can’t even imagine not being in my life now! Some friends, another more than friend and family! They’ve all made me realise that I am strong and that I can be what I want to be.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that things DO get better, it may be tough and it may take time and things may get really shitty and you just want to crawl up into bed and never come out! But I really do believe that what goes around comes around and if you try hard enough and believe in yourself and all you do, you CAN be happy.

Stay sassy ( and happy) xox

Your Image represents who you are….or does it?

okay so i’ve been asked to do a personal blog post a couple times now so today i was thinking and i decided that this would be a good topic to talk about as it is close to my heart especially recently.

So society says image is everything, facially, fashion wise, body image…everything.
They say that someone looks at you and instantly judges what kind of person you are by your appearance. If you’re ‘ugly’ no one will like you. If you’re ‘pretty’ everyone will like you.
In my opinion ‘image’ is a funny thing. It’s judged when you’re out in public. I’m a 16 year old and if i’m wearing a hoodie (just cause its cold, its not my usual fashion:/) i’ll instantly get looked at like “teenage thug”
Same with my dream (a singer) you always watch x factor and they say “oh you haven’t got the right image” or “change your image and you have a chance” “you need your own image” and “well you’ve got an image”
Is the word ‘image’ starting to sound weird to you…? me too.

I’ve always experimented with my look, i suppose it’s always been an insecurity of mine. Ever since i was little I’ve always been tormented for my unique hair colour, from playground words of ‘ginger’ ‘ginger’ ‘no soul ginger’ and more. I’ve also always had a bit of a thing for my weight and its always yo-yo-ed. Because of this and because of my insecurities I’ve always chopped and changed my ‘image.’ That being my clothes, my hair, my make up and more.

When I had just started secondary school, i was fresh, clean cut hair, no make up, hollister t shirts and jeans, that kinda girl. Then the teens came and i changed to wearing a little more make up, a little more strappy tops, skirts. Then when i was having some troubles at school and genuinely having rather a crappy time (i didn’t think this was the case at the time) my image kind of changed. I began wearing a lot more make up. And when i say a lot i mean a lot. Heavy eyes, dark lips. I wouldn’t go so extreme to say i went goth, but i say i went ‘alternative’ haha. I wore my creepers everywhere, my wet look leggings and my leather jacket. They were my statement pieces. Not to mention my leather jacket had the metal stud look going on.

After that time passed i’ve evolved into my in-between stage (thats what i like to call it) i change my look according to my mood now. I’ll dress a little sparklier and wear a little more make up if i’m feeling glamourous or put on a blazer and loathers if I’m feeling smart. Any of you that read gracelalaland frequently will know i’m a lover of lipsticks and you’ll notice that my lipstick colour changes on my mood too.

Basically what i’m trying to say is that, you are you for a reason. And your look is YOUR look for a reason. Don’t let peoples assumptions make you change.

I know that when i got out in my smart clothes people look at me as if to say ‘posh gal’ or if i tend to wear a little more eye make up i’m a ‘goth’ or if i wear my extensions and a little more make up than usual i’m ‘fake.’ This used to bother me, like a lot. But now i know that it doesn’t matter because i am who i am. If i like my outfit that day and i like how i look then thats all that matters. Of course we all have our down days and sometimes it does reflect in our looks but that doesn’t mean that we should be judged for our ‘IMAGE’

Excuse the ugly pics but just to give you a visual of me throughout the few years of ma looks!







Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!


After less than two weeks of blogging, i have been nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! by Mimi’s Beauty. She’s amazing, check out her reviews and beauty tips here http://beautyandmi.wordpress.com.

The Rules:
– Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
– Put the award logo on your blog.
– Answer the ten questions they have set you.
– Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
– Nominate ten people

These are the questions that Mimi asked me:
What is your favourite eye-shadow palette?
my favourite eyeshadow palette would be the bodyshop brown eyeshadow palette as i think they are great colours for everyday that blend so well with each other as well as other eyeshadows.

Drugstore or High-End make-up brands?
I really do think it depends on the product. Due to my sensitive skin i usually end up using more high end make up brands rather than drugstore brands simply because they use better ingredients for my skin but i do believe that their are some products in drugstore brands which are far better and far more effective than higher end and more importantly more expensive brands.
Favourite Concealer?
I don’t actually wear concealer frequently but when i do i believe that the mac moisturising cover concealer is amazing. it really blends well with your skin, foundation and powder as well as not getting stuck in the creases of your skin especially under the eyes. My favourite thing about this concealer is that you only have to use the tiniest bit for coverage and it isn’t thick and gloomy either but still covers the areas you need it to.
What’s the best mascara you own?
Although it is expensive the best mascara i own by far is the benefit real eyes mascara! It is amazing. i’ll admit i have only been using it recently but i can notice a change in my eyelashes and have been told by other people since using it that they look longer as well. It provides a thick cottage without being gloomy like it literally glides on. I actually bought mine for £2 at a benefit charity event where as the smaller size is actually £9 in boots. But omgoshhhh! so worth it chicks
What’s the best product you own under £4?
The seventeen wet look liquid eyeliner. omgosh this is literally the best glide on mascara i have ever had, it literally glides on and stays on all day! I’ve tried number seven, chanel, mac eyeliners and none are as good as this, for under £4! BARGAIN BUY!
If you could only wear one type of product e.g. foundation, mascara, lipstick etc. for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
definitely MASCARA! all the way, my lashes would be pin pricks without it, then again i am a lipstick lover
Biggest weakness when buying make-up? Definitely lipsticks, you can never have to many shades of lipstick
What’s your favourite shade of lipstick/gloss? This is difficult, last year i was really into my reds however this summer i’ve been very hooked on my pinks so i’d go for pink at the moment but that doula all change.
Coloured eye-liner – yay or nay? Depends on the event but i’m gonna go yay, why not?
What’s your everyday skincare routine?
I use my blue corn 3 in 1 skin mask by body shop twice a week but in between then i wash my skin with dermalogica ultra calming gel every day and then moisturise with aveeno cream and occasionally Jo malone vitamin E. Although some of these are expensive products you can get cheaper versions. The most important thing for me is keeping my skin clean and moisturising as i have rather dry skin rather than spotty.

i nominate:







My 10 questions to them are:
1. What is one beauty product you couldn’t live without?
2. Do you prefer to use bb cream or foundation?
3. One off boutiques or high street stores?
4. Opinions on shopping in charity shops?
5. What made you decide to blog?
6. Blogging/Vlogging inspiriations?
7. Favourite make up brands?
8. Preferred lipstick/lipgloss?
9. What do you think is most effective method when trying to get rid of spots? e.g technique/product
10. Favourite item of clothing/accesory to wear? e.g hoodies, skirts, shoes, hats

Thank you very much mimi for the nomination and stay sassy dolls xox



So today i wanted to talk about confidence. 

Recently most people seem to think that to be confident you have to be sassy, bitchy and have that ‘don’t care’ attitude. That if you don’t have the fierceness of Queen B or the rebellion of Miley Cyrus, that you aren’t confident, that sure isn’t true.

To me, right now I’ve discovered that confidence isn’t really about being any of them things, its about self esteem, motivation and most importantly self love. I’ve learnt a lot about this, specifically in the past few years.  i’e always said i would never talk about my story of anxiety and self esteem issues but in basic terms, i had zero confidence. I had no confidence in myself, in my capability to do things, in my dreams, in my looks, in anything about myself basically. But recently, with some help, i’ve discovered that actually it isn’t all about being outrageously confident, loud and out there. It’s about being content in your own skin, trusting yourself, believing in yourself and respecting yourself. 

Don’t get me wrong there are days where i have the least amount of confidence going and i just want to curl up in bed and never show my face again, but for everyday there is like that, there is another where i get up and smile and lift my head up and show the world what I’m made of (no matter how cliche or cringe that may sound) 

i suppose this evening those thoughts were going through my head and i wanted to share with you my thoughts about it. if any of you have anything to add to this post, please don’t hesitate to comment. Alternatively if you want to know anything else about my experiences or have any questions or want to advice linked to this post or not, feel free to contact me from the contact page in the menu or once again comment. 

I hope this evenings post has left you with some thoughts, whether it’s about your own self confidence or ways in which you can help someone else develop theirs. But for now dolls, stay sassy xox 

VMA’s 2014

So I’ve finally had time to watch the VMA’s. For those of you who don’t know what the VMA’s are they are the video music awards run by MTV!
In 2013 the VMA’s consisted of the infamous Miley Cyrus foam finger incident as well as the incredible Timberlake featuring N sync. (I fell in love)
But what happened this year?

So first of all the Ariana,Nicki and Jessie J performance. I love Ariana Grande, her voice c’est manifique. Nicki Minaj bored me Ngl, I mean that booty she got going on WOWZA! But apart from that what else was there? Jessie J however has an incredible voice but you can tell she loves the sound of it! Her facial expressions just take it that bit over the top for my liking but overall I thought the three of them together was a more than entertaining opening to this years VMA’s.

SAM SMITH! Anyone who knows me knows I admire Sam smith incredible amounts! In February I went to see Sam in Brighton in a town hall in front of about 200 people and he was so greatful to be there, a few months later and he’s performing in front of thousands at the VMA’s!!! If that isn’t incredible then what is? Not just that, that man has talent, serious talent! His voice in person sounds exactly like the CD! If not better! His performance was just incredible, the way he carried himself and the way he was with all the other celebrities! He looked so blessed to be there and that’s the way I like my idols to be!

Who dat? who dat? I-G-G-Y!
I like iggy but I’m sorry this performance was poor! She looked stunning but no, it’s not all about that, not for me anyway! And Rita, I couldn’t even see her eyes through her hair let alone hear her voice! This song is catchy and their performance aesthetics were awesome but this song just isn’t for me, it makes no sense! Sorry girls but better luck next time!

Now now now..I had to admit it but I have a guilty pleasure for Taylor! And I must admit that I love love love her new song! It’s so catchy and like totally ‘awesome’ but sorry Tay Tay I strongly dislike your outfit! I mean if it wasn’t so short and tight it’d be alright, but no sorry Tay it’s awful! But your hair does look super hot!

BEYONCEEEEE! Ok so this year beyonce did around a 15 minute medley of all her newest album tracks which I have to say was all around flawless. Her voice was flawless, her dancers were flawless, the set was flawless, she looked FLAWLESS! But the best part about the whole thing was when baby blue and jay-z presented her the Michael Jackson award! Her gratitude was so huge, she cried and her speech was lovely! The love between her and jay was prominent which was lovely to see as well considering all the break up rumours!
All around this years VMA’s were just as talked about as the previous before as they will be in years to come with a whole new set of recipients!
As for the awards part of the evening here is a list of all the awards and the winners of them.

I have to say the only one I was a little disappointed about was ‘the artist to watch’ award, as much as fifth harmony are talented, Sam deserved to win this one, which you could tell was the overall thought from the audience when fifth harmony were announced the winners!
Oh well better luck next time around Sam, you’ll win a Grammy before them anyway.

Until next time guys, stay sassy xox


When I was younger I believed in magic. I did believe in so many more things than I do nowA I created some of the best memories when I was a child because everything was far more innocent and real. Children see no bad, no fear, no darkness. I remember being a little girl, going to my 4th fancy dress party dressed as a mermaid and truely believing I was a mermaid. I remember leaving letters and making dresses for the fairies and expecting a reply. Looking up and waving to the man in the moon, waiting to hear Santa’s sleigh bells. Believing in happy endings, true love and that my prince will come.

But now I’m older. Now I know that mermaids aren’t real, the fairies never really wrote back, the moon is scientific and that Santa’s presents came from my mum and dad and that most of all happy endings don’t always exist.

However separate all of these magical beliefs being crushed, no matter how old I get I will always believe in the magic of dreams, love, hope, spirit, memories and life.

I will carry the memories of my childhood knowledge and innocence I once had throughout my life. Although those beliefs are not part of my past, the true magic of life and belief in myself and my dreams are present and future.