Grace’s Music… (well i wouldn’t quite call it a career yet but you can help.?)

So some of you might know that despite running, i obviously also go to school, shop, spend time with my friends and family but one thing i really love is singing.

I have been singing ever since i was a little girl in the back of my mumma’s car, surprising her that i knew all the words to the hits faster than most 2/3 year olds can say let alone sing. I’ve been to singing class after singing class but i’d say over the past i haven’t focused on my singing as much as i have wanted, simply because I’ve been focusing on other things, not that i haven’t missed it because i have.

So, point of the story is, that today I’ve decided to open up and invite you to the world of my voice (if thats what you want to call it) and i want you to help me, guide me and get me heard if you can.

I have a youtube and sound cloud where i post videos and clips of me singing, i’ll admit i haven’t done a video (i haven’t had the right song) or the confidence to be honest but maybe after posting this i will!

I want your opinions, your requests, your comments, your subscriptions and more!



Hope you enjoy! Let me know dolls and stay sassy xox