VMA’s 2014

So I’ve finally had time to watch the VMA’s. For those of you who don’t know what the VMA’s are they are the video music awards run by MTV!
In 2013 the VMA’s consisted of the infamous Miley Cyrus foam finger incident as well as the incredible Timberlake featuring N sync. (I fell in love)
But what happened this year?

So first of all the Ariana,Nicki and Jessie J performance. I love Ariana Grande, her voice c’est manifique. Nicki Minaj bored me Ngl, I mean that booty she got going on WOWZA! But apart from that what else was there? Jessie J however has an incredible voice but you can tell she loves the sound of it! Her facial expressions just take it that bit over the top for my liking but overall I thought the three of them together was a more than entertaining opening to this years VMA’s.

SAM SMITH! Anyone who knows me knows I admire Sam smith incredible amounts! In February I went to see Sam in Brighton in a town hall in front of about 200 people and he was so greatful to be there, a few months later and he’s performing in front of thousands at the VMA’s!!! If that isn’t incredible then what is? Not just that, that man has talent, serious talent! His voice in person sounds exactly like the CD! If not better! His performance was just incredible, the way he carried himself and the way he was with all the other celebrities! He looked so blessed to be there and that’s the way I like my idols to be!

Who dat? who dat? I-G-G-Y!
I like iggy but I’m sorry this performance was poor! She looked stunning but no, it’s not all about that, not for me anyway! And Rita, I couldn’t even see her eyes through her hair let alone hear her voice! This song is catchy and their performance aesthetics were awesome but this song just isn’t for me, it makes no sense! Sorry girls but better luck next time!

Now now now..I had to admit it but I have a guilty pleasure for Taylor! And I must admit that I love love love her new song! It’s so catchy and like totally ‘awesome’ but sorry Tay Tay I strongly dislike your outfit! I mean if it wasn’t so short and tight it’d be alright, but no sorry Tay it’s awful! But your hair does look super hot!

BEYONCEEEEE! Ok so this year beyonce did around a 15 minute medley of all her newest album tracks which I have to say was all around flawless. Her voice was flawless, her dancers were flawless, the set was flawless, she looked FLAWLESS! But the best part about the whole thing was when baby blue and jay-z presented her the Michael Jackson award! Her gratitude was so huge, she cried and her speech was lovely! The love between her and jay was prominent which was lovely to see as well considering all the break up rumours!
All around this years VMA’s were just as talked about as the previous before as they will be in years to come with a whole new set of recipients!
As for the awards part of the evening here is a list of all the awards and the winners of them.

I have to say the only one I was a little disappointed about was ‘the artist to watch’ award, as much as fifth harmony are talented, Sam deserved to win this one, which you could tell was the overall thought from the audience when fifth harmony were announced the winners!
Oh well better luck next time around Sam, you’ll win a Grammy before them anyway.

Until next time guys, stay sassy xox

Colour O’hair

I’ve been seeing a lot of people with surprisingly bright hair recently and I have to say I love it! I wish I was brave enough to dye my hair a pop colour but I guess I’m just not much of a risk taker!
So here are some of my favourite bright hair colour styles!


I also love the dip dye colour as it gives you that bright pop of colour without having to dye the whole head! I’m thinking about doing this to my hair, let me know which colour you think would be the best!

My friend Natasha (Tash) Smith is one of the only girls I know who has possibly been every hair colour under the sun! I admire Tash for taking such risks with her hair and annoyingly she looks amazing every colour she goes!
Instagram ; t_ashasmith

Tash recently dyed her hair pink using crazy colour pink dye. The colour was amazing but Tash did say that it didn’t last very long, one wash. So I would say that if you do want a longer lasting colour then use another product but if you are wanting just a couple days colour then this is perfect!

I love coloured hair and cannot wait to eventually one day try it, I admire all you avid hair dyers and wish I had the guts to do it myself! I guess it’s just because I have a rather specific hair colour and am constantly being told not to tamper with it! Who knows maybe soon I’ll have taken the risk? 😉

London Shopping Day

So today I set off for a full on London shopping day with my cousin Olivia.
We first headed for oxford circus to one of my personal favourite stores ‘Beyond Retro’ in which we found some hot stuff shirts!
I love beyond retro just because they sell such great vintage clothing of all types, sizes and genders as well as some great accessories for such reasonable prices. Usually you can go into a vintage shop and expect to spend around £200 on one outfit! The shirt I bought from beyond retro was £26.




We then headed to Mayfair where we went into the ‘salvation army’ near the vogue office on Hanover square. Some amazing finds have been known to be found in this store. I found a beautiful pink jacket however it didn’t have a label. I wouldn’t give this store as much credit as some places online do.

Next we headed to South Kensington which we were heading to the British heart foundation store…although sadly the exact location in which it’s stated online is not there anymore! Typical! So instead we headed to a oxfam shop on Sloan square where Olivia found a gorgeous playsuit for a reasonable price as well. They had some lovely finds in this store and the shop was really nicely laid out..of corse a little more pricy as the shop is located in Chelsea and the clothes are a lot better labels.
We then headed back to oxford circus where I got a beautiful shirt I’ve been wanting for ages in topshop and a necklace in the sale!




My outfit of the day today was my checkered flower dress from new look paired with my converse and frilly socks and my topshop yellow box bag. For my make up today I did my normal eyes; shown on yesterday’s post make up today and a bright matte pink lip.


Today was a good shopping day, I like shopping in shops like topshop and main high street shops but I also like finding little boutique shops and vintage shops to find something different in. I love shopping in charity shops though I occasionally do. Sometimes you can find great bargains in them (even if they so smell like your Nan’s wardrobe). I love to find a different item and I change my style from time to time but I loveee big jewellery and accessories. You’ll see many of them from time to time on my blog.

Product placement for all the items on this post:
Outfit of the day ;
Dress -New look – £20
Bag- topshop- £26
Shoes – converse – (I’m still in kids size as I’m a small 3 so their cheaper than average converse)
Frilly socks – topshop – 3 for £7
Watch – Marc by Marc jacobs gold – £186
Bracelets – Thomas Sabo and Pandora string bracket

Items purchased today –
Shirt from topshop – £34
Necklace – miss selfridge – £6.50
Vintage one of a kind shirt – beyond retro – £26

Addresses for the charity and boutique stores in London –
Beyond Retro
Salvation Army – 9 Princes Street W1B 2LQ
Oxfam – 123A Shawfield St, London SW3 4PL