All the Fashion Related Reality

Recently there has been a lot of incredible TV shows and documentaries on TV representing the world of Fashion, retail, design, modelling and all. Being a total Fashion addict, of course I have found and have been keeping up with them all.

The first one of the lot is a reality show; Dash Dolls. It is essentially about the running and girls who work at the Kardahians sisters’ store; Dash. I’ll be honest at first about this show I thought ‘Oh Lord another thing on the Kardashians, although I do have a secret love for them too! But…since watching it I have been loving it! It is of course about the managers and overlookers of the store, as the Kardashian sisters obviously cannot always been there, twins and best friends of Khloe, Malika and Khadija. As well as all of the other girls that work at the stores, as sales assistants, as buyers, as managers and as visual merchandisers as well as their social media and advertising campaigns. So a lot of the little bits about the store are amazing as well as a team of people who work in fashion get on together. Plus the fact that all of the girls are stunning and dress incredibly makes it pretty amazing to watch as well…plus of course the dramas and gossip; alwaus makes a show.

Rating in Drama; 8/10            Ratings in characters; 9/10           Fashion Rating; 7/10

7827d073ac8f60654fd46027e8ee47af ifwt_Khloe-x-Malika-Haqq-x-Khadijah-Haqq

The second show was a documentary I watched on London Fashion Week which was on BBC as well as still avaliable on BBC Iplayer as well as BBC catch up. It featured successful model Abbey Clancy going to three main catwalk events at London Fashion Week a few weeks ago as well as a lot of famous faces within the likes of designers, fashion PR mavens, journalists, models etc. The three shows included Hunter, Sibling and Giles.The documentary showed all of the shows as well as the creativity behind them and thoughts of Abbey as well as others on the hot pieces straight off the catwalk. It also focused on the opinions of high-end fashion and the importance of keeping high-end fashion in the industry as well as high street and less bank breaking brands. As well as speaking about the excitment of Fashion Week, British Fashion and the creativity and interest of runway shows. I have actually just found out whilst writing this that there is another version of this documentary featuring Grace Victory and her top favourite shows from London Fashion Week 2015; so I am definately off to watch that.

Ratings for characters – 10/10       Ratings for Fashion – 9/10 091915-lfw-eric-lead

The final show is again on E! and it is a brand new series of show again, House Of DVF. In which 10 young fashionistas compete for the dream job to work and design for legendary designer and fashion icon Diane Von Furstenburg. This show is a real insight into not only these young fashion lovers trying to break into the industry and what to do to be professional and what not to do, in a sense learning about how to break into the career and make people interested in you. As well as learning about working as a team and getting along with them, as well as being entertained by their drama. However it also features a lot about the House of DVF brands, how they design, their image, how Diane has created her successful house, how she operates the brand as well as herself, insights to campaigns, photo shoots, fashion events etc. One of my favourite moments from the show was when Diane sat the girls down to look at and essentially criticise their designs; which was incredible to see how their designs were recieved as well as the imagery and inspiration behind them as well as what Diane is looking for within her clothing for her brand. Some of the other moments including them pitching their ideas, giving great ideas for fashion communication and campaigns as well as market research for trends and representation of the DVF brand. The best thing about this show is that Diane actually features in the show as well as the girls; giving her opinions and private voiceovers with her. I cannot wait for the rest of this show to envolve; right now it is up to episode 4 so not far along at all, so make sure you go check it out!

Rating for Drama – 9/10  Ratings for characters – 8/10    Ratings for Fashion – 10/10


So go check out some of these shows and let me know what you think of them or whether you know of any other fashion related shows, documentarys or even clips or videos on youtube; I love a good youtuber. Until next time, live, breathe and now watch fashion.

Stay Sassy xox

Colour Me Right;Max Factor CC Colour Corrector Review

We all get them patches of skin that we just don’t like…whether it is redness around our nose, veins, under eye circles or anything else we can pick ourselves apart for. Recently all over the beauty tutorials, Instagram 1 minute makeover accounts and of course the Kardashians (How else would they look so flawless?) I have been seeing all this colour correcting, people going way beyond contouring into putting pink, green and yellow all over their faces. I questioned whether this method actually worked, so I decided to find out for myself.

I went into Superdrug and purchased these three CC colour correctors by Max Factor, green for redness, yellow for under eye and dark circles and a highlight. I have now been using these for a few days and decided to give my opinion for those of you out there like me who need a real girl’s opinion. ccI’m going to review each corrector separately taking into consideration, where I used them on my own skin, the blending ability, reaction with other products e.g foundation/powder as well as the sensitivity, packaging, price and all that jazz.

Let’s start with the green colouring for redness. I personally do have quite a warm and red toned skin so I was really curious as to whether this product would satisfy my skin. I used this colour on the sides of my nose, under my nose just above my cupids bow as well as on any spots I had. I blended this in with my finger instead of a brush as the warmness of the skin on the hands tends to make consistencies such as this product blend better on my skin personally. It blended incredibly; I have to say I was a little worried I was going to end up with green blotches on my face where I had used the product and no real redness recovery at all. It really has reduced the redness on my skin.

The yellow colouring for under eye circles is incredible! This has to be my favourite, I used this under my eyes which meant I didn’t have to use concealer, as well as it lasting all day which sometimes my concealers don’t. It also acted as a natural highlight under my eyes giving me that under eye look that the Kardashians really do have, which I thought I would never be able to achieve with a drugstore product. I also used this on my brow bone to conceal the line of my brows which worked amazing as well as blending in incredibly to my brow bone leaving no excess dramatic colour.

The highlight, I have to say is the one I was least impressed with as I don’t think it really did anything, I was lucky enough to purchase these colour correctors during a Max Factor 3 for 2 deal meaning I got this one free however if I hadn’t, I don’t think I would have bothered with this one, simply because I felt like it didn’t really show on my cheeks although it did do a good job at highlighting my nose and underneath my bottom lip but the main area I wanted it to highlight (my cheeks) it just wasn’t noticeable.

ccc2The whole set of colour correctors as a whole, I love the packaging in the fact that they are a crayon as well as loving their sensitivity as I do have rather sensitive skin to a majority of products and using a product with a creamy crayon consistency such as this did worry me, but there was no trouble whatsoever. The colours lasted all day and didn’t fade away leaving me with blotches or patches like I thought they might. More to the point they really do what they say on the packaging which a lot of products of this nature don’t. The only thing I would suggest is that although I think that having them to buy separately is great as not all people would need all three due to different skin types, but if like me you did want all three, to pay £8.99 per corrector seemed rather a lot, I would love to see these three in a set to save people like me who need all three buying them individually.

Overall I love, love, loved these three correctors and am happy to save I am now on the colour correcting wave and am loving it.


Let me know if you have any tips for colour correcting, I am always looking for new make up tips or if you do purchase this product, let me know what you think.

Stay Sassy x

50 unanswered questions you’re dying to know; Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Finale

So #FAceToFAce happened! And it was basically a clue the whole time (cece!!!!)  Derrrr…. 


Although it as an explosive and brilliant episode, it seemed to be a little more obvious than we all originally thought. But…there are still so so many unanswered questions!! So here they are…lets get these answered army! 

Questions we need answered;

1. Who killed jessica? 

2. What was the NAT club all about?

3. I understand cece’s story but why did she want to hurt the girls so much…surely she should be wanting to hurt her dad if that’s the one she seemed mad at, what did they do to her?

4. Remember the man Toby went to see to speak about his mum why did he tell him to tell his mum to stay away from the blonde girl…how did he know that Bethany killed his mum…?

5. Why was she so nasty to Ali if she loved her so much?

6. Had Sara Harvey really been down there the whole time or was it all an act?

7. How did Sara meet cece and get involved?

8. What did Emily do to Sara that caused her to be in the hospital?

9. Who killed Garrett? 

10. Are the mums still in the basement?

11. Where did they take cece after they found out? 

12. So did cece just pretend to leave town and really stay in rosewood the whole time?

13. What was her actual motive to hurt the girls…..!!!!!!!!

14. So what did Jenna ever have to do with anything….?

15. And wren?

16. Remember when melissa Hastings admitted to killing Bethany young….then Mona did too?!??? So who actually did?

17. And if Mona thought it was Ali she was killing then why did she help her disappear in the first place 

18. What was September 7th all about? What does that represent?

19. What about tanner? Did she know all along!!!!

20. Who was the man that was coming for Allison 5 year later? 

21. Why is Ali now mrs rollins! Did she marry? What happened to Lorenzo?

22. How did the girls even manage to graduate high school and go college with all that going on

23. Where did Holbrook go?

24. Where did Noel khan go?

25. Where the hell did Jenna go? And how was the whole Jenna thing relevant?

26. Did Toby ever find out about his mum’s death? 

27. How are the girls just so forgiving?

28. Why did Mona tell cece everything? 

29. Surely Mona knew it was cece when she came off the drugs?

30. Surely Lesley stone knew that Charles was cece if she was in radley for so long 

31. What the was wrong with Bethany? 

32. How did she actually die? 

33. Why did Cece favour Ali over jason? He was her brother too!

34. Is cece full transgender? 

35. Was this the plan the whole time or was this a recent thing in relation to the recent news with Caitlyn jenner etc?

36. How did maya die? 

37. Who exactly is Rhys? Does he know about cece? Is he in on it?

38. So was the money from the carrisimi group to hanna real? A nice gesture from Cece? Or was it a trap?

39. Why was melissa and cece talking that night? Was jason hallucinating?

40. When Ali first started getting A messages was that cece or Mona?

41. Was Ali ever pregnant?

42. Was beach hottie actually wilden? If so wilden knew cece was Charles! Why didn’t he say anything!!!

43. What did cyrus ever have to do with anything? 

44. How did Ali know the girls were in danger when she left rosewood? Was she tracking them? 

45. So in the very beginning when wilden was grilling the girls for what happened that summer? He knew! 

46. How did cece escape radley!

47. Where did all of mona’s issues go? They seemed to disappear?

48. What happened to Paige? How’s she doing?

49. Who’s body was in the barrel that the liars originally found in the storage unit? 

50. Why did cece do all the things she did if she loved Ali and really had no reason to hate the girls…?

51. ( OOPS one more) if Marion was alive when Alison was a teenager how come she died when Charles was a kid, when Charles is older than Ali?   


A lot of intense questions myself and I’m sure many of the PLL army are dying to know! And also can we just appreciate that we have to wait until January to find out about this flash forward! Now that’s just cruel. 

After 5 years of waiting, Pretty Little Liars have finally revealed that A is….


 We don’t know whether to be extremely excited or extremely disappointed on last night’s Season 5 finale of PPL but we do know there is one word to describe ‘Welcome to the dollhouse’ Creepy…

The suspense has been killing us and thousands of fans across the globe with the trending hash tag at the end of last weeks episode revealing #BigAReveal

But was it really a reveal?

On one hand we know who A is but on the other we have no idea who the hell they are? In case you don’t know Pretty Little Liars is a hit TV series following the lives of four teenage girls involved with a few others who are being targeted and harassed by someone, they have no clue who and neither do we – A.

So after 123 episodes, 123 texts from A and 9 deaths, this was meant to be the Big A Reveal.

So what did it reveal?

This episode revealed that A in fact has a nAme, and it is ChArles. Charles most likely appears to be Alison’s brother Jason’s twin, therefore also half-brother to Spencer. With likely motives on Alison and Spencer for their parents hiding him away. It’s all very confusing but now we have to wait until summer and the final season of Pretty Little Liars to finally understand the mess.

So what does Pretty Little Liars Boss Marlene King have to say about the whole affair?

Marlene King reveals that she is excited about the whole motive of this A as well as the identity and having the audience finally getting the answers as to why?

She also reveals that she has been dropping hints throughout the seasons featuring season 3 episode ‘Now you see me now you don’t’’ the mime’s name is Charlemagne, hinting at the name ‘Charles’As well as a string of twitter hints such as ‘Get ready for a bromance’ etc.

However it also has been revealed by Marlene King that this may actually not be the end, revealing that this is the #BigAReveal but not the #UberAReveal

Why O Why would they do this to us?

So I guess we will just have to be patient, but for now go ahead and follow @ABCFpll as well as @imarleneking for all the official upcoming news on your favorite suspense story. And if you haven’t yet watched pretty little liars, get started with all 124 episodes on Netflix…Get addicted like the rest of us.

Top 20 Chick Flicks for the perf pick me up

Sometimes you just need that girly night in to yourself or with your girls, these are some of the films me and my girls enjoy on a night in, enjoy and let me know if there are any i missed out on;


Storyline – 9/10          Actors – 9/10     Comedy – 8/10    Romance – 10/10      Overall – 8/10         Simply because i’ve read the book version and its just not as good, sadly. But a strong strong recommend.


Storyline – 7/10       Actors – 8/10   Comedy – 6/10   Romance – 7/10     Overall – 7/10          Proper chick flick, one for the girls who want their revenge, as well as a seriously hot leading man, as well as the beaut brittany snow.


Storyline – 10/10   Actors – 9/10   Comedy – 9/10  Romance – 5/10  Overall – 9/10   Not a very romantic film but it is so great for laughs and just those what if mad moments.


Storyline – 8/10   Actors – 10/10  Comedy – 10/10  Romance – 7/10  Overall – 9/10   Perfect film to watch for a laugh with the girls, by yourself or even with your family (like i did last night) And like who doesn’t love a film with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.


Storyline – 8/10  Actors – 7/10  Comedy – 2/10  Romance – 10/10  Overall – 9/10     Super romantic re-make of a classic film which leaves you wishing you were treated like this by Alex Pettyfer and having you wish you were ermmm…the girl that no ones know yet but soon will after this!


Storyline – 10/10   Actors – 9/10   Comedy – 4/10   Romance – 10/10  Overall – 9/10   Yet another super romantic film based on a true story, true inspiration and pure love, as well as the eye candy that is Channing Tatum, who is just…woah in this.


Storyline – 7/10   Actors – 7/10   Comedy – 10/10  Romance – 7/10   Overall – 8/10     Hilarious film, not as well known but certainly worth the watch, Anna Faris is hilarious and the storyline is just hilarious, must watch and a proper pick me up film.


Storyline – 8/10  Actors- 9/10  Comedy – 4/10  Romance – 10/10  Overall – 8/10   The famous ‘Dear John’ yet another romantic Channing Tatum film, full of action, romance and even more romance. This film will make you feel romance, make you cry, make you miss and make you just want to be kissing Channing Tatum. Must Watch. Although a crappy ending i might add…bring on dear john 2!


Storyline – 8/10  Actors – 9/10   Comedy – 6/10  Romance – 10/10  Overall – 7/10    Can be pretty confusing but an amazing storyline based on an amazing book, and one film i know that actually does the book justice. Plus Anne Hathaway truely plays this to the T! Plus it kinda makes you want to fall in love with your best friend…but i’ll let you find that out for yourself.


Storyline – 9/10     Actors – 10/10   Comedy – 5/10  Romance – 9/10  Overall – 8/10     No one can dislike a film with Zac Efron in now can you? Just watch the trailer and you’ll see its worth it.


Storyline – 6/10  Actors – 10/10  Comedy -7/10  Romance – 6/10  Overall – 9/10    Yes, this film doesnt actually have a great storyline and doesn’t really have any comedy or romance, but just wow, it all totally works in a way that can’t be explained. A true 80’s classic and who can forget the signature song? If you haven’t already seen this movie it is definately worth a watch


Storyline – 8/10  Actors – 9/10  Comedy – 8/10  Romance – 8/10  Overall -9/10    This film is the inspiration to so much, honestly more than i can explain. Not to mention the fact that it teaches many girl codes as well as being another teen girl classic, featuring Paul Rudd and the late great Brittany Snow. A hilariours and truely girly watch.


Storyline – 9/10  Actors – 10/10   Comedy – 8/10  Romance – 9/10  Overall – 9/10   A tragically hilarious storyline as well as being able to look at Aston Kutcher for 90 minutes…and Cameron Diaz, she isn’t so bad either i guess.


Storyline – 10/10  Actors – 9/10  Comedy – 8/10  Romance – 9/10  Overall – 9/10  This is such a good film based on a true story as well as leaving a good message of family and responsibility to the viewer…oh wow my a level media student just came out a bit there…sorry about that. What i meant to say was Josh Duhamel is hot!


Storyline – 10/10  Actors – 10/10  Comedy – 9/10  Romance – 9/10  Overall – 10/10  One of my personal favoruites as well as the fact that it includes like three of my favourite actors, Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro and JENNIFER LAWRENCE!!!! The queen in motion picture of the moment. As well as being a love story based on real issues. Also i might add is an incredible book and where one of my favoruite quotes/words comes from. Watch and see if you can figure out what I’m talking about eh??


Storyline – 9/10  Actors – 10/10  Comedy – 6/10  Romance – 10/10  Overall – 9/10   One of my favourite books, film cuts out a lot but still does it incredible justice as well as making the characters seem even better than they seemed in my mind, an incredible act. It includes a great load of love, friendship, heartbreak and just really makes you appreciate life. Also once again it includes some pretty awesome quotes and some pretty awesome actors, i mean Emma Frickin Watson come on?


Storyline – 6/10  Actors – 7/10  Comedy – 7/10  Romance – 8/10  Overall – 8/10   Reese Witherspoon as a young lady, yes this film can be a little creepy, weird and plain odd but is also oddly captivating at the same time. Not the best film i have ever watched but worth the watch.


Storyline – 9/10   Actors – 10/10  Comedy – 10/10  Romance – 9/10  Overall – 10/10   This film is another one of my faves, true girly and just a great watch. Showing you just how crazy and important a girl’s wedding can be.


Storyline – 9/10  Actors – 9/10  Comedy – 10/10  Romance – 8/10 Overall- 9/10       This films makes me laugh everytime i watch it, it is just one of them films that never gets old. Just watch it and see, and watch Matthew McConaughey’s butt…woah, surprising.

20. And last but not least…THE BACK UP PLAN 

Storyline – 9/10  Actors – 9/10  Comedy – 10/10  Romance – 9/10  Overall – 9/10     J-Lo eat your heart out, as well as this mad plot of this film will leave you just thinking ‘omgosh what if that happened to me?’  It honestly will keep you hooked on the screen.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, the trailers and will have a good night in whether it includes jennifer, channing or aston! Let me know what you think of these films or if i’ve left any out that you want to recommend i would happy to hear.

Stay Sassy xox

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!


After less than two weeks of blogging, i have been nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! by Mimi’s Beauty. She’s amazing, check out her reviews and beauty tips here

The Rules:
– Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
– Put the award logo on your blog.
– Answer the ten questions they have set you.
– Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
– Nominate ten people

These are the questions that Mimi asked me:
What is your favourite eye-shadow palette?
my favourite eyeshadow palette would be the bodyshop brown eyeshadow palette as i think they are great colours for everyday that blend so well with each other as well as other eyeshadows.

Drugstore or High-End make-up brands?
I really do think it depends on the product. Due to my sensitive skin i usually end up using more high end make up brands rather than drugstore brands simply because they use better ingredients for my skin but i do believe that their are some products in drugstore brands which are far better and far more effective than higher end and more importantly more expensive brands.
Favourite Concealer?
I don’t actually wear concealer frequently but when i do i believe that the mac moisturising cover concealer is amazing. it really blends well with your skin, foundation and powder as well as not getting stuck in the creases of your skin especially under the eyes. My favourite thing about this concealer is that you only have to use the tiniest bit for coverage and it isn’t thick and gloomy either but still covers the areas you need it to.
What’s the best mascara you own?
Although it is expensive the best mascara i own by far is the benefit real eyes mascara! It is amazing. i’ll admit i have only been using it recently but i can notice a change in my eyelashes and have been told by other people since using it that they look longer as well. It provides a thick cottage without being gloomy like it literally glides on. I actually bought mine for £2 at a benefit charity event where as the smaller size is actually £9 in boots. But omgoshhhh! so worth it chicks
What’s the best product you own under £4?
The seventeen wet look liquid eyeliner. omgosh this is literally the best glide on mascara i have ever had, it literally glides on and stays on all day! I’ve tried number seven, chanel, mac eyeliners and none are as good as this, for under £4! BARGAIN BUY!
If you could only wear one type of product e.g. foundation, mascara, lipstick etc. for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
definitely MASCARA! all the way, my lashes would be pin pricks without it, then again i am a lipstick lover
Biggest weakness when buying make-up? Definitely lipsticks, you can never have to many shades of lipstick
What’s your favourite shade of lipstick/gloss? This is difficult, last year i was really into my reds however this summer i’ve been very hooked on my pinks so i’d go for pink at the moment but that doula all change.
Coloured eye-liner – yay or nay? Depends on the event but i’m gonna go yay, why not?
What’s your everyday skincare routine?
I use my blue corn 3 in 1 skin mask by body shop twice a week but in between then i wash my skin with dermalogica ultra calming gel every day and then moisturise with aveeno cream and occasionally Jo malone vitamin E. Although some of these are expensive products you can get cheaper versions. The most important thing for me is keeping my skin clean and moisturising as i have rather dry skin rather than spotty.

i nominate:

My 10 questions to them are:
1. What is one beauty product you couldn’t live without?
2. Do you prefer to use bb cream or foundation?
3. One off boutiques or high street stores?
4. Opinions on shopping in charity shops?
5. What made you decide to blog?
6. Blogging/Vlogging inspiriations?
7. Favourite make up brands?
8. Preferred lipstick/lipgloss?
9. What do you think is most effective method when trying to get rid of spots? e.g technique/product
10. Favourite item of clothing/accesory to wear? e.g hoodies, skirts, shoes, hats

Thank you very much mimi for the nomination and stay sassy dolls xox

BodyShop Review

So today me and my best friend went shopping for some bits and we went into the body shop to look at their products, as I’ve been advised to recently. 

We went in there to look at the BB cream and primer which is actually amazing, it automatically adapts to your skin colour, although i didn’t purchase this today due to having to finish my recent bb cream/foundation. However i need to get there quick as at the moment their doing a deal in which you get the primer and the bb cream for a total of £20. 

So today i purchased the ‘blue corn 3 in 1 deep cleansing mask‘ I’ve just used this face mask which i was told was good for dry to oily skin and would exfoliate and purify skin whilst preventing spots to a minimum degree. The mask felt so smooth whilst still exfoliating whilst putting it on. It was a tad tingly, i’m not going to lie. However it feels incredible on my skin, then when i took it off, my skin felt even better! 

My skin is quite dry and i suffer from eczema so finding a product that has natural products in and doesn’t mess with my skin is rather difficult for me, as usually all the products are rather expensive. However for this pot of face mask i paid £10 and received 30% off with my body shop rewards card which i also received today. 


When i took this face mask to the till, the assistant asked me if i wanted to purchase a rewards card for £5. Although it seems like a lot, every time you use this card when you purchase a body shop product you receive 30% off as well as receiving a free body wash. Not only that but when you receive 4 stamps you receive a £5 product free and 8 stamps is a £10 product, as well as free gifts on your birthday! DEFINATELY worth it.


i really love do love the body shop at the moment, not only because their products are perfect for my skin type but also because they are good for any skin type and are of such a reasonable price.  I really do urge yo to try them, also they smell amazinngggg! 

stay sassy dolls xox 

VMA’s 2014

So I’ve finally had time to watch the VMA’s. For those of you who don’t know what the VMA’s are they are the video music awards run by MTV!
In 2013 the VMA’s consisted of the infamous Miley Cyrus foam finger incident as well as the incredible Timberlake featuring N sync. (I fell in love)
But what happened this year?

So first of all the Ariana,Nicki and Jessie J performance. I love Ariana Grande, her voice c’est manifique. Nicki Minaj bored me Ngl, I mean that booty she got going on WOWZA! But apart from that what else was there? Jessie J however has an incredible voice but you can tell she loves the sound of it! Her facial expressions just take it that bit over the top for my liking but overall I thought the three of them together was a more than entertaining opening to this years VMA’s.

SAM SMITH! Anyone who knows me knows I admire Sam smith incredible amounts! In February I went to see Sam in Brighton in a town hall in front of about 200 people and he was so greatful to be there, a few months later and he’s performing in front of thousands at the VMA’s!!! If that isn’t incredible then what is? Not just that, that man has talent, serious talent! His voice in person sounds exactly like the CD! If not better! His performance was just incredible, the way he carried himself and the way he was with all the other celebrities! He looked so blessed to be there and that’s the way I like my idols to be!

Who dat? who dat? I-G-G-Y!
I like iggy but I’m sorry this performance was poor! She looked stunning but no, it’s not all about that, not for me anyway! And Rita, I couldn’t even see her eyes through her hair let alone hear her voice! This song is catchy and their performance aesthetics were awesome but this song just isn’t for me, it makes no sense! Sorry girls but better luck next time!

Now now now..I had to admit it but I have a guilty pleasure for Taylor! And I must admit that I love love love her new song! It’s so catchy and like totally ‘awesome’ but sorry Tay Tay I strongly dislike your outfit! I mean if it wasn’t so short and tight it’d be alright, but no sorry Tay it’s awful! But your hair does look super hot!

BEYONCEEEEE! Ok so this year beyonce did around a 15 minute medley of all her newest album tracks which I have to say was all around flawless. Her voice was flawless, her dancers were flawless, the set was flawless, she looked FLAWLESS! But the best part about the whole thing was when baby blue and jay-z presented her the Michael Jackson award! Her gratitude was so huge, she cried and her speech was lovely! The love between her and jay was prominent which was lovely to see as well considering all the break up rumours!
All around this years VMA’s were just as talked about as the previous before as they will be in years to come with a whole new set of recipients!
As for the awards part of the evening here is a list of all the awards and the winners of them.

I have to say the only one I was a little disappointed about was ‘the artist to watch’ award, as much as fifth harmony are talented, Sam deserved to win this one, which you could tell was the overall thought from the audience when fifth harmony were announced the winners!
Oh well better luck next time around Sam, you’ll win a Grammy before them anyway.

Until next time guys, stay sassy xox

Colour O’hair

I’ve been seeing a lot of people with surprisingly bright hair recently and I have to say I love it! I wish I was brave enough to dye my hair a pop colour but I guess I’m just not much of a risk taker!
So here are some of my favourite bright hair colour styles!


I also love the dip dye colour as it gives you that bright pop of colour without having to dye the whole head! I’m thinking about doing this to my hair, let me know which colour you think would be the best!

My friend Natasha (Tash) Smith is one of the only girls I know who has possibly been every hair colour under the sun! I admire Tash for taking such risks with her hair and annoyingly she looks amazing every colour she goes!
Instagram ; t_ashasmith

Tash recently dyed her hair pink using crazy colour pink dye. The colour was amazing but Tash did say that it didn’t last very long, one wash. So I would say that if you do want a longer lasting colour then use another product but if you are wanting just a couple days colour then this is perfect!

I love coloured hair and cannot wait to eventually one day try it, I admire all you avid hair dyers and wish I had the guts to do it myself! I guess it’s just because I have a rather specific hair colour and am constantly being told not to tamper with it! Who knows maybe soon I’ll have taken the risk? 😉

London Shopping Day

So today I set off for a full on London shopping day with my cousin Olivia.
We first headed for oxford circus to one of my personal favourite stores ‘Beyond Retro’ in which we found some hot stuff shirts!
I love beyond retro just because they sell such great vintage clothing of all types, sizes and genders as well as some great accessories for such reasonable prices. Usually you can go into a vintage shop and expect to spend around £200 on one outfit! The shirt I bought from beyond retro was £26.




We then headed to Mayfair where we went into the ‘salvation army’ near the vogue office on Hanover square. Some amazing finds have been known to be found in this store. I found a beautiful pink jacket however it didn’t have a label. I wouldn’t give this store as much credit as some places online do.

Next we headed to South Kensington which we were heading to the British heart foundation store…although sadly the exact location in which it’s stated online is not there anymore! Typical! So instead we headed to a oxfam shop on Sloan square where Olivia found a gorgeous playsuit for a reasonable price as well. They had some lovely finds in this store and the shop was really nicely laid out..of corse a little more pricy as the shop is located in Chelsea and the clothes are a lot better labels.
We then headed back to oxford circus where I got a beautiful shirt I’ve been wanting for ages in topshop and a necklace in the sale!




My outfit of the day today was my checkered flower dress from new look paired with my converse and frilly socks and my topshop yellow box bag. For my make up today I did my normal eyes; shown on yesterday’s post make up today and a bright matte pink lip.


Today was a good shopping day, I like shopping in shops like topshop and main high street shops but I also like finding little boutique shops and vintage shops to find something different in. I love shopping in charity shops though I occasionally do. Sometimes you can find great bargains in them (even if they so smell like your Nan’s wardrobe). I love to find a different item and I change my style from time to time but I loveee big jewellery and accessories. You’ll see many of them from time to time on my blog.

Product placement for all the items on this post:
Outfit of the day ;
Dress -New look – £20
Bag- topshop- £26
Shoes – converse – (I’m still in kids size as I’m a small 3 so their cheaper than average converse)
Frilly socks – topshop – 3 for £7
Watch – Marc by Marc jacobs gold – £186
Bracelets – Thomas Sabo and Pandora string bracket

Items purchased today –
Shirt from topshop – £34
Necklace – miss selfridge – £6.50
Vintage one of a kind shirt – beyond retro – £26

Addresses for the charity and boutique stores in London –
Beyond Retro
Salvation Army – 9 Princes Street W1B 2LQ
Oxfam – 123A Shawfield St, London SW3 4PL