50 unanswered questions you’re dying to know; Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Finale

So #FAceToFAce happened! And it was basically a clue the whole time (cece!!!!)  Derrrr…. 


Although it as an explosive and brilliant episode, it seemed to be a little more obvious than we all originally thought. But…there are still so so many unanswered questions!! So here they are…lets get these answered army! 

Questions we need answered;

1. Who killed jessica? 

2. What was the NAT club all about?

3. I understand cece’s story but why did she want to hurt the girls so much…surely she should be wanting to hurt her dad if that’s the one she seemed mad at, what did they do to her?

4. Remember the man Toby went to see to speak about his mum why did he tell him to tell his mum to stay away from the blonde girl…how did he know that Bethany killed his mum…?

5. Why was she so nasty to Ali if she loved her so much?

6. Had Sara Harvey really been down there the whole time or was it all an act?

7. How did Sara meet cece and get involved?

8. What did Emily do to Sara that caused her to be in the hospital?

9. Who killed Garrett? 

10. Are the mums still in the basement?

11. Where did they take cece after they found out? 

12. So did cece just pretend to leave town and really stay in rosewood the whole time?

13. What was her actual motive to hurt the girls…..!!!!!!!!

14. So what did Jenna ever have to do with anything….?

15. And wren?

16. Remember when melissa Hastings admitted to killing Bethany young….then Mona did too?!??? So who actually did?

17. And if Mona thought it was Ali she was killing then why did she help her disappear in the first place 

18. What was September 7th all about? What does that represent?

19. What about tanner? Did she know all along!!!!

20. Who was the man that was coming for Allison 5 year later? 

21. Why is Ali now mrs rollins! Did she marry? What happened to Lorenzo?

22. How did the girls even manage to graduate high school and go college with all that going on

23. Where did Holbrook go?

24. Where did Noel khan go?

25. Where the hell did Jenna go? And how was the whole Jenna thing relevant?

26. Did Toby ever find out about his mum’s death? 

27. How are the girls just so forgiving?

28. Why did Mona tell cece everything? 

29. Surely Mona knew it was cece when she came off the drugs?

30. Surely Lesley stone knew that Charles was cece if she was in radley for so long 

31. What the was wrong with Bethany? 

32. How did she actually die? 

33. Why did Cece favour Ali over jason? He was her brother too!

34. Is cece full transgender? 

35. Was this the plan the whole time or was this a recent thing in relation to the recent news with Caitlyn jenner etc?

36. How did maya die? 

37. Who exactly is Rhys? Does he know about cece? Is he in on it?

38. So was the money from the carrisimi group to hanna real? A nice gesture from Cece? Or was it a trap?

39. Why was melissa and cece talking that night? Was jason hallucinating?

40. When Ali first started getting A messages was that cece or Mona?

41. Was Ali ever pregnant?

42. Was beach hottie actually wilden? If so wilden knew cece was Charles! Why didn’t he say anything!!!

43. What did cyrus ever have to do with anything? 

44. How did Ali know the girls were in danger when she left rosewood? Was she tracking them? 

45. So in the very beginning when wilden was grilling the girls for what happened that summer? He knew! 

46. How did cece escape radley!

47. Where did all of mona’s issues go? They seemed to disappear?

48. What happened to Paige? How’s she doing?

49. Who’s body was in the barrel that the liars originally found in the storage unit? 

50. Why did cece do all the things she did if she loved Ali and really had no reason to hate the girls…?

51. ( OOPS one more) if Marion was alive when Alison was a teenager how come she died when Charles was a kid, when Charles is older than Ali?   


A lot of intense questions myself and I’m sure many of the PLL army are dying to know! And also can we just appreciate that we have to wait until January to find out about this flash forward! Now that’s just cruel. 

After 5 years of waiting, Pretty Little Liars have finally revealed that A is….


 We don’t know whether to be extremely excited or extremely disappointed on last night’s Season 5 finale of PPL but we do know there is one word to describe ‘Welcome to the dollhouse’ Creepy…

The suspense has been killing us and thousands of fans across the globe with the trending hash tag at the end of last weeks episode revealing #BigAReveal

But was it really a reveal?

On one hand we know who A is but on the other we have no idea who the hell they are? In case you don’t know Pretty Little Liars is a hit TV series following the lives of four teenage girls involved with a few others who are being targeted and harassed by someone, they have no clue who and neither do we – A.

So after 123 episodes, 123 texts from A and 9 deaths, this was meant to be the Big A Reveal.

So what did it reveal?

This episode revealed that A in fact has a nAme, and it is ChArles. Charles most likely appears to be Alison’s brother Jason’s twin, therefore also half-brother to Spencer. With likely motives on Alison and Spencer for their parents hiding him away. It’s all very confusing but now we have to wait until summer and the final season of Pretty Little Liars to finally understand the mess.

So what does Pretty Little Liars Boss Marlene King have to say about the whole affair?

Marlene King reveals that she is excited about the whole motive of this A as well as the identity and having the audience finally getting the answers as to why?

She also reveals that she has been dropping hints throughout the seasons featuring season 3 episode ‘Now you see me now you don’t’’ the mime’s name is Charlemagne, hinting at the name ‘Charles’As well as a string of twitter hints such as ‘Get ready for a bromance’ etc.

However it also has been revealed by Marlene King that this may actually not be the end, revealing that this is the #BigAReveal but not the #UberAReveal

Why O Why would they do this to us?

So I guess we will just have to be patient, but for now go ahead and follow @ABCFpll as well as @imarleneking for all the official upcoming news on your favorite suspense story. And if you haven’t yet watched pretty little liars, get started with all 124 episodes on Netflix…Get addicted like the rest of us.

Fashion Inspiration War sparked over native design at New York fashion week 


Controversy has been sparked this week over a native design featured in a fashion runaway release causing an inspiration feud between the brand and another designer claiming that her design had been robbed.

 Native American designer, Bethany Yellowtail took to instagram during February 2015 New York Fashion week, after KTZ’s catwalk release of their new line featuring indigenous native designs in which Yellowtail claims has been lazily knocked off as their own by KTZ. 

 The dress as stated on my website embodies a Crow design from my great great grandmother…funny I didn’t realize @ktz_official knew the Yellowtails or the Crow people” she writes. 

 “It’s one thing for designers to be unoriginal and knock off other peoples designs but what happens when you blatantly take cultural valuable designs from Indigenous people? Let’s find out….#CanANativeLive #boycott #KTZ #ktzofficial #boycottKTZ

 Yellowtail states that the hourglass motif, featured in the KTZ design as well as her own, has been in her family for generations. Her great great grandmother and her involvement in the native tribe inspired it. Yellowtail also comments on the misinterpretation and appropriation by outsiders of her native background, lazily calling it ‘inspired’ fashion. 




 Marjan Pejoski, creative director and designer for KTZ positioned this line at New York fashion week as a tribute to “the primal woman indigenous to the land”

 But many were not convinced.

 An online discussion has since kicked off with many commenting on the cultural appropriation leading to Kelly Cutruone, fashion PR maven and representive for KTZ to comment. Cutruone states that KTZ draws inspiration from various sources other than simply just the indigenous culture. 

 “Marjan has been inspired by native tribes over the past twenty years and featuring this inspiration in her designs ever since”

 If you are trying to pay tribute to a culture, the inclusion and collaboration with the indigenous is key as it steers negative comments on the collection instead making the culture inspired by fashion a positive vibe instead of a accused knock off.

Although even if there is a similarity, these images have existed for hundreds of years. As well as many patterns in fashion nowadays, hence the Aztec pattern trend in fashion in past seasons.

KTZ celebrates “beauty, truth and power behind indigenous things” however many are now starting to question whether KTZ is instead a fashion version of a copy-paste motive.

Speed the Plow…& Danny O’Donoghue


Tonight I went to see the West End performance of Speed the Plow by David Mamet, starring the one and only Miss Lindsay Lohan. 

I was super excited to go see this play, simply because I love the theatre and also because I am secretly a huge Lindsay fan (believe it or not) I have to say after seeing Lindsay’s documentry with Oprah and her own documentry series, I was curious to see what she would actually be like on the stage. Whether she really was a good actress or whether them good films from back in the day were just a fluke of one off good takes put together.

I had high hopes for this production, after seeing Lindsay on Johnathon Ross’ talk show, she seemed so sure of it and spoke so well of the play and portrayed such a positive insight to it, that I had to go see for myself. So here is the verdict…

Overall the play was incredible, the storyline, the build up, the simplicity, the intelligence, the other actors..It was a fantastic play! David Mamet is a intelligent soul and a well known playwright, so much so that I must say that it was almost like this role was written for Lindsay. During the first half of the play, I have to say I was disappointed with how little Lohan had to do, the other two actors were overpowering her. But when the second half began, she came alive. The words she was speaking she really seemed to believe, even getting choked when saying some of them, she obviously connected to. And there were a lot of lines…for Lindsay’s first theatre production, it was hard to believe that is was. To be such an intense play for her first, not intense as in the acting but intense as in the amount of lines and the fact that there were only three actors as well as the set and scenes being so minimalistic (nothing to distract from her acting)

So the curtain went down and the encore began…Turning around to leave my seat, I noticed Danny O’Donoghue from one of my favoruite bands, The Script. He smiled and waved at me, so I went over to chat to him, talking about his music and asking him for a picture of course. My mum quickly became just as excited as I was when he asked me who my ‘friend’ was. Yes she is now a script fan!!  He was so lovely and actually chatted with us for a while until we had to go 😦 IMG_2806IMG_2805

As we was leaving the theatre we spotted the stage door and went to wait for Lindsay, after being told she would be out in half an hour we waited patiently (begging my phone to stay on with just 1% battery left) after waiting an hour, she then came out, refused to take pictures and autographs, got in her car and left.

I have to say I was then extremely disappointed, here she is trying to make her comeback and doing an amazing job at it, only to let herself down by doing things like that. There were about 10-15 of us at the stage door, she could have easily taken a few pictures and then gone on her way. After all we were paying auidence members, not just random stalkers on the street. I was just rather disappointed after seeing such an amazing performance.

Never the less I still would encourage you all to go see the show before it ends in November as it really is worth it, there were quite a few empty seats tonight and you never know who you might spot in the audience. Let me know if you end up going and what you thought.

You never know she might take a selfie with you if you’re lucky.

stuDYING seems to be worth it!

So I just got my gcse results and I’m proud to say I’m pleased.



I’ve posted a picture of my results and got my leavers hoodie. GINGE 2014!
I can now say that I will be taking English literature/language, media, psychology and geography at a levels. I chose these because I think their more creative for me rather than sciences. Hopefully I’ll go and do English at uni and then intern into magazines. If anyone has any connection, get at me eh?


London Shopping Day

So today I set off for a full on London shopping day with my cousin Olivia.
We first headed for oxford circus to one of my personal favourite stores ‘Beyond Retro’ in which we found some hot stuff shirts!
I love beyond retro just because they sell such great vintage clothing of all types, sizes and genders as well as some great accessories for such reasonable prices. Usually you can go into a vintage shop and expect to spend around £200 on one outfit! The shirt I bought from beyond retro was £26.




We then headed to Mayfair where we went into the ‘salvation army’ near the vogue office on Hanover square. Some amazing finds have been known to be found in this store. I found a beautiful pink jacket however it didn’t have a label. I wouldn’t give this store as much credit as some places online do.

Next we headed to South Kensington which we were heading to the British heart foundation store…although sadly the exact location in which it’s stated online is not there anymore! Typical! So instead we headed to a oxfam shop on Sloan square where Olivia found a gorgeous playsuit for a reasonable price as well. They had some lovely finds in this store and the shop was really nicely laid out..of corse a little more pricy as the shop is located in Chelsea and the clothes are a lot better labels.
We then headed back to oxford circus where I got a beautiful shirt I’ve been wanting for ages in topshop and a necklace in the sale!




My outfit of the day today was my checkered flower dress from new look paired with my converse and frilly socks and my topshop yellow box bag. For my make up today I did my normal eyes; shown on yesterday’s post make up today and a bright matte pink lip.


Today was a good shopping day, I like shopping in shops like topshop and main high street shops but I also like finding little boutique shops and vintage shops to find something different in. I love shopping in charity shops though I occasionally do. Sometimes you can find great bargains in them (even if they so smell like your Nan’s wardrobe). I love to find a different item and I change my style from time to time but I loveee big jewellery and accessories. You’ll see many of them from time to time on my blog.

Product placement for all the items on this post:
Outfit of the day ;
Dress -New look – £20
Bag- topshop- £26
Shoes – converse – (I’m still in kids size as I’m a small 3 so their cheaper than average converse)
Frilly socks – topshop – 3 for £7
Watch – Marc by Marc jacobs gold – £186
Bracelets – Thomas Sabo and Pandora string bracket

Items purchased today –
Shirt from topshop – £34
Necklace – miss selfridge – £6.50
Vintage one of a kind shirt – beyond retro – £26

Addresses for the charity and boutique stores in London –
Beyond Retro
Salvation Army – 9 Princes Street W1B 2LQ
Oxfam – 123A Shawfield St, London SW3 4PL