All the questions stopping you from travelling; answered.

Many people dream of travelling or like the idea, but just have too many thoughts and questions that stop them from actually taking the bull by the horns and doing it. And that’s when time flies and there you are, 80 years old and kicking yourself for not getting out there and seeing the world. So here are all the questions and worries holding you back; answered and solved.

travel1. Money

  “I can’t afford it’

 The answer to this worry can be as simple as a bit of a reality check and redefinition of travel. By changing your idea of travelling to being more about hostels and street food and less about resorts and cruises, that is the first key money saver in itself. The initial expense of travelling comes with them first flights, but there are plenty of saving schemes and cheap flight companies out there now. It’s just picking the right one and destination for you. And once you’re there , there’s plenty of affordable options. You can wonder round the streets of Rome, taking in the sites. Learn all about Karma from the eyes of the elephants in India, and get crispy brown on the beautiful beaches of Greece. All for free, once you’re there.

  1. Health

 “I’ll catch a deadly disease”

Realistically you’re biggest health worries when abroad in any country is one of three things, heat rash, dehydration or if you’re particularly unlucky…the runs. But overall these three are something we all experience at some point in our lives, no matter whether we’re in our home town or in the middle of the desert. As long as you get all the necessary shots, be careful of what you eat, sanitize and drink lots of water you should be fine. The true fear here lies with all the false knowledge the media drills into us about foreign germs and bird viruses. And worse comes to worse, if you get the flu, break your arm or just feel plain rubbish, there is always a hospital or pharmacy that can take care of you wherever you are.


3. Language barrier

 “I won’t understand a word that’s coming out their mouth and vise versa”

 Speaking just English means a good portion of the world with somewhat understand you, especially in major cities etc. And even if they don’t a collection of hand gestures, noises and body language will get you far enough. Alternatively you can also tutor English to local college students or workers in turn for them to teach you some of theirs, or take some classes whilst your there or even before you go. There are plenty of online courses for teaching a whole variety of languages out there.

4. Safety

 “I’m scared of getting robbed”

 Let’s get this straight, murders, kidnappings and robberies happen all over the world, no matter where you are. Even walking down your own road you are at risk, The truth is, go to the right areas. Sure if you go to war territories in the middle east or try to enter area 51, or wander round in the back streets of New York, you might be in for a spot of bother but otherwise there are plenty of places with low crime rate stats and if you are general street wise and sensible, obiding by all the rules and precautions of being street smart, don’t let it hold you back.


5. Hostels

 “Hostels are dirty, filthy and have nasty people staying in them”

Despite what you’ve seen in the movies, hostels can be generally safe and fun accommodation that allow you to do whatever you want, when you want, are cheap, affordable and give you the opportunity of meeting other like-minded travellers to share your travel stories.

6. Time

 Isn’t it all just a waste of time”

 Sure, everyone has their own opinion about travelling, your friends think you should go for it, your parents think it’s a waste of time and your grandparents think you’ll never come home. Many think travelling is just an excuse to go out partying and getting drunk every night (which it should be some of the time) But travelling has real value that your day to day life can’t provide you with. You’ll be changed and experience opportunities and see things you never will otherwise, there is more to the world than just what you know. As well as all this travel stories can be a real conversation starter between colleges, friends, dates and when applying for work/on your CV.


So what do you think of travelling now? Let me know in the comments or tweet/facebook me your travelling experiences or places you most want to travel to, or anywhere you think I should get out and see. So people the message is, get out there, go and do it. Get a backpack, book a flight, order a drink and live. As the saying goes, you only live once.

Do you want a raisin? about a DATE? 10 fun things to do for Him AND Her

Okay so ignore the cheesy title, but you see what I did there. What would the world be without a cheesy pick up line right?

Anyways…Me and my boyfriend often spend a lot of time together, but sometimes when we do, we wonder what we can do that is different and fun for both of us. So I have made a list of fun, exciting things for both you and your boys.

1. Sea Life Aquarium – Myself and Tom went to the london sea life on Valentines and honestly it was way better than i thought it was gong to be, all the fish look so pretty and the sharks are there to make your man feel like he’s tough. Really they are just as intrigued and excited by the nemo fish as you are…trust me? There are so many things to see and it takes some time if you have a good look around, as well as loads of interactive things as well. There’s also a cute little gift shop which sells minature stuffed animals of the fish and animals there…hint hint wink wink boys, every girl loves a cuddly toy, no matter what they say!

2. Bowling – bowling has been a date atmosphere for years, and for a good reason too. You wear some funny shoes, take the mick out of how bad one of you is and also have some healthy competition complete with bants about how you probably have to have the side bars up or use the kiddy ball because the others are too light. All in all a fun, chilled out date for the both of you.

3. Yo sushi – Now this is a favourite place for me and tom, simply because i love sushi and he loves how the plates move! This is a fun, different spin on a restaurant, and if your man or yourself dont like sushi like my tommy doesn’t, then there is always the choice of the hot curries, chicken, rice and noodles. It’s just a fun twist and a relaxed eating setting. Also it can be a life trying to watch the other one handle their food with chopsticks and making a mess of it; this is usually myself.

4. Wii Competition – Get some snacks, drinks, push the tables aside and get the nunchucks ready! A wii competition is a perfect way to spark some competition without having to spend any money as well being the comfort of your own living room and trackies. This is one of mine and tommy’s favourite things to do, although he may brag about beating you for a while, he will soon be shut up when you beat him at baseball (4-1 I might add) And you don’t just have to stick to the wii sports, why not go for a bit of mario kart or just dance? That keeps the mood going.

5. Baking together- Now whenever i hear about couples baking together all i think of is the stereotypical him putting flour on her nose and her laughing etc etc. It doesn’t have to be that soppy people. Baking together can just be an excuse to make something yummy for while you watch the tons of movies you plan on watching that night and does give you an excuse to get a little messy along the way, or just have a full on attack flour fight. Check out this Baking Mad Brownie Recipe for some inspiration.

6. Brighton day out – Now me and tommy are yet to do this but I’m waiting for summer for us to go, going on the rides on the pier and sitting on the beach really is a lovely day out with your boyfriend/girlfriend. You don’t have to do the stereotypical pier thing, you could just grab some fish and chips on the beach, walk round the lanes and shops and go in the arcades. Either way it can be a fun day out and cost bare to nothing if you want it to. However a nice day is much nicer for this kind of thing so I would save this for more of a summery date than a wintery one.

7. Portsmouth Shopping outlet – When me and tommy went here we honestly did have the loveliest funniest day, mostly because of me needing a wee so bad in the car and him laughing at me the whole time until i finally got to a toilet with my legs crossed. But seriously this place really is lovely, there are some lovely restaurant overlooking the quay and also some really good shops like swaroski, ralph lauren, nike, jack wills, links and loads more, all at outlet discounted prices. I personally think this place is perfect to go to just before one of your birthdays or christmas or just when you both have a bit of money to spend and want to treat either eachother or even yourselves.

8. Take a car journey to wherever it takes you – This is something my parents always used to tell me they did with eachother and with me when i was little, they used to just take a drive out, either find a nice little pub somewhere or just take some food in a bag and, park up near a field and have a picnic, some music and just relax. I can’t wait to do this in the summer, it would be perfect in the summer whether to just lay down in the middle of nowhere together, catch some rays, listen to some music and just be together. And again it costs little to no money; accept in petrol of course depending on how far you go.

9. Go for a bike ride – Now there are loads of places I have been on bike rides to and you can do this is virtually any weather; of course it is more pleasurable when its not pouring of rain or completely freezing but hey! You can take your bikes to one of the nice biking forests that are around like bewl water or bedgebury, and ride alongside eachother and take in the scenery, or race, or you could even hire one of them two people tandem bikes for a laugh!

10. Paddle boating or boating – There are a couple of places that do this in the summer and I honestly do think it is so much fun and even more fun with someone you love. It looks romantic plus you really will have a laugh, figuring out how to go and how to turn and how to get back when you get stuck in the middle of the lake like I did once. i know you can do this at hyde park as well as greenwich park. It really is a fun spring/summer activity with your bf/gf.

So I hope i have given you some inspiration as to what you and your boyfriend or girlfriend could do this weekend or in coming days you have spare to make plans. Let me know if you have any other suggestions I haven’t tried or other places that do any of the things listed etc. Also let me know if you do end up doing any of these suggestions with your partner and how they went. Hope you enjoyed this post and until next time, stay sassy xox