October Faves

So another month is over and it is now officially the winter. There are many reasons i enjoy winter and many reasons i don’t. The loves being the hot chocolates, stylish coats and christmas movies by the fire. Reasons I don’t happen to be the freezing cold, wet weather as well as the chapped lips and dry skin:(

Well some of my favoruites this October might carry through throughout the rest of this winter.


My favourite skin product over this month has got to be the Bodyshop Vitamin E overnight serum in oil. At just £13 with 30% off for rewards card holders this product is definately worth it. Because it lasts 8 hours, while you sleep it is constantly moisturizing your skin with not only the moisture it needs to stay smooth for the next day but with the vitamins it needs to stay healthy. My skin felt so more radiant every morning and it wasn’t too greasy either as most oils usually are. I advise this product especially for those who suffer with sore or dry skin throughout the winter months.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil & Moisture Mask  3


I have been love love loving my Barry M dazzles pots recently. They come in an incredible range of colours and are just so easy to put on and also blend with other colours whilst giving that shimmery effect you don’t get with all eyeshadows, perfect for a night out. At just £4.95 these pots are perfect to add a bit of shimmer and can pretty much be found in any Barry M selling cosmetic shop, even Topshop Oxford Circus. My personal favourite is the dazzel silver because i can then blend in some colour and it goes with everything i’m wearing. The onlt thing i would say you have to be careful of is that the shimmer doesnt go everywhere, as it can get messy!

Barry M Dazzle Dust Tan Swatch         IMG_3095


Absolutely loving them dark purple shades recently and i have found the perfect colour for me which is Dark Night Waterl-oops! by Rimmel. Because this is a moisture lipstick, it is really soft and softens your lips instead of drying them out like most lipsticks can do! It is also fabulous as it really fits in with the trends right now and the colours of winter. It was around £6 and can be found at pretty much any Rimmel selling boots or superdrug. 

Technology/Social Networking 

I’ve been loving youtube recently to check out some make up tutorials. I find them fascinating and one of my particular favourites is MadeYewLook who is absolutely incredible at make up and body paint. Another amazing one is Bonnie SFX who creates some really amazing looks for fancy dress and also occasions. I’ve also been checking out some more normal occasion make up looks on youtube and one who shows you some great looks and products is the american make up artist Crisspy (i WANT HER HAIR!). I will some of their videos below for y’all to check out.


i’ve been loving the script, i’m just gonna come right out and say it! I love the script and i love their new song so i dont care what you think (well i do cause you’re my beautiful readers, in fact i’m going to be doing a music review soon and need some good new artists to listen to so hit me up)

So dolls, those were my october favoruites and I’m hoping to find some more new products and things this November so let me know if you have anything i should try out or you want me to review and i will try them for next month’s favourites! If you’ve tried or want to try any of the products listed let me know what you thought/think.

Stay Sassy Dolls xox

Wishlist Wednesday

So dolls, christmas is coming up and i’ve seen various bloggers making their wishlist for wishist wednesday and i thought i’d follow in their footsteps.

So the first item on my list has got to be a burgundy/purple lipstick. I haven’t actually been able to find the perfect colour but there are two colours i’m kind of in love with at the moment and i have to say what inspired me was the one and only miss Lydia Bright from ITV hit show TOWIE.


I don’t exactly know what colour this is but Lydia looks absolutely gorgeous in it. This really is a hot colour for this autumn, bringing a bit of colour to our dark winter days. Another colour I’m loving is worn by the queen Katy Perry. mcx-burgundy-liptsick-katy-perry-lgn-63056941

This colour is a must for the winter and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Another one of my new years resolutions which I’m starting from now is turning myself into a frequent gym goer! I have just purchased my gym membership but don’t yet have that gym style down. IMG_2664These Victoria’s Secret PINK yoga leggings are just to die for, so soft and can be used for gym or lounging. I can’t wait to get my hands on these, I’ll be catwalking around that gym let alone working out!


These joggers are also a must have for winter, I actually have a blue pair i bought a few years ago back in america and oh wow they are the most comfortable trackies you will ever want to live in. Also from PINK!


Yes, here it is, what we’ve all been waiting for! THE FAULT IN OUR STARS that we can watch over and over and over again! I sure know what me and the boyf will be watching throughout this winter, hehehe! Who loved this film as much as i did!?!?


I’m sorry but how gorge are these gloves, truly a winter necessity. And these stylish yet girly leather gloves will class up your winter to a T!

I will be updating my wishlist every wednesday and giving you some ideas as to what to get friends, family or even ask for yourself with Christmas just around the corner! All product placements are displayed at the end of every post and make sure you share and most importantly enjoy!

Burgundy and Purple lipstick – I haven’t actually got a specific product for these but head to boots or super drug and i’m sure you’ll find one of your liking.

Yoga Leggings and Trackies – Victoria’s Secret’s PINK – online or located at Bluewater and Bond Street London

Fault in Our Stars DVD – avaliable to pre-order on amazon

Leather heart gloves – ASOS

Let me know what’s on your wishlist dolls and they may even feature here! xox

Your Image represents who you are….or does it?

okay so i’ve been asked to do a personal blog post a couple times now so today i was thinking and i decided that this would be a good topic to talk about as it is close to my heart especially recently.

So society says image is everything, facially, fashion wise, body image…everything.
They say that someone looks at you and instantly judges what kind of person you are by your appearance. If you’re ‘ugly’ no one will like you. If you’re ‘pretty’ everyone will like you.
In my opinion ‘image’ is a funny thing. It’s judged when you’re out in public. I’m a 16 year old and if i’m wearing a hoodie (just cause its cold, its not my usual fashion:/) i’ll instantly get looked at like “teenage thug”
Same with my dream (a singer) you always watch x factor and they say “oh you haven’t got the right image” or “change your image and you have a chance” “you need your own image” and “well you’ve got an image”
Is the word ‘image’ starting to sound weird to you…? me too.

I’ve always experimented with my look, i suppose it’s always been an insecurity of mine. Ever since i was little I’ve always been tormented for my unique hair colour, from playground words of ‘ginger’ ‘ginger’ ‘no soul ginger’ and more. I’ve also always had a bit of a thing for my weight and its always yo-yo-ed. Because of this and because of my insecurities I’ve always chopped and changed my ‘image.’ That being my clothes, my hair, my make up and more.

When I had just started secondary school, i was fresh, clean cut hair, no make up, hollister t shirts and jeans, that kinda girl. Then the teens came and i changed to wearing a little more make up, a little more strappy tops, skirts. Then when i was having some troubles at school and genuinely having rather a crappy time (i didn’t think this was the case at the time) my image kind of changed. I began wearing a lot more make up. And when i say a lot i mean a lot. Heavy eyes, dark lips. I wouldn’t go so extreme to say i went goth, but i say i went ‘alternative’ haha. I wore my creepers everywhere, my wet look leggings and my leather jacket. They were my statement pieces. Not to mention my leather jacket had the metal stud look going on.

After that time passed i’ve evolved into my in-between stage (thats what i like to call it) i change my look according to my mood now. I’ll dress a little sparklier and wear a little more make up if i’m feeling glamourous or put on a blazer and loathers if I’m feeling smart. Any of you that read gracelalaland frequently will know i’m a lover of lipsticks and you’ll notice that my lipstick colour changes on my mood too.

Basically what i’m trying to say is that, you are you for a reason. And your look is YOUR look for a reason. Don’t let peoples assumptions make you change.

I know that when i got out in my smart clothes people look at me as if to say ‘posh gal’ or if i tend to wear a little more eye make up i’m a ‘goth’ or if i wear my extensions and a little more make up than usual i’m ‘fake.’ This used to bother me, like a lot. But now i know that it doesn’t matter because i am who i am. If i like my outfit that day and i like how i look then thats all that matters. Of course we all have our down days and sometimes it does reflect in our looks but that doesn’t mean that we should be judged for our ‘IMAGE’

Excuse the ugly pics but just to give you a visual of me throughout the few years of ma looks!







Summer Saviors

Ok so now I have a little time on my hands, I can finally post my edition of this summers favorites, including skincare, beauty, hair, fashion, music and more!

My favorite skin care product by far this summer has got to be the jo Malone vitamin e gel. This gel is to die for, it smells great and it heals so well! After getting a little too sun kissed on holiday I just dabbed a bit of this on a couple times a day and the redness has instantly gone within a couple days! Really was a summer must!


The next product I need to talk about is the benefit real eyes mascara I actually bought this at a charity event price so I got it a little cheaper however I really do recommend it! The mascara is one of the best I’ve used in a while. I know most mascara say they do one thing but do another, at least that’s what I’ve found anyway. But this mascara really does what it says. It makes your lashes look longer and fuller and almost not like your own eyelashes! It literally glides over the lashes without any clumps and leaves the perfect amount to make your eyes look bigger yet not over the top. I love this mascara.

Now this month I’m going to talk about hair accessories. This summer I really have experimented with hair accessories and styles a lot more than I normally would have and I have to say because I went to a couple festivals I am loving flower headbands and bandanas! The flower headband I wore to vfest was actually bought for me by my best friend melody hodge(Instagram; melodyhodgexx) from topshop and although it is, as my mother said, the size of Chelsea flower show! It actually looked a lot better than I thought it would. The colour was perfect and it stayed on my head all day, which is something you want when you’re jumping around at a festival! (Excuse the curly hair, it rained pretty bad walking in)



I have to say I have been doing a lot of shopping on a new app I have found and fallen in love with!
It’s called shopcade and is basically where you can pick out items and put them into lists of things you like or want for others to see! You can also buy them directly from the site, plus they give you discount codes!
I’ll give you an example I bought a £20 boohoo blazer for just £8!!! £8!!! that’s insane!
I’m thinking of doing a full piece on shopcade so let me know if you’ve heard of it or the amazing deals you’ve had on shopcade to get featured!

After seeing her at VFEST I’ve kinda had a weak spot for lily Allen this month! Her new album is actually so meaningful! Even though she takes the mick out herself and kinda doesn’t take herself seriously, that’s the whole beauty of her performances! But her Lyrics so have really good meanings about serious subjects but in a funky catchy tune!

So that’s it for my favorites of this month/summer! Let me know some of your faves in the comments and let me know what you think I should try/ check out!

Product listings of this post;
Jo Malone Vitamin E Gel ; £64.00 per 30ml
Benefit real eyes mascara: £9 at boots
Topshop blue flower garland headband ; £16
Shopcade ; free on the AppStore or http://www.shopcade.com
Lily Allen new album sheezus ; £8.99 on iTunes

Thanks dolls and stay sassy xoxox

Outfit of the Evening

Well today I lounged around all morning, so today’s outfit of the day is an outfit of the evening! This evening we went to port issac to watch the fisherman sing so I had to dress well enough to feel good about myself ( always a difficulty) but still be warm.

This shirt is surprisingly warm as well as having such beautiful colours in.You can also roll the sleeves up of this shirt for a more casual shirt, or tie it up differently or even have it undone.
These shorts from topshop can be uncomfortable at times but they go with everything and can be dressed up or down easily.
My jelly shoes are my life, their so comfortable and go with lots of outfits.

Product listing;
Shirt – beyond retro vintage – £26
Shorts – topshop – £28
Jelly shoes – juju jellies – £18
Necklace – topshop – £20

Stay sassy dolls xox

Slogan Style for under £40

So today for you my lovelies I’ve decided to put together a collection of slogan products for a reasonable price at online and high street shops.

Slogans are really in this season and these items will allow you to have that trend as well as being affordable at the same time.





Product listing;
1. Bank – 9.99
2.www.inlovewithfashion.com – £14.99
3. River island – £25
4. Www.inlovewithfashion.com – £9.99
5. Boohoo – £14
6. Missguided.com – £9.99
7. Asos – £28
8. Bank – £20
9. Www.inlovewithfashion.com – £12.99
10. Topshop – £40 – £10
11. Asos – £3
12. Store.shopcade.com – £8
13. Www.matchesfashion.com – £47.99 – £38
14. Asos – £38

I would say my favourite out of these items would probably be the fashion blogger jumper which I actually own in fact.
Send me some pics of your slogan products to add to this post below. You can send them through the contact page details.

Stay sassy dolls xox

Outfit of the Day

Today I am wearing jean shorts because it’s pretty warm where I am, with the shirt I got yesterday on my shopping trip. I’ve accessorised with my usual brackets and watch and a pink gloss lipstick.

I’m travelling to Cornwall today to see friends so this outfit is comfortable yet suitable for a car journey as well as looking nice when I get there to see my friends.






Product listing;
Denim high waisted acid shorts – river island – £30

Patterned shirt – topshop – £34

White converse – (kids size so I don’t know)

Bracelets- pandora and Thomas sabo

Watch- Marc Jacobs – £186

Necklace – miss selfridge – £6.50

Lipgloss – Chanel 124 Venus – £18

Bag – river island– (I got this as a birthday present so I don’t know the actual price I’m afraid but it is recent in store)