Get That Scary Style; Halloween Looks!

With Halloween approaching in just a few days time, I thought this would be the perfect time to create some asy and last minute halloween make up looks complete with outfits and make up.

Now us girls always want to have fun and of course that means dressing up for halloween, but unfortunately long gone are the times when we can cover ourselves with a sheet and call ourselves a ghost. Now that’s not gonna catch the boys eye is it?

Fortunately for you, I’ve put together some sassy, stylish yet still halloween themed outfits perfect for your halloween night out! Let’s get ghostly!

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 20.58.03

Look 1;

This first outfit is of course a cat; a typical girl halloween outfit! But I can assure you no other cat in that room while look as stylish as you! This ‘catsuit’ with the mesh and low cut neckline is set to make heads turn all on it’s own, when paired with these gorgeous fur earrings which add to the cat theme perfectly as well as causing extra interest into the outfit. The PVC trench coat will also add extra warmth to the outfit as well as another texture and links to the stereotypical leather catsuit for halloween, in another light. Of course the face lace adds some extra mystery to the outfit and the cat ears…I mean derr…a cat outfit wouldn’t be complete without them.

Catsuit –    Earrings, Coat, Cat ears – New Look   FaceLace- Rosegal

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 20.58.09

Look 2;

This day of the dead look will be looking perfect with a sugar skull make up look, which can be done on half a face or even a whole face. Whilst black and white sugar skulls are popular, with the black dress I personally think that a colourful sugar skull will bring a different aspect to the outfit but it’s up to the wearer. This cross necklace adds to the religious feel of the day of the dead theme as well as the headband adding extra interest to the outfit. The lace up boots add extra grunge to the outfit as well as a trend hit at the moment.

Dress –   Headband, Necklace –   Boots – New Look

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 20.57.48

Look 3;

A skeleton look is a amazing look for halloween which can be easily paired with make up. This dress is a perfect example of an easy look for halloween, paired with this facelace to add extra interest and a look of effort. These fringing poncho over the top will add a bit of extra layering and texture to the outfit as well as an entering piece to be taken off during the night. The metallic shoes add a pop of colour to the outfit breaking up the black and white.

Dress –    FaceLace – Rosegal   Shoes and Poncho – New Look

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 20.57.24

Look 4;

This look is a romantic gothic kind of look, a very mysterious look as well. This look is the perfect princess kind of look; to be added with the make up (to be seen further down the blog post) This lace, floorlength princess like dress is beautiful for this outfit with the cobweb effect necklace adding some spook. The beaded clutch bag and earrings also add some different texture and trend to the outfit as well as some extra glam, not to mention the headband for an alternative to a tiara adding a 20’s aspect to the outfit.

Dress –  All other pieces – New Look

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 20.57.40

Look 5;

This look is a very minimalistic look for Halloween, when you don’t really know what to go as, don’t really want to go too full out but still want to dress up. This bodysuit is an interesting way of mixing up an outfit as well as mixing up a skeleton look with the hands. Of course, paired with this PVC skirt adds extra interest and on trend qualities to this outfit. This fishnet tights scream Halloween Style as well as these lace up grunge knee high boots.

Bodysuit –   All other items – New Look

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 20.57.13

Look 6;

These elegant dark gothic pieces are perfect for another princess of Halloween look. This skater dress adds a different spin to the princess look, not all of us love a slinky maxi so this is another alternative. The chunky cross necklace choker adds some metallic colouring to this outfit breaking up the black and again adding a spooky religious look to the outfit. The headband and shimmer in the golden shoes, linking colour wise with the necklace, also add a little extra princess glamour.

All items in this look – New look

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 20.58.17

Look 7;

Another a-meow-zing look here! See what I did there…not impressed…No…Ok.  This dress from a distance shows the look of hair linking a kitty look here, as well as with the faux fur gilet. The cat ears once again are a must have for this look, as well as the face lace adding extra interest and mystery to the look for Halloween. The added feathers on the necklace adds to the feline look, adding the clutch and shoes for some glamour for the outfit.

Dress –   Facelace – Rosegal    All other items – New Look

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 20.57.55

Look 8;

This final look is a different look for Halloween, some most people probably wouldn’t even think of. This outfit is linked with a make up look I have for you (seen below) Therefore I have gone for this simple slogan T shirt from the Terminator ‘I’ll be back’ which perfectly sums up the outfit. Since the terminator is very strong and tough I have chosen this PVC leatherette mini skirt, which I envision the T shirt tucked into, to extra toughness and grunge to the outfit. As well as adding these bad girl fishnet tights (rip for extra terminator-esque look) I have given two shoe options for this look, a low pair and a heeled pair. The lace up stiletto boots which add extra trend and once again a bad girl sass look for the outfit, however if you want to continue in the more grunge, harsh, true terminator style look then these low top heavy boots are the way to go.

T shirt – Primark   Both pairs of boots, skirt and tights – New Look

No Halloween Look would be complete without make up! I have two looks for you guys today…one is a look perfect for them princess outfits…but a lot more…dead! Another look is a terminator look. Both these looks were done on my sister and her friend.


For this look I first created a glamour make up look complete with a pink and purple shimmer cat eye look complete with winged liner, mascara and of course a pop of lipstick. For this part of the look, in this case, the products used were;

Eyeshadows – Kiko Shimmer Eyeshadow in Purple, Tarte Palette for Green eyes (the purple shade used in the crease) As well as a dusty pink shade eyeshadow from Barry M

Eyeliner – Seventeen Wet Look Liquid Eyeliner

Mascara – Benefit Roller Lash

Lipstick – Mac Matte Lipstick in the shade Heroine.

The rest of the look I dusted a black and grey eyeshadow under her eyes to give that deathly, ghostly look. I then lined out where I wanted the scratches to go using a variety of irritated pink, reds, purples and a hint of black eyeshadows to create that bruising look. I then used thick scab look fake blood to create the deep scratches look.



For the second look I created a terminator look which I actually created based on a look my sister wanted. IMG_8015

This look will look perfect with the terminator outfit I have pieced together. I created this look by marking out where I wanted the metal looking parts to go, then going over this line with liquid latex (which can be bought at any fancy dress store around this time of year as well as online, but I picked mine up at Hobbycraft this year) After letting the liquid latex to dry, with the help of the hairdryer set on the cold setting, I then grabbed some tweezers and began pulling around the edges on the inside of the wound.

Once this was done, I then grabbed some foundation matching my model’s skin tone and placed this on top of the edges to make the liquid latex blend with the skin looking more like flapped skin. I then took a silver grease paint and began painting this on the inside of the wounds. After this was dry I made a black oval around the eye to look like a black hole robot, as well as drawing in the panels and bolts of the robot, with liquid eyeliner. I then began bruising and creating the look of irritated skin on and around the outside of the flapped skin. I did that creating light pinks, reds and purple eyeshadows. As well as adding some black to create the charcoal, burnt effect that the terminator obviously goes through in the film. When you’ve been beaten up, set on fire and dragged across the pavement, you’re bound to have some dirt and charcoal in your wounds wouldn’t you?

I then added some extra extra scratches around the outside of the wounds and along the face and of course added some thick scab fake blood around all the outside of all wounds on the face as well as some on the scratches…some spots of blood thicker than others as of course not all cuts scab evenly.IMG_8017



And those are the finished looks!

I hope you have enjoyed these posts and let me know if you end up recreating any of these looks or even what you do go as for Halloween…you can do this by tagging me in an instagram re-creation post at gracedowns3 or on twitter @gracelanddowns.

Until next time…Have a spooky Halloween Night and stay sassy! xox

Motel Rocks; Party Style A/W15

A motel girl is not afraid to play around with prints or colour and she knows how to style an outfit to always look her best – even at 1AM!!

So with Motel’s latest A/W15 Partywear range hitting the site, I have been challenged by Motel to create this personal wishlist for me and inspiring look for you…dressing up and styling some of their oh so gorgeous ‘Finn’ dresses.

For me, partywear should be all about dressing up, feeling confident, sexy and care free, ready to go out for an amazing night ahead. But these outfits don’t have to be just for a night out, they can be for a classy afternoon lunch with the girls or a dinner with the bae!

Screenshot (38)

This first look I love because of the mink pink colour scheme going on; I think this colour perfectly compliments the shimmer of the dress here as well as adding in some of the latest trends seen on the catwalk to create even more of a stylish party vibe such as the snake skin lace up shoes, mink fur evening bag and mink fur coat as well. As well as pairing the whole outfit with a light accessory, with minimal sparkle, as we have quite a lot going on already; we don’t want to distract with too much jewellery.

Look 1;

‘Finn’ Dress – Motel Rocks                                              Coat, Bag and Shoes – New Look

Screenshot (36)This second look is a look for the dark version of the Finn dress. I have styled this with a very in this season, black fur gilet for some style as well as some added warmth for those ‘grabbing a kebab whilst waiting for a cab’ moments. As well as some chunky boots for those ‘can’t be bothered with heels tonight’ moments but still giving some extra height with the block heel. The jewelled choker necklace gives some definition to the low neck of the dress as well as matching with the added sparkle of the dress. All finished off with a black lightly dazzled with black gems for again a little extra jazz. Overall I think this outfit gives a bit more of a rocky vibe to a partywear outfit with the chunky boots and rocker black fur gilet. Perfect for that effortless glam punk look.

Look 2;

‘Finn’ Dress – Motel Rocks       Boots and Gilet – New Look          Necklace -Topshop

Screenshot (39)

Now this look doesn’t involve the ‘Finn’ dress but involves another piece from the Motel Rocks partywear range which I just loved and had to style an outfit for. This black sequin playsuit with bell sleeves (which I am loving at the moment) is so beautiful and will look just fab on a night out on the town. I have paired this with some burgundy pieces which is another fashion statement colour this season, another which I am loving. This suede belt, I thought would look beautiful around the empire waistline of this playsuit to give a bit more colour and depth to the outfit breaking up the black. I have then given two shoe options for this look, both burgundy and both snakeskin. As said earlier, heels aren’t for everyone so I have given the option of a boot with a slight heel for the same height effect and colour. I have then thrown a crop fur coat over this, preferably to sit on the shoulders as a style aspect but also some extra warmth for them trying to get home treks.

Look 3;

Playsuit – Motel Rocks Partywear A/W15   Coat, both pairs of shoes – New look

Belt – Topshop

Screenshot (37)

This look I loved because of the fringing aspect I sneaked in. With all these 70’s trends floating around, I couldn’t help but popping in some fringing to this outfit which is seen on the black leather jacket as well as on the top of these gorgeous thigh high boots, another key trend for A/W. I’ve then paired this with a gorgeous iridescent necklace and evening box bag to compliment the iridescent look of the dress.

Look 4;

Finn Dress -Motel Rocks       Jacket, boots and bag – New look       Necklace-Topshop

Screenshot (40)

This final look is one I really love. This necklace matches the shimmer as well as the colouring of the Finn dress perfectly and compliments the dress as well, not being too over the top or understated. I have then matched these gorgeous black suede heels, again sneaking in the fringing which I think gives another aspect of definition and style to the outfit. Finally I have topped it with this stunning PVC /Leather trench coat with these large pockets great for holding your phone and a lippy. This coat will truly make a statement entrance to your destination, ready for the unveiling of the rest as well.

Look 5;

Finn Dress- Motel Rocks        Coat – New Look         Shoes and Necklace – Topshop

Screenshot (32)

I had so much fun creating this post, fashion is truly my favourite thing and actually styling outfits is something I find so interesting and exciting to do. Let me know if you enjoyed this post and if you will purchasing any of these items or looks after this post, even if you have been inspired. I know I am definitely heading over to Motel to order my Finn Dress and after spending ages deciding on what shade I’ve decided….BOTH! So make sure you too head over and check out the rest of their Partywear range which hopefully I will showing a lot more of ASAP!

Don’t forget to check out my social media platforms linked on my contacts page for even more fashion and beauty related images.

Until next time, Stay Sassy xox

All the Fashion Related Reality

Recently there has been a lot of incredible TV shows and documentaries on TV representing the world of Fashion, retail, design, modelling and all. Being a total Fashion addict, of course I have found and have been keeping up with them all.

The first one of the lot is a reality show; Dash Dolls. It is essentially about the running and girls who work at the Kardahians sisters’ store; Dash. I’ll be honest at first about this show I thought ‘Oh Lord another thing on the Kardashians, although I do have a secret love for them too! But…since watching it I have been loving it! It is of course about the managers and overlookers of the store, as the Kardashian sisters obviously cannot always been there, twins and best friends of Khloe, Malika and Khadija. As well as all of the other girls that work at the stores, as sales assistants, as buyers, as managers and as visual merchandisers as well as their social media and advertising campaigns. So a lot of the little bits about the store are amazing as well as a team of people who work in fashion get on together. Plus the fact that all of the girls are stunning and dress incredibly makes it pretty amazing to watch as well…plus of course the dramas and gossip; alwaus makes a show.

Rating in Drama; 8/10            Ratings in characters; 9/10           Fashion Rating; 7/10

7827d073ac8f60654fd46027e8ee47af ifwt_Khloe-x-Malika-Haqq-x-Khadijah-Haqq

The second show was a documentary I watched on London Fashion Week which was on BBC as well as still avaliable on BBC Iplayer as well as BBC catch up. It featured successful model Abbey Clancy going to three main catwalk events at London Fashion Week a few weeks ago as well as a lot of famous faces within the likes of designers, fashion PR mavens, journalists, models etc. The three shows included Hunter, Sibling and Giles.The documentary showed all of the shows as well as the creativity behind them and thoughts of Abbey as well as others on the hot pieces straight off the catwalk. It also focused on the opinions of high-end fashion and the importance of keeping high-end fashion in the industry as well as high street and less bank breaking brands. As well as speaking about the excitment of Fashion Week, British Fashion and the creativity and interest of runway shows. I have actually just found out whilst writing this that there is another version of this documentary featuring Grace Victory and her top favourite shows from London Fashion Week 2015; so I am definately off to watch that.

Ratings for characters – 10/10       Ratings for Fashion – 9/10 091915-lfw-eric-lead

The final show is again on E! and it is a brand new series of show again, House Of DVF. In which 10 young fashionistas compete for the dream job to work and design for legendary designer and fashion icon Diane Von Furstenburg. This show is a real insight into not only these young fashion lovers trying to break into the industry and what to do to be professional and what not to do, in a sense learning about how to break into the career and make people interested in you. As well as learning about working as a team and getting along with them, as well as being entertained by their drama. However it also features a lot about the House of DVF brands, how they design, their image, how Diane has created her successful house, how she operates the brand as well as herself, insights to campaigns, photo shoots, fashion events etc. One of my favourite moments from the show was when Diane sat the girls down to look at and essentially criticise their designs; which was incredible to see how their designs were recieved as well as the imagery and inspiration behind them as well as what Diane is looking for within her clothing for her brand. Some of the other moments including them pitching their ideas, giving great ideas for fashion communication and campaigns as well as market research for trends and representation of the DVF brand. The best thing about this show is that Diane actually features in the show as well as the girls; giving her opinions and private voiceovers with her. I cannot wait for the rest of this show to envolve; right now it is up to episode 4 so not far along at all, so make sure you go check it out!

Rating for Drama – 9/10  Ratings for characters – 8/10    Ratings for Fashion – 10/10


So go check out some of these shows and let me know what you think of them or whether you know of any other fashion related shows, documentarys or even clips or videos on youtube; I love a good youtuber. Until next time, live, breathe and now watch fashion.

Stay Sassy xox

Monthly Favourites 2015; August!

So it’s that time again; I cannot believe that Summer is practically over, I love love love summer but i’m quite looking forward to winter this year so these were my summer favourites in August.


So I have amac please me couple beauty favourites this month and the first one is two MAC lipsticks in the shades please me matte and craving amplified. Please me is a dusty pink matte shade which is just a beautiful colour and honestly the staying power is amazig with this lipstick and unlike majority of matte lipsticks I have used before, it doesn’t dry out my lips and still gives my lips the moisture that a normal lipstick would. And Craving, I think this is going to be an amazing shade for this winter; it is a very autumnal shade with a great shine to it and looks great with a brown eye or outfit.


Another beauty favourite is my tarte pallette, in particular the purpley shade. I actually have the pallette suitable for green eye shades. I not only love the shades in this pallette as they blend so well together but they also look great individually. The packaging is honestly one of the best packages for a pallette I have ever seen, that metallic glitter box is just so beautiful and glamourous. I have been applying the purple shade in this palletee frequently for a smokey eye look, into my crease and under my lash line. I have posted some pics of these looks including the lipsticks also mentioned below.


IMG_6974 IMG_6701


In regards to skincare, I have been using nivea skin firming moisturizer all over my body this month and wow is all I can say. This is possibly the best all over body moisturizer I have used in a long time. It honestly has improved my skin and the moisture lasts, when I use this of an evening, I can still feel the moisture on my skin the next morning, which is great because my skin really dries out over night. As well as it smelling amazing; which is always a great bonus.


Clothing and Fashion 

This month I have been loving my new trainers I recieved for my birthday from my lovely boyfriend which I am honestly in love with and am always getting asked about when going out and about wearing them. They are my Nike plain white swarkoski crystal tick trainers. I got these from a independant shop in Bluewater and they came with a 6 month guarentee but all the crystals are hand placed on. These trainers are so comfortable, as well as glamming up an outfit whilst still having the comfort of trainers. I feel like a modern day cinderella in these!

Books and Reading Material 

I have read a lot of books this summer; in between holiday reading and on my journeys to and from work on the train as a change from my phone. But my favoruite has got to be The one that I want by Giovanna Fletcher.youre_the_one_that_i_want It was just an incredible and cap
tivating storyline and for anyone who loves a romance story as much as I do, it was great. As well as feeling like you really got to know the characters following them through their lives which I thought just made the whole read and connection to the story that much better. Definatly worth the read
and cannot wait to read some more of Giovanna’s stuff.


Okay so this month I have found a lot of new songs that I have been loving which you can check out on my public spotify playlist I have created for you guys with all the music I have been loving and think you will love to; it is constantly being updated and is great for a car journey, background music for a gathering with friends or just for chilling. So go check that out under the name Graceful Couture on spottily; go check it out! But moving on to my faves for this month;

JESS FRICKIN GLYNNE! Her new album is incredible; if you haven’t given it a listen go check it out; some proper great jams on there, every song is single-worthy if you ask me but some of my particular favourites are Take Me Home, Saddest Vanilla and Give Me Something.

Another one of my music favourites is Pia Mia, particularly Do it Again feat my babes Tyga and Chris Brown and F*** U featuring G-Eazy; both great songs if you like a bit of rap and singing. Pia-Mia-Final-1200-800-1026x684

Random Favourites; 

I have recently started a new job and a new college which if you follow me on my twitter or instagram you will know by now but if you don’t I will being doing a post on my new college certainly soon. However the point is that right opposite my college and my work is a Pret A Manger which I have always loved by recently have become obsessed with their Nicquiose Salad (which I am forever saying and spelling wrong) it has tuna, boiled egg, tomatoes, cucumber, capers, a sauce and of course lettuce. It’s just so yummy and so good for you, and has certainly become a new favourite. image1

Listed Products; (hover for links)

Please Me Matte Lipstick – MAC – £15.50

Craving Amplified – MAC – £15.50

Tarte Green Eyes Pallette – Tarte Cosmetics – Discontinued

Firming All over body lotion – Nivea – £2-5 (price varies in different stores)

Nike Swaroski Embellished Trainers – VIP fashion boutique Bluewater – £134.99

You’re the One that I want by Giovanna Fletcher – Amazon or any book store

I laugh when I cry album by Jess Glynne

Do it again and F*** U by Pia Mia

Pret A Manger Nicquoise Salad

Beautycon 2015

So as many of you know I am now part of another blog as well as writing my own, called ‘couture stories’ I am their social media manager, so on behalf of them I visited beautycon london at london Olympia yesterday! So I thought I would write and tell you a bit about it. 

So I went to beautycon with my beautiful cousin Olivia, we got there after a massive trek! I’m talking like 5 different train changes! And it was so beautiful, the colours were all the beautycon colours, lilac’s and pale blues and pastel pinks! Then when we went in there was massive balloons that were actually so amazing!  



Then when we walked further in there was so many stalls with all different beauty related things, including many giving away freebies! There was a beautiful Liz Earle counter with all like little bridges and huts and they gave us these adorable cookies and lemonades!  


Then because we followed them on Instagram and posted a picture of a Liz Earle sign and tagged them we got these bags, containing a amazing 50ml bottle of their cleanse and polish which is so amazing, I really recommend it, the texture feels so good on your skin and just leaves it feeling amazing, as well as smelling great! 




We then went over to the style uk stand which were giving away these beautiful tattoos, you know them metallic ones that kylie Jenner and beyonce have worn to festivals and cochella and things, well we got some of them and then the same kind of process had to post a picture and we got a massive free pack!    


Then we visited some of the panels that were going on during the day including a beauty Q&A with lily pebbles, Vivianna make up, Freddy my love, beauty crush, Lucy and Lydia and many more! We were lucky enough to snag a few piccys with them after as well!  




   We also got to meet one of my personal favourites, Helen Anderson, who is a youtuber and in a band called box of light in case you didn’t know! Go check her out, she was so lovely chatting to us and everything, they all were!  As well as them signing my business cards! 



But overall I think my favorite bit of the whole event was the BENEFIT COUNTER! It was beautiful, with 10% off, mini samples and lemonade!  


So overall yesterday was incredible! The only disappointment was not being able to meet Tyler Oakley, he just has too many fans! But yeah we loved every minute and will Definately be back next time! It has also inspired me to start doing YouTube videos of my own, let me know if you think this would be a good idea? 




Stay sassy! And go check out the posts on the couture stories Twitter and Instagram as well as mine for more! 



Fashion Inspiration War sparked over native design at New York fashion week 


Controversy has been sparked this week over a native design featured in a fashion runaway release causing an inspiration feud between the brand and another designer claiming that her design had been robbed.

 Native American designer, Bethany Yellowtail took to instagram during February 2015 New York Fashion week, after KTZ’s catwalk release of their new line featuring indigenous native designs in which Yellowtail claims has been lazily knocked off as their own by KTZ. 

 The dress as stated on my website embodies a Crow design from my great great grandmother…funny I didn’t realize @ktz_official knew the Yellowtails or the Crow people” she writes. 

 “It’s one thing for designers to be unoriginal and knock off other peoples designs but what happens when you blatantly take cultural valuable designs from Indigenous people? Let’s find out….#CanANativeLive #boycott #KTZ #ktzofficial #boycottKTZ

 Yellowtail states that the hourglass motif, featured in the KTZ design as well as her own, has been in her family for generations. Her great great grandmother and her involvement in the native tribe inspired it. Yellowtail also comments on the misinterpretation and appropriation by outsiders of her native background, lazily calling it ‘inspired’ fashion. 




 Marjan Pejoski, creative director and designer for KTZ positioned this line at New York fashion week as a tribute to “the primal woman indigenous to the land”

 But many were not convinced.

 An online discussion has since kicked off with many commenting on the cultural appropriation leading to Kelly Cutruone, fashion PR maven and representive for KTZ to comment. Cutruone states that KTZ draws inspiration from various sources other than simply just the indigenous culture. 

 “Marjan has been inspired by native tribes over the past twenty years and featuring this inspiration in her designs ever since”

 If you are trying to pay tribute to a culture, the inclusion and collaboration with the indigenous is key as it steers negative comments on the collection instead making the culture inspired by fashion a positive vibe instead of a accused knock off.

Although even if there is a similarity, these images have existed for hundreds of years. As well as many patterns in fashion nowadays, hence the Aztec pattern trend in fashion in past seasons.

KTZ celebrates “beauty, truth and power behind indigenous things” however many are now starting to question whether KTZ is instead a fashion version of a copy-paste motive.

Depop Swap Shop

Hey dolls,

So as fellow fashion, beauty and general lovers of life i’ve been thinking we could help eachother out. Get to know new fashions and pass on some of our fashion loves onto others after we’ve worn them. Or just changed our mind on and know they’ll be better off with someone rather than staring at us in our closet when we know they’re never going to get worn. GUILTY 😦

So here is where I introduce you to Depop. A site/app where people can sell clothes, jewellery, accessories, shoes. You name it, you can sell it on depot. So that’s what i’m doing. I also take swaps, so give me a good offer and you might just get one back.

So get over to my depop for more details or comment and tell me yours so we can all get shopping.

Stay Sassy dolls and head on over to depop xox

October Faves

So another month is over and it is now officially the winter. There are many reasons i enjoy winter and many reasons i don’t. The loves being the hot chocolates, stylish coats and christmas movies by the fire. Reasons I don’t happen to be the freezing cold, wet weather as well as the chapped lips and dry skin:(

Well some of my favoruites this October might carry through throughout the rest of this winter.


My favourite skin product over this month has got to be the Bodyshop Vitamin E overnight serum in oil. At just £13 with 30% off for rewards card holders this product is definately worth it. Because it lasts 8 hours, while you sleep it is constantly moisturizing your skin with not only the moisture it needs to stay smooth for the next day but with the vitamins it needs to stay healthy. My skin felt so more radiant every morning and it wasn’t too greasy either as most oils usually are. I advise this product especially for those who suffer with sore or dry skin throughout the winter months.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil & Moisture Mask  3


I have been love love loving my Barry M dazzles pots recently. They come in an incredible range of colours and are just so easy to put on and also blend with other colours whilst giving that shimmery effect you don’t get with all eyeshadows, perfect for a night out. At just £4.95 these pots are perfect to add a bit of shimmer and can pretty much be found in any Barry M selling cosmetic shop, even Topshop Oxford Circus. My personal favourite is the dazzel silver because i can then blend in some colour and it goes with everything i’m wearing. The onlt thing i would say you have to be careful of is that the shimmer doesnt go everywhere, as it can get messy!

Barry M Dazzle Dust Tan Swatch         IMG_3095


Absolutely loving them dark purple shades recently and i have found the perfect colour for me which is Dark Night Waterl-oops! by Rimmel. Because this is a moisture lipstick, it is really soft and softens your lips instead of drying them out like most lipsticks can do! It is also fabulous as it really fits in with the trends right now and the colours of winter. It was around £6 and can be found at pretty much any Rimmel selling boots or superdrug. 

Technology/Social Networking 

I’ve been loving youtube recently to check out some make up tutorials. I find them fascinating and one of my particular favourites is MadeYewLook who is absolutely incredible at make up and body paint. Another amazing one is Bonnie SFX who creates some really amazing looks for fancy dress and also occasions. I’ve also been checking out some more normal occasion make up looks on youtube and one who shows you some great looks and products is the american make up artist Crisspy (i WANT HER HAIR!). I will some of their videos below for y’all to check out.


i’ve been loving the script, i’m just gonna come right out and say it! I love the script and i love their new song so i dont care what you think (well i do cause you’re my beautiful readers, in fact i’m going to be doing a music review soon and need some good new artists to listen to so hit me up)

So dolls, those were my october favoruites and I’m hoping to find some more new products and things this November so let me know if you have anything i should try out or you want me to review and i will try them for next month’s favourites! If you’ve tried or want to try any of the products listed let me know what you thought/think.

Stay Sassy Dolls xox

Wishlist Wednesday

So dolls, christmas is coming up and i’ve seen various bloggers making their wishlist for wishist wednesday and i thought i’d follow in their footsteps.

So the first item on my list has got to be a burgundy/purple lipstick. I haven’t actually been able to find the perfect colour but there are two colours i’m kind of in love with at the moment and i have to say what inspired me was the one and only miss Lydia Bright from ITV hit show TOWIE.


I don’t exactly know what colour this is but Lydia looks absolutely gorgeous in it. This really is a hot colour for this autumn, bringing a bit of colour to our dark winter days. Another colour I’m loving is worn by the queen Katy Perry. mcx-burgundy-liptsick-katy-perry-lgn-63056941

This colour is a must for the winter and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Another one of my new years resolutions which I’m starting from now is turning myself into a frequent gym goer! I have just purchased my gym membership but don’t yet have that gym style down. IMG_2664These Victoria’s Secret PINK yoga leggings are just to die for, so soft and can be used for gym or lounging. I can’t wait to get my hands on these, I’ll be catwalking around that gym let alone working out!


These joggers are also a must have for winter, I actually have a blue pair i bought a few years ago back in america and oh wow they are the most comfortable trackies you will ever want to live in. Also from PINK!


Yes, here it is, what we’ve all been waiting for! THE FAULT IN OUR STARS that we can watch over and over and over again! I sure know what me and the boyf will be watching throughout this winter, hehehe! Who loved this film as much as i did!?!?


I’m sorry but how gorge are these gloves, truly a winter necessity. And these stylish yet girly leather gloves will class up your winter to a T!

I will be updating my wishlist every wednesday and giving you some ideas as to what to get friends, family or even ask for yourself with Christmas just around the corner! All product placements are displayed at the end of every post and make sure you share and most importantly enjoy!

Burgundy and Purple lipstick – I haven’t actually got a specific product for these but head to boots or super drug and i’m sure you’ll find one of your liking.

Yoga Leggings and Trackies – Victoria’s Secret’s PINK – online or located at Bluewater and Bond Street London

Fault in Our Stars DVD – avaliable to pre-order on amazon

Leather heart gloves – ASOS

Let me know what’s on your wishlist dolls and they may even feature here! xox

Your Image represents who you are….or does it?

okay so i’ve been asked to do a personal blog post a couple times now so today i was thinking and i decided that this would be a good topic to talk about as it is close to my heart especially recently.

So society says image is everything, facially, fashion wise, body image…everything.
They say that someone looks at you and instantly judges what kind of person you are by your appearance. If you’re ‘ugly’ no one will like you. If you’re ‘pretty’ everyone will like you.
In my opinion ‘image’ is a funny thing. It’s judged when you’re out in public. I’m a 16 year old and if i’m wearing a hoodie (just cause its cold, its not my usual fashion:/) i’ll instantly get looked at like “teenage thug”
Same with my dream (a singer) you always watch x factor and they say “oh you haven’t got the right image” or “change your image and you have a chance” “you need your own image” and “well you’ve got an image”
Is the word ‘image’ starting to sound weird to you…? me too.

I’ve always experimented with my look, i suppose it’s always been an insecurity of mine. Ever since i was little I’ve always been tormented for my unique hair colour, from playground words of ‘ginger’ ‘ginger’ ‘no soul ginger’ and more. I’ve also always had a bit of a thing for my weight and its always yo-yo-ed. Because of this and because of my insecurities I’ve always chopped and changed my ‘image.’ That being my clothes, my hair, my make up and more.

When I had just started secondary school, i was fresh, clean cut hair, no make up, hollister t shirts and jeans, that kinda girl. Then the teens came and i changed to wearing a little more make up, a little more strappy tops, skirts. Then when i was having some troubles at school and genuinely having rather a crappy time (i didn’t think this was the case at the time) my image kind of changed. I began wearing a lot more make up. And when i say a lot i mean a lot. Heavy eyes, dark lips. I wouldn’t go so extreme to say i went goth, but i say i went ‘alternative’ haha. I wore my creepers everywhere, my wet look leggings and my leather jacket. They were my statement pieces. Not to mention my leather jacket had the metal stud look going on.

After that time passed i’ve evolved into my in-between stage (thats what i like to call it) i change my look according to my mood now. I’ll dress a little sparklier and wear a little more make up if i’m feeling glamourous or put on a blazer and loathers if I’m feeling smart. Any of you that read gracelalaland frequently will know i’m a lover of lipsticks and you’ll notice that my lipstick colour changes on my mood too.

Basically what i’m trying to say is that, you are you for a reason. And your look is YOUR look for a reason. Don’t let peoples assumptions make you change.

I know that when i got out in my smart clothes people look at me as if to say ‘posh gal’ or if i tend to wear a little more eye make up i’m a ‘goth’ or if i wear my extensions and a little more make up than usual i’m ‘fake.’ This used to bother me, like a lot. But now i know that it doesn’t matter because i am who i am. If i like my outfit that day and i like how i look then thats all that matters. Of course we all have our down days and sometimes it does reflect in our looks but that doesn’t mean that we should be judged for our ‘IMAGE’

Excuse the ugly pics but just to give you a visual of me throughout the few years of ma looks!