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Hey dolls,

So as fellow fashion, beauty and general lovers of life i’ve been thinking we could help eachother out. Get to know new fashions and pass on some of our fashion loves onto others after we’ve worn them. Or just changed our mind on and know they’ll be better off with someone rather than staring at us in our closet when we know they’re never going to get worn. GUILTY 😦

So here is where I introduce you to Depop. A site/app where people can sell clothes, jewellery, accessories, shoes. You name it, you can sell it on depot. So that’s what i’m doing. I also take swaps, so give me a good offer and you might just get one back.

So get over to my depop for more details or comment and tell me yours so we can all get shopping.

Stay Sassy dolls and head on over to depop xox

A book is a dream that you hold in your hand

I know books are for all year round but particularly for me… Winter is here and that means a blanket, a cuppa and a good book!

Most people, especially some people I know (sorry if thats you guys) would say books are boring, lonnnggg and just genuinely a waste of time. Well that is sooooo not the case..if you get the right one.

So for all you book lovers like me, I’m going to share with you some of my favourite and most recommended reads. Off we go! 

P.S – i’ve linked the images of the book covers to the amazon webpage to purchase the books where a complete description of the blurb and a story outline is located, wasn’t going to waste your time copying in all the blurbs now was i 😉

1. In Bloom by Matthew Crow – 7/10 


This book, isn’t one of the best i’ve ever read, but it is one of the most well written. Matthew Crow is an incredible writer, i’ll give him that. The story is a bit ‘fault in our stars’-esque but it is a great read and i would recommend it a lot.

2. Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson – 9/10


I extremely enjoyed this read, although a little sad at times and can get a bit graphic, especially for younger readers. In fact I would recommend this book to an age of 15 and up. However this book does show a lot of passion and really does raise awareness for eating disorders and mental illness. The story did drag a little at times but it was written fantastically, Anderson is one of my personal favourite writers and I think all of you will love her too.

3. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher – 10/10 

1217100Wow is all i can say for this book, I was glued to it. I got it for christmas last year and I literally finished it the day after boxing day because I was that drawn to it. It’s like a spin on the episotolary form (me being a neeky english a level student there…that means written in letters) but like written in tapes kind of thing. Which i’ll admit can get a bit confusing but the story will genuinely have you hooked, i highly recommend. Again for the issues included in the content of this read i recommend a reader of 15 and up. 

4. Where Rainbows End by Cecilia Ahern – 10/10

CeceliaAhern_WhereRainbowsEndAnother one of my years favourite reads, this book was incredible. Once again written in the epistolary form (bringing out my inner nerd again) this book truely is perfect for any romantic gal like me. A love story, a proper love story, a realistic love story, a real love story, the way it should be written. An incredible storyline with incredible characters but….just in case you are too lazy to read a book but like to sound of this one..YOU ARE IN LUCK!  The recent film Love Rosie is actually inspired by this book, which actually comes out tomorrow!

5. Looking for Alaska by John Green – 8/10 


A great read honestly, we all know Mr John Green is a genius. Looking for Alaska is just as good as the fault in our stars so if this is your second read by John, you wont be disappointed! Personally for me, the ending wasnt good enough and the sense of mystery like you just dont find out! but I wont spoil the story for you, read it yourself! Another reason to read is…movie coming soon!

6. The summer I turned pretty Trilogy by Jenny Han – 9/10

tumblr_mfhp9hb7vx1rrllmjo2_250As far as teen love stories go, some of the best!  A great series if you’re a series person, I’ve never had like a summer romance but for some reason I could really relate to these books. I read them around 2/3 years ago and everyone i’ve recommended them to has loved them. Also i hear a cheeky rumour they are being turned into a TV series so keep your eyes peeled!

7. The perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky – 9/10 

the_perks_of_being_a_wallflower_book_cover_drawing_by_pigwigeon-d5j78elYes we all know the film with the dreamylicious Logan Lerman and the hotness that is Emma Watson! But my friends, have you read the book behind the film, which i must say is farrr better. (YES the film is incredible so imagine how good the book is) The trouble with films into books is that they leave a lot out and yes this one does leave out a lot! But my pointless opinions aside, this is a great book with some great inspirational quotes which i guarentee you’ll be quoting pretty much forever after reading.

Just in case you haven’t seen the film…

And that’s it dolls, if you do read any of these books or would like to add to the list, or even if there is any books you recommend i read, let me know in the contacts or contact me via any of the links on the contact page.

Stay Sassy Dolls and get winter reading! xox