It’s not what you wear, It’s the Make up that counts – Halloween Edition


So i thought i’d post this a month in advance so that you have plenty of time (like myself) to practice these looks. Halloween is fast approaching and I was thinking about what I can do for the variety of events i’m attending to be a bit different and just something i’ve never done before. So i did my research and I’ve found some incredible tutorials i’m just itching to try out.

Bonnie Corban SFX 

This girl is my fave for any kind of special effects make up. She really is incredible and makes the looks seem easy to re-create as she explains.

This look is extremely cool for a simple bit of make up matched with a spooky outfit, but some of her looks are perfect for halloween with a more simple outfit.

WARNING: Latex glue can be dangerous if used inappropriately (IT WILL PULL YOUR HAIR OUT)

This is the one my little sister wants me to try out on her for our family halloween party. Day of the dead inspired sugar skulls are incredible and surprisingly easy and flexible to make your own.


This girl is incredible for whole face and body looks. But she also does the best little injury make up special effects. Like this zombie bite effect.


Theres one video by this gal that really does fascinate me as well as the fact that she only uses make up to create this look, unlike many of the other make up artists shown in this blog post.


i’ll admit, this is the only video I’ve watched by this gal, but it is pretty darn amazing.

So let me know what you try or what you love, or if you have any other videos you think myself or any other viewers would like. My try outs of these looks will be posted soon.

Stay Sassy (and scary) dolls xox

Ways to make your nail polish stay on longer


We’ve all had them times when we’ve gone to the nail shop or painted our nails and a week later we’re saying ‘HOW ARE THEY ALREADY CHIPPED?’ Well you may not know but you are actually doing some things with make your nails chip without knowing it. Lucky for you i’ve got 8 ways you can make your gorgeous vanish stay on longer.

Nail Biting: I know I do it! Brought on my nerves or stress, biting your nails or picking at them is the most common way to ruin your polish. You should try applying the dip and twist no nail biting polish. It certainly works wonders for me.

Hairspray: Hairspray hairspray hairspray! Although it keeps your hair looking perfect but it has all the chemicals in it similar to nail polish REMOVER! So don’t go spraying to much over your pretty nails!

Perfume: Perfume also has many of the chemicals similar to nail polish remover, so you may smell good but you have chipped nails so remember not to go spraying that sweet smelling scent too close to your nails, just your wrists will do.

Dishwashing: Hence why dish gloves aren’t just a fashion statement.

More Nail Polish: Many of you think that putting more nail polish over the top makes them less likely to chip but in fact it makes them more prone to chipping as the layers of polish begin to lift off altogether.

Suncream: A great protectant for your skin, but it will ruin your polish. Sunscreen ingredients can soften nail polish and even dissolve acrylic nails. Yikers!

Now hopefully by following and not following some of these you’ll be all ready with perfect nails for longer that usual!

Stay Sassy Dolls xox

Summer Saviors

Ok so now I have a little time on my hands, I can finally post my edition of this summers favorites, including skincare, beauty, hair, fashion, music and more!

My favorite skin care product by far this summer has got to be the jo Malone vitamin e gel. This gel is to die for, it smells great and it heals so well! After getting a little too sun kissed on holiday I just dabbed a bit of this on a couple times a day and the redness has instantly gone within a couple days! Really was a summer must!


The next product I need to talk about is the benefit real eyes mascara I actually bought this at a charity event price so I got it a little cheaper however I really do recommend it! The mascara is one of the best I’ve used in a while. I know most mascara say they do one thing but do another, at least that’s what I’ve found anyway. But this mascara really does what it says. It makes your lashes look longer and fuller and almost not like your own eyelashes! It literally glides over the lashes without any clumps and leaves the perfect amount to make your eyes look bigger yet not over the top. I love this mascara.

Now this month I’m going to talk about hair accessories. This summer I really have experimented with hair accessories and styles a lot more than I normally would have and I have to say because I went to a couple festivals I am loving flower headbands and bandanas! The flower headband I wore to vfest was actually bought for me by my best friend melody hodge(Instagram; melodyhodgexx) from topshop and although it is, as my mother said, the size of Chelsea flower show! It actually looked a lot better than I thought it would. The colour was perfect and it stayed on my head all day, which is something you want when you’re jumping around at a festival! (Excuse the curly hair, it rained pretty bad walking in)



I have to say I have been doing a lot of shopping on a new app I have found and fallen in love with!
It’s called shopcade and is basically where you can pick out items and put them into lists of things you like or want for others to see! You can also buy them directly from the site, plus they give you discount codes!
I’ll give you an example I bought a £20 boohoo blazer for just £8!!! £8!!! that’s insane!
I’m thinking of doing a full piece on shopcade so let me know if you’ve heard of it or the amazing deals you’ve had on shopcade to get featured!

After seeing her at VFEST I’ve kinda had a weak spot for lily Allen this month! Her new album is actually so meaningful! Even though she takes the mick out herself and kinda doesn’t take herself seriously, that’s the whole beauty of her performances! But her Lyrics so have really good meanings about serious subjects but in a funky catchy tune!

So that’s it for my favorites of this month/summer! Let me know some of your faves in the comments and let me know what you think I should try/ check out!

Product listings of this post;
Jo Malone Vitamin E Gel ; £64.00 per 30ml
Benefit real eyes mascara: £9 at boots
Topshop blue flower garland headband ; £16
Shopcade ; free on the AppStore or
Lily Allen new album sheezus ; £8.99 on iTunes

Thanks dolls and stay sassy xoxox

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!


After less than two weeks of blogging, i have been nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! by Mimi’s Beauty. She’s amazing, check out her reviews and beauty tips here

The Rules:
– Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
– Put the award logo on your blog.
– Answer the ten questions they have set you.
– Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
– Nominate ten people

These are the questions that Mimi asked me:
What is your favourite eye-shadow palette?
my favourite eyeshadow palette would be the bodyshop brown eyeshadow palette as i think they are great colours for everyday that blend so well with each other as well as other eyeshadows.

Drugstore or High-End make-up brands?
I really do think it depends on the product. Due to my sensitive skin i usually end up using more high end make up brands rather than drugstore brands simply because they use better ingredients for my skin but i do believe that their are some products in drugstore brands which are far better and far more effective than higher end and more importantly more expensive brands.
Favourite Concealer?
I don’t actually wear concealer frequently but when i do i believe that the mac moisturising cover concealer is amazing. it really blends well with your skin, foundation and powder as well as not getting stuck in the creases of your skin especially under the eyes. My favourite thing about this concealer is that you only have to use the tiniest bit for coverage and it isn’t thick and gloomy either but still covers the areas you need it to.
What’s the best mascara you own?
Although it is expensive the best mascara i own by far is the benefit real eyes mascara! It is amazing. i’ll admit i have only been using it recently but i can notice a change in my eyelashes and have been told by other people since using it that they look longer as well. It provides a thick cottage without being gloomy like it literally glides on. I actually bought mine for £2 at a benefit charity event where as the smaller size is actually £9 in boots. But omgoshhhh! so worth it chicks
What’s the best product you own under £4?
The seventeen wet look liquid eyeliner. omgosh this is literally the best glide on mascara i have ever had, it literally glides on and stays on all day! I’ve tried number seven, chanel, mac eyeliners and none are as good as this, for under £4! BARGAIN BUY!
If you could only wear one type of product e.g. foundation, mascara, lipstick etc. for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
definitely MASCARA! all the way, my lashes would be pin pricks without it, then again i am a lipstick lover
Biggest weakness when buying make-up? Definitely lipsticks, you can never have to many shades of lipstick
What’s your favourite shade of lipstick/gloss? This is difficult, last year i was really into my reds however this summer i’ve been very hooked on my pinks so i’d go for pink at the moment but that doula all change.
Coloured eye-liner – yay or nay? Depends on the event but i’m gonna go yay, why not?
What’s your everyday skincare routine?
I use my blue corn 3 in 1 skin mask by body shop twice a week but in between then i wash my skin with dermalogica ultra calming gel every day and then moisturise with aveeno cream and occasionally Jo malone vitamin E. Although some of these are expensive products you can get cheaper versions. The most important thing for me is keeping my skin clean and moisturising as i have rather dry skin rather than spotty.

i nominate:

My 10 questions to them are:
1. What is one beauty product you couldn’t live without?
2. Do you prefer to use bb cream or foundation?
3. One off boutiques or high street stores?
4. Opinions on shopping in charity shops?
5. What made you decide to blog?
6. Blogging/Vlogging inspiriations?
7. Favourite make up brands?
8. Preferred lipstick/lipgloss?
9. What do you think is most effective method when trying to get rid of spots? e.g technique/product
10. Favourite item of clothing/accesory to wear? e.g hoodies, skirts, shoes, hats

Thank you very much mimi for the nomination and stay sassy dolls xox

BodyShop Review

So today me and my best friend went shopping for some bits and we went into the body shop to look at their products, as I’ve been advised to recently. 

We went in there to look at the BB cream and primer which is actually amazing, it automatically adapts to your skin colour, although i didn’t purchase this today due to having to finish my recent bb cream/foundation. However i need to get there quick as at the moment their doing a deal in which you get the primer and the bb cream for a total of £20. 

So today i purchased the ‘blue corn 3 in 1 deep cleansing mask‘ I’ve just used this face mask which i was told was good for dry to oily skin and would exfoliate and purify skin whilst preventing spots to a minimum degree. The mask felt so smooth whilst still exfoliating whilst putting it on. It was a tad tingly, i’m not going to lie. However it feels incredible on my skin, then when i took it off, my skin felt even better! 

My skin is quite dry and i suffer from eczema so finding a product that has natural products in and doesn’t mess with my skin is rather difficult for me, as usually all the products are rather expensive. However for this pot of face mask i paid £10 and received 30% off with my body shop rewards card which i also received today. 


When i took this face mask to the till, the assistant asked me if i wanted to purchase a rewards card for £5. Although it seems like a lot, every time you use this card when you purchase a body shop product you receive 30% off as well as receiving a free body wash. Not only that but when you receive 4 stamps you receive a £5 product free and 8 stamps is a £10 product, as well as free gifts on your birthday! DEFINATELY worth it.


i really love do love the body shop at the moment, not only because their products are perfect for my skin type but also because they are good for any skin type and are of such a reasonable price.  I really do urge yo to try them, also they smell amazinngggg! 

stay sassy dolls xox 

Outfit of the Day

Today I am wearing jean shorts because it’s pretty warm where I am, with the shirt I got yesterday on my shopping trip. I’ve accessorised with my usual brackets and watch and a pink gloss lipstick.

I’m travelling to Cornwall today to see friends so this outfit is comfortable yet suitable for a car journey as well as looking nice when I get there to see my friends.






Product listing;
Denim high waisted acid shorts – river island – £30

Patterned shirt – topshop – £34

White converse – (kids size so I don’t know)

Bracelets- pandora and Thomas sabo

Watch- Marc Jacobs – £186

Necklace – miss selfridge – £6.50

Lipgloss – Chanel 124 Venus – £18

Bag – river island– (I got this as a birthday present so I don’t know the actual price I’m afraid but it is recent in store)

Make up Today

So today I’m just having a casual day, popping out a couple of times so I thought I’d show you my make up for today and the products I use.

So I moisturize using aveeno and I use that after my cleanse for the morning.
This hydrates the skin which leaves it smooth and long lasting for foundation.

I then use my real technique foundation brush to do my foundation and I use true match by l’oreal Paris and the colour I use to match my skin is vanilla rose. I then use my power brush by real techniques to do my powder, again using l’oreal Paris true match powder in vanilla rose.




I then put on my base eyeshadow which today I used the Barry m white dazzle shimmer. I put this on my eyelid and buffed in so it wasn’t such a block colour. I then used my body shop eyeshadow pallette and used the shimmer brown in the crease of my eyes.




I then use my seventeen wet look eyeliner which is amazing! Best eyeliner I’ve ever used, it glides so well across the eyelid. I’ve done a 50’s flick today which I drag out the side of my eyelid. Then I’ve put on my benefit real eyes mascara which I got last week at the open air cinema benefit truck.



Next I put on my new l’oreal Paris pink lipstick, I don’t know exactly what colour this is but it is identical to the old mac girl about town lipstick, which for some reason I cannot find anywhere recently. If anyone knows of where I can find it please let me know.

Today I’ve done a small plait on one side of my hair, inspired by pixie Lott at v! And inserted a feather accessory into the underside of my hair.




Thank you for reading, I will post a picture of my new nails later. If you have any questions about the products used don’t hesitate to contact.
Stay sassy, grace xox