Do you want a raisin? about a DATE? 10 fun things to do for Him AND Her

Okay so ignore the cheesy title, but you see what I did there. What would the world be without a cheesy pick up line right?

Anyways…Me and my boyfriend often spend a lot of time together, but sometimes when we do, we wonder what we can do that is different and fun for both of us. So I have made a list of fun, exciting things for both you and your boys.

1. Sea Life Aquarium – Myself and Tom went to the london sea life on Valentines and honestly it was way better than i thought it was gong to be, all the fish look so pretty and the sharks are there to make your man feel like he’s tough. Really they are just as intrigued and excited by the nemo fish as you are…trust me? There are so many things to see and it takes some time if you have a good look around, as well as loads of interactive things as well. There’s also a cute little gift shop which sells minature stuffed animals of the fish and animals there…hint hint wink wink boys, every girl loves a cuddly toy, no matter what they say!

2. Bowling – bowling has been a date atmosphere for years, and for a good reason too. You wear some funny shoes, take the mick out of how bad one of you is and also have some healthy competition complete with bants about how you probably have to have the side bars up or use the kiddy ball because the others are too light. All in all a fun, chilled out date for the both of you.

3. Yo sushi – Now this is a favourite place for me and tom, simply because i love sushi and he loves how the plates move! This is a fun, different spin on a restaurant, and if your man or yourself dont like sushi like my tommy doesn’t, then there is always the choice of the hot curries, chicken, rice and noodles. It’s just a fun twist and a relaxed eating setting. Also it can be a life trying to watch the other one handle their food with chopsticks and making a mess of it; this is usually myself.

4. Wii Competition – Get some snacks, drinks, push the tables aside and get the nunchucks ready! A wii competition is a perfect way to spark some competition without having to spend any money as well being the comfort of your own living room and trackies. This is one of mine and tommy’s favourite things to do, although he may brag about beating you for a while, he will soon be shut up when you beat him at baseball (4-1 I might add) And you don’t just have to stick to the wii sports, why not go for a bit of mario kart or just dance? That keeps the mood going.

5. Baking together- Now whenever i hear about couples baking together all i think of is the stereotypical him putting flour on her nose and her laughing etc etc. It doesn’t have to be that soppy people. Baking together can just be an excuse to make something yummy for while you watch the tons of movies you plan on watching that night and does give you an excuse to get a little messy along the way, or just have a full on attack flour fight. Check out this Baking Mad Brownie Recipe for some inspiration.

6. Brighton day out – Now me and tommy are yet to do this but I’m waiting for summer for us to go, going on the rides on the pier and sitting on the beach really is a lovely day out with your boyfriend/girlfriend. You don’t have to do the stereotypical pier thing, you could just grab some fish and chips on the beach, walk round the lanes and shops and go in the arcades. Either way it can be a fun day out and cost bare to nothing if you want it to. However a nice day is much nicer for this kind of thing so I would save this for more of a summery date than a wintery one.

7. Portsmouth Shopping outlet – When me and tommy went here we honestly did have the loveliest funniest day, mostly because of me needing a wee so bad in the car and him laughing at me the whole time until i finally got to a toilet with my legs crossed. But seriously this place really is lovely, there are some lovely restaurant overlooking the quay and also some really good shops like swaroski, ralph lauren, nike, jack wills, links and loads more, all at outlet discounted prices. I personally think this place is perfect to go to just before one of your birthdays or christmas or just when you both have a bit of money to spend and want to treat either eachother or even yourselves.

8. Take a car journey to wherever it takes you – This is something my parents always used to tell me they did with eachother and with me when i was little, they used to just take a drive out, either find a nice little pub somewhere or just take some food in a bag and, park up near a field and have a picnic, some music and just relax. I can’t wait to do this in the summer, it would be perfect in the summer whether to just lay down in the middle of nowhere together, catch some rays, listen to some music and just be together. And again it costs little to no money; accept in petrol of course depending on how far you go.

9. Go for a bike ride – Now there are loads of places I have been on bike rides to and you can do this is virtually any weather; of course it is more pleasurable when its not pouring of rain or completely freezing but hey! You can take your bikes to one of the nice biking forests that are around like bewl water or bedgebury, and ride alongside eachother and take in the scenery, or race, or you could even hire one of them two people tandem bikes for a laugh!

10. Paddle boating or boating – There are a couple of places that do this in the summer and I honestly do think it is so much fun and even more fun with someone you love. It looks romantic plus you really will have a laugh, figuring out how to go and how to turn and how to get back when you get stuck in the middle of the lake like I did once. i know you can do this at hyde park as well as greenwich park. It really is a fun spring/summer activity with your bf/gf.

So I hope i have given you some inspiration as to what you and your boyfriend or girlfriend could do this weekend or in coming days you have spare to make plans. Let me know if you have any other suggestions I haven’t tried or other places that do any of the things listed etc. Also let me know if you do end up doing any of these suggestions with your partner and how they went. Hope you enjoyed this post and until next time, stay sassy xox

The Trevor Project

Okay so, I am a regular watcher and fan of many other bloggers and youtubers in the blogging world and one of them i love is Tyler Oakley!

Last year Tyler, with the help from donations from viewers, raised $250,000 for the suicide prevention charity The Trevor Project. This year Tyler is aiming to raise $500,000 for the trevor project, helping to save lives for the depressed and the lonely.

Every donation made recieves two entries into a prize ticket raffle for yourself and a friend to travel to LA, stay in a hotel and attend VidCon awards, all expenses paid! As well as a free entry if you donate via the link I will leave you. You will also recieve more and more prizes and products from the youtube community and Tyler Oakley himself the more you donate.

If you need or want more information please watch the video of tyler explaining down below.

This is an incredible thing Tyler is doing again and your donations are going for a great cause. This is a topic I think needs more awareness and why not donate when you can be saving lives and having the chance to win a once in a lifetime trip.

You can donate through this link, to recieve a free entry to the LA trip from myself, as well as the entries you will recieve from donation.

PLEASE PLEASE DONATE! And let me know if you do!

Thank you dolls, you should be proud of your kindness xox

2015 First months Favourites

So the first month and a bit of 2015 have gone by and i thought it was about time i did a favourites piece. So here we go;


So i have a lot of categories in my beauty section usually separated into eyes, lips, foundation etc. But today to save millions of categories, I’ve decided to piece them all together. So my favourites in beauty at the moment has got to be my urban decay naked pallette I recieved for christmas.

My personal favourite colour is the Venus which I tend to use in the corners of my eyes, W.O.S for my base and naked 2 for my crease. They are really long wearing and come as a perfect compliment of colours.

Another favorurite of mine was actually also bought for me for christmas and came as a recommendation from one of my good friends Liv, The benefit brow zings shaping kit.066

I use the light colour which is dark enough even for eyebrows darker than mine, which are naturally a light blonde. The kit comes with a wax for shaping, powder for setting, an angle and blending brush, tweezers and a mirror. This has done wonders for my brows, it is so quick and easy to use and easy to carry around for touching up brows when you’re out if you need to, without having to take everything separately.


At the moment I have been religious about my skin, as you always should be, but even more so than usual. One of the products I have especially been loving is the Vitamin E moisture mask from Body Shop, which leaves my skin feeling super soft and glowing.IMG_0427

I have also been loving the Zoella moisutrizing body cream, my little sister (a massive zoella fan) got this for christmas and tbh I am always reluctant to use such products because usually they don’t agree with my skin but this is so soft and really has made my skin so soft, especially before fake tanning.


So the other night I went to my boyfriends sisters St_Moriz_Tanning_Mousse___Dark_200ml_1366634567engagement party, so i wanted a nice…even…non-orange tan. After going to my spray tan appointment to find the salon home, I had to result in self tan. Using what I found in my mum’s cupboard I wondered what kind of tan I was in for. I was pleasantly surprised. St. Moriz, self tan, although it doesn’t come out too dark, it didnt come out patchy, too orange, streaky, it didn’t react with my skin and didn’t go patchy when washing off, instead has faded and washed off evenly. I can actually say I fully recommend this tan and was happy with it.

TV show; 

So over the christmas break and ever since I have been watching, quite religiously and obsessively I have to admit, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS! And omgosh i have actually become obsessed, now being on season 5 and waiting weekly for the new episodes on netflix, I am literally going crazy waiting, despite my many other things to do! If you haven’t seen it, basically it is a murder mystery series, when four teenage best friends’ friend goes missing, they try to solve the mystery of her murder all whilst recieving threats and texts from someone ‘A’ who they have no idea of. As the story develops a lot more happens and I literally cannot wait to find out what happens at the end! So majorly recommend this to anyone who loves mysteries, general drama and a bit of romance.


I literally have kind of fallen in love with the new Rihanna, Kanye and Paul McCartney song ‘FourFiveSeconds’ 

So that is all for this month’s favourites, hope you like my recommendations and let me know when you try them darlings.

Stay Sassy dolls, until next time xox

Bloggers throw a party; Gracelalaland edition!

So during my little trip away this weekend, I was reading the winter edition of the amazing company magazine, my one true love. As it was the party edition, they had a edition of bloggers and their ultimate party plans. They included Gala Gonzalez of, Victoria from and the fabulous Peony from So in the art of partying i decided to do a edition…so here we go!

If I were throwing a dream party, my top three guests would be…Marilyn Monroe, Lea Michele and Sam smith. i would love to hear about Marilyn’s life, even though i already know about most of it through the millons of biographies i’ve read, and just to be in her presence. Lea Michele because she’s so beautiful and a recent fashion and beauty icon (as well as Glee being my favourite show) and Sam Smith because I would love to just have a chat with him, for longer this time, and sing with him. Marilyn-Monroe-marilyn-monroe-30014001-960-1280


If money were no object…I would serve chamagne all night and each guest would leave with a goodie bag full of the most glamourous and perfect beauty, fashion and gadgets. The venue would be covered in the most gorgeous flowers in massive vases and fairy lights all around and the outside gardens of the venue would be covered in fairylights and red carpets.

Music Matters so i’d play…house music for my girls, chris brown for my boy, the trevor nelson r and b collection 3 because there are some hot tracks on that, as well as some The 1975, Two Door Cinema Club and get my boy Sam Smith to grace us with his gorgeous voice.

I’d drive to my dream party open back mustang jeep covered in fairylights with pillows and blankets in the back so me and tom can leave whenever we want and have a camp out.


The party would be in….A beautiful country house with big beautiful gardens, not my house so none of my stuff gets broken and i dont have to clean up.

If I could have anyone perform at my party it would be…Queen B or my boys The 1975! But then again Clean Bandit and Jess Glynne would be pretty amazing! I’m indecisive but then again money is not object as said above.

My dream outfit would be…A white beaded, sparkly floor length gown with a train with Christian Louboutins. Paired with some accessorizes including a flower headband.

My dream date would be…No one other than my gorgeous boyfriend…although I wouldn’t mind my guilty crush Harry Styles buying me a drink. Harry-Styles-enjoying-the-2013-Teen-Choice-Awards-at-Gibson-Amphitheatre

After all the fun...I would head to macdonalds drive thru to pick up some nuggets, a mcflurry and a chicken burger for my boy before we head off to camp in our mustang.


So that’s my party…hopefully someday it will happen.

Until that day, stay sassy dolls xox

Depop Swap Shop

Hey dolls,

So as fellow fashion, beauty and general lovers of life i’ve been thinking we could help eachother out. Get to know new fashions and pass on some of our fashion loves onto others after we’ve worn them. Or just changed our mind on and know they’ll be better off with someone rather than staring at us in our closet when we know they’re never going to get worn. GUILTY 😦

So here is where I introduce you to Depop. A site/app where people can sell clothes, jewellery, accessories, shoes. You name it, you can sell it on depot. So that’s what i’m doing. I also take swaps, so give me a good offer and you might just get one back.

So get over to my depop for more details or comment and tell me yours so we can all get shopping.

Stay Sassy dolls and head on over to depop xox

October Faves

So another month is over and it is now officially the winter. There are many reasons i enjoy winter and many reasons i don’t. The loves being the hot chocolates, stylish coats and christmas movies by the fire. Reasons I don’t happen to be the freezing cold, wet weather as well as the chapped lips and dry skin:(

Well some of my favoruites this October might carry through throughout the rest of this winter.


My favourite skin product over this month has got to be the Bodyshop Vitamin E overnight serum in oil. At just £13 with 30% off for rewards card holders this product is definately worth it. Because it lasts 8 hours, while you sleep it is constantly moisturizing your skin with not only the moisture it needs to stay smooth for the next day but with the vitamins it needs to stay healthy. My skin felt so more radiant every morning and it wasn’t too greasy either as most oils usually are. I advise this product especially for those who suffer with sore or dry skin throughout the winter months.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil & Moisture Mask  3


I have been love love loving my Barry M dazzles pots recently. They come in an incredible range of colours and are just so easy to put on and also blend with other colours whilst giving that shimmery effect you don’t get with all eyeshadows, perfect for a night out. At just £4.95 these pots are perfect to add a bit of shimmer and can pretty much be found in any Barry M selling cosmetic shop, even Topshop Oxford Circus. My personal favourite is the dazzel silver because i can then blend in some colour and it goes with everything i’m wearing. The onlt thing i would say you have to be careful of is that the shimmer doesnt go everywhere, as it can get messy!

Barry M Dazzle Dust Tan Swatch         IMG_3095


Absolutely loving them dark purple shades recently and i have found the perfect colour for me which is Dark Night Waterl-oops! by Rimmel. Because this is a moisture lipstick, it is really soft and softens your lips instead of drying them out like most lipsticks can do! It is also fabulous as it really fits in with the trends right now and the colours of winter. It was around £6 and can be found at pretty much any Rimmel selling boots or superdrug. 

Technology/Social Networking 

I’ve been loving youtube recently to check out some make up tutorials. I find them fascinating and one of my particular favourites is MadeYewLook who is absolutely incredible at make up and body paint. Another amazing one is Bonnie SFX who creates some really amazing looks for fancy dress and also occasions. I’ve also been checking out some more normal occasion make up looks on youtube and one who shows you some great looks and products is the american make up artist Crisspy (i WANT HER HAIR!). I will some of their videos below for y’all to check out.


i’ve been loving the script, i’m just gonna come right out and say it! I love the script and i love their new song so i dont care what you think (well i do cause you’re my beautiful readers, in fact i’m going to be doing a music review soon and need some good new artists to listen to so hit me up)

So dolls, those were my october favoruites and I’m hoping to find some more new products and things this November so let me know if you have anything i should try out or you want me to review and i will try them for next month’s favourites! If you’ve tried or want to try any of the products listed let me know what you thought/think.

Stay Sassy Dolls xox

Sugar skull and Halloween style make up

So the ten year old sister and her friend were my models this afternoon when they wanted spooky make up for their party!
So here it is…a girly sugar skull and a spidery sugar eye!







All of the creations I made I kind of just winged, I didn’t really have anything specific in mind other than my sister wanted a sugar skull kind of look after watching madeyewlook’s sugar skull tutorial on youtube!

Let me know if you enjoyed my creations and if you would want me to do a tutorial of this look soon:)

Stay sassy dolls! Xox

Speed the Plow…& Danny O’Donoghue


Tonight I went to see the West End performance of Speed the Plow by David Mamet, starring the one and only Miss Lindsay Lohan. 

I was super excited to go see this play, simply because I love the theatre and also because I am secretly a huge Lindsay fan (believe it or not) I have to say after seeing Lindsay’s documentry with Oprah and her own documentry series, I was curious to see what she would actually be like on the stage. Whether she really was a good actress or whether them good films from back in the day were just a fluke of one off good takes put together.

I had high hopes for this production, after seeing Lindsay on Johnathon Ross’ talk show, she seemed so sure of it and spoke so well of the play and portrayed such a positive insight to it, that I had to go see for myself. So here is the verdict…

Overall the play was incredible, the storyline, the build up, the simplicity, the intelligence, the other actors..It was a fantastic play! David Mamet is a intelligent soul and a well known playwright, so much so that I must say that it was almost like this role was written for Lindsay. During the first half of the play, I have to say I was disappointed with how little Lohan had to do, the other two actors were overpowering her. But when the second half began, she came alive. The words she was speaking she really seemed to believe, even getting choked when saying some of them, she obviously connected to. And there were a lot of lines…for Lindsay’s first theatre production, it was hard to believe that is was. To be such an intense play for her first, not intense as in the acting but intense as in the amount of lines and the fact that there were only three actors as well as the set and scenes being so minimalistic (nothing to distract from her acting)

So the curtain went down and the encore began…Turning around to leave my seat, I noticed Danny O’Donoghue from one of my favoruite bands, The Script. He smiled and waved at me, so I went over to chat to him, talking about his music and asking him for a picture of course. My mum quickly became just as excited as I was when he asked me who my ‘friend’ was. Yes she is now a script fan!!  He was so lovely and actually chatted with us for a while until we had to go 😦 IMG_2806IMG_2805

As we was leaving the theatre we spotted the stage door and went to wait for Lindsay, after being told she would be out in half an hour we waited patiently (begging my phone to stay on with just 1% battery left) after waiting an hour, she then came out, refused to take pictures and autographs, got in her car and left.

I have to say I was then extremely disappointed, here she is trying to make her comeback and doing an amazing job at it, only to let herself down by doing things like that. There were about 10-15 of us at the stage door, she could have easily taken a few pictures and then gone on her way. After all we were paying auidence members, not just random stalkers on the street. I was just rather disappointed after seeing such an amazing performance.

Never the less I still would encourage you all to go see the show before it ends in November as it really is worth it, there were quite a few empty seats tonight and you never know who you might spot in the audience. Let me know if you end up going and what you thought.

You never know she might take a selfie with you if you’re lucky.

A book is a dream that you hold in your hand

I know books are for all year round but particularly for me… Winter is here and that means a blanket, a cuppa and a good book!

Most people, especially some people I know (sorry if thats you guys) would say books are boring, lonnnggg and just genuinely a waste of time. Well that is sooooo not the case..if you get the right one.

So for all you book lovers like me, I’m going to share with you some of my favourite and most recommended reads. Off we go! 

P.S – i’ve linked the images of the book covers to the amazon webpage to purchase the books where a complete description of the blurb and a story outline is located, wasn’t going to waste your time copying in all the blurbs now was i 😉

1. In Bloom by Matthew Crow – 7/10 


This book, isn’t one of the best i’ve ever read, but it is one of the most well written. Matthew Crow is an incredible writer, i’ll give him that. The story is a bit ‘fault in our stars’-esque but it is a great read and i would recommend it a lot.

2. Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson – 9/10


I extremely enjoyed this read, although a little sad at times and can get a bit graphic, especially for younger readers. In fact I would recommend this book to an age of 15 and up. However this book does show a lot of passion and really does raise awareness for eating disorders and mental illness. The story did drag a little at times but it was written fantastically, Anderson is one of my personal favourite writers and I think all of you will love her too.

3. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher – 10/10 

1217100Wow is all i can say for this book, I was glued to it. I got it for christmas last year and I literally finished it the day after boxing day because I was that drawn to it. It’s like a spin on the episotolary form (me being a neeky english a level student there…that means written in letters) but like written in tapes kind of thing. Which i’ll admit can get a bit confusing but the story will genuinely have you hooked, i highly recommend. Again for the issues included in the content of this read i recommend a reader of 15 and up. 

4. Where Rainbows End by Cecilia Ahern – 10/10

CeceliaAhern_WhereRainbowsEndAnother one of my years favourite reads, this book was incredible. Once again written in the epistolary form (bringing out my inner nerd again) this book truely is perfect for any romantic gal like me. A love story, a proper love story, a realistic love story, a real love story, the way it should be written. An incredible storyline with incredible characters but….just in case you are too lazy to read a book but like to sound of this one..YOU ARE IN LUCK!  The recent film Love Rosie is actually inspired by this book, which actually comes out tomorrow!

5. Looking for Alaska by John Green – 8/10 


A great read honestly, we all know Mr John Green is a genius. Looking for Alaska is just as good as the fault in our stars so if this is your second read by John, you wont be disappointed! Personally for me, the ending wasnt good enough and the sense of mystery like you just dont find out! but I wont spoil the story for you, read it yourself! Another reason to read is…movie coming soon!

6. The summer I turned pretty Trilogy by Jenny Han – 9/10

tumblr_mfhp9hb7vx1rrllmjo2_250As far as teen love stories go, some of the best!  A great series if you’re a series person, I’ve never had like a summer romance but for some reason I could really relate to these books. I read them around 2/3 years ago and everyone i’ve recommended them to has loved them. Also i hear a cheeky rumour they are being turned into a TV series so keep your eyes peeled!

7. The perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky – 9/10 

the_perks_of_being_a_wallflower_book_cover_drawing_by_pigwigeon-d5j78elYes we all know the film with the dreamylicious Logan Lerman and the hotness that is Emma Watson! But my friends, have you read the book behind the film, which i must say is farrr better. (YES the film is incredible so imagine how good the book is) The trouble with films into books is that they leave a lot out and yes this one does leave out a lot! But my pointless opinions aside, this is a great book with some great inspirational quotes which i guarentee you’ll be quoting pretty much forever after reading.

Just in case you haven’t seen the film…

And that’s it dolls, if you do read any of these books or would like to add to the list, or even if there is any books you recommend i read, let me know in the contacts or contact me via any of the links on the contact page.

Stay Sassy Dolls and get winter reading! xox