5 Beauty Tips You Never Even Thought Of

We are all constantly looking for new beauty tips and tricks to improve ourselves, whether it’s our technique, use of product, mixing of products or just how to work it! I’ve got some new beauty tips and tricks that you’ve never even thought of…here we go.

  1. Plump your lips by applying a darker lip liner with a lighter shade lipstick in the centre

This is such an easy trick that I have been using for a long time. Many people result to doing a Kylie Jenner and overlining the lips drastically to achieve the illusion of a plump lip but this doesn’t have to be done. By simply applying a darker shade of lip liner than the lipstick you are planning to use around the outside and inner corners of your upper and bottom lips, you can create the illusion of fuller lips through the highlighted shade in the centre. This works especially well with red and light pink lips but can easily be adapted to any shade. And if you’re not a fan of lip liners simply apply a darker shade of lipstick first, job done.

2. Pick the correct make up shade for your skin by testing the colour on your jawline

Many people often make the mistake of picking the wrong shade of foundation by testing it out on their hand…something even the biggest beauty guru’s have been guilty of… ending up in the annoyance of a shade too light (making us look ghostly in the application process) or too orange/dark (making us look like we’ve just stepped off the set of TOWIE) the trick is to test the shade of foundation on your jawline which you will see that if the foundation looks as though it has disappeared means it is the correct shade for you.

3. Oil Blotting Sheets

Ever had that moment on a hot day or in a hot stuffy office where you mildly begin to sweat leading to your make up turning shiny in the process. Many think that applying more powder will fix the problem however this is not the case as it actually brings out the oil in the foundation more when you sweat causing the powder to create patches of foundation in the pores on your face. Therefore the best solution is to carry around some oil blotting sheets which can be bought at any drugstore e.g boots or superdrug. They also come in handy for lots of other things so are worth the try.

4. Tape to make your eyeliner even

Oh the struggles of eyeliner…it can be extremely difficult especially with liquid eyeliner to make the wings of your eyeliner even meaning they end up getting longer and longer as you try to even them out. My trick is to place a little bit of tape when you want your eyeliner and even eyeshadow if you wish for a smoky cat eye look. Therefore any that you go over will go onto the tape giving you a nice clean cut off as well as making sure both eyes are as even as possible.

5. Pressing your tounge to the roof of your mouth when smiling to enhance your features

It is important to appear as photogenic as possible when posing with friends or solo meaning you want to enhance your best features as much as possible e.g CHEEKBONES! I have found that the best way to do this is to press your tounge against the roof of your mouth when smiling to enhance your features as well as highlighting your contouring and making your face appear slimmer and more structured. Perfect for a catwalk worthy grin!

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