5 hot and upcoming artists you should be listening to

Here are in my opinion top 5 upcoming artists you could be listening to before they blow up

Years & Years –

This London based trio have proved their deserved recognition with their recent hit ‘King’ which hit number 1 on 8th March 2015.

This catchy song, features interesting electronica beats also represented as pop and dance music, linked with meaningful lyrics.The music video for this track also represents the message of the song with dancers controlling, touching, forcing the main featured character, mixed with editing to sense this illusion.

Years & Years have described their sound as electronica mixed with pop and 90’s dance influences; also featured on many of their other tracks including ‘Desire’ and ‘Take Shelter’

I strongly recommend this band as I think they are going to be huge in the future. Debut album set to release June 22nd 2015. Watch this space!

Box of Light –

Box of Light are a UK based, five piece indie acoustic genre band, fronted by Youtube sensation Helen Anderson (MelonLady).

This indie acoustic band promote a free spirit individual vibe with catchy lyrics for that perfect chilled out, free listening music.

Other upcoming tracks including ‘Falling’ and ‘Anywhere’

Box of light currently have an upcoming tour in which they will be playing at small music locations across the nation including Manchester, Birmingham, London as well as many more locations.

Watch out for this band, I have a good feeling about them, simply because the music does just give you that chilled out vibe, perfect for any situation where you just want that easy listening good music.

Adam Barnes –

This man I am telling you is an upcoming cross between George Ezra and Sam Smith. With his EP, Blisters, Barnes has become a YouTube and social media success promoting his guitar mixed with dreamy voice and creative lyrics.

His single ‘Old Shoes’ has recently gained a lot of attention when being featured as the background music for a YouTube video by popular blogging and YouTube icon Zoella.

Other hot tracks by Adam include ‘Apples’ and ‘Come undone.’ Check out his new EP ‘The land, the sea and everything lost beneath’ to be inspired by truly beautiful lyrics and sounds.

Jhene Aiko –

Now time for a more R&B artist, Jhene Aiko is an American singer and songwriter who are best known for her collaborations with various artists including Drake, Childish Gambino and many other R&B Rap artists.

Working in the music industry for a long time, beginning when appearing in many music videos, Jhene was set to release her debut album ‘My name is Jhene’ all the way back in 2003, but shortly before was dropped from Sony records and the album was never released. When returning to music in 2011 with many full length projects including various EP’s and singles when she signed with Def Jam Records and is now promoting her EP ‘Sail out’ including tracks such as ‘3:16 am’ and ‘Bed people’

Jhene’s most recent exposure has come from her feature on a Omarion and Chris Brown track ‘post to be’ in which Jhene is featured in a verse as well as working her style and dance moves in the music video.

Vince Kidd

This R&B artist didn’t begin as people would often think.

This grime and hip-hop artist actually began in a squeaky-clean boyband making the final of X factor under the name Matthew. It wasn’t until under his alliance Vince Kidd, that he was began the grime and R&B vibe he expresses today, promoting this side of him on Series one of the Voice UK, in which he stunned the judges with his remix of Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin.’

As well as continuing to later on progress to the final with his alternative remixes featuring Elvis’ ‘Always on my mind’ as well as Whitney Huston’s ‘Your love is my love’

Following fourth place on the voice, Vince released various EP’s including The Saturdays Vanessa White on track ‘The zoo’ Other tracks include ‘You&Me’ and ‘My gang.’ Currently Vince featured on the Hollaphonic track ‘Dangerous’.

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