The Trevor Project

Okay so, I am a regular watcher and fan of many other bloggers and youtubers in the blogging world and one of them i love is Tyler Oakley!

Last year Tyler, with the help from donations from viewers, raised $250,000 for the suicide prevention charity The Trevor Project. This year Tyler is aiming to raise $500,000 for the trevor project, helping to save lives for the depressed and the lonely.

Every donation made recieves two entries into a prize ticket raffle for yourself and a friend to travel to LA, stay in a hotel and attend VidCon awards, all expenses paid! As well as a free entry if you donate via the link I will leave you. You will also recieve more and more prizes and products from the youtube community and Tyler Oakley himself the more you donate.

If you need or want more information please watch the video of tyler explaining down below.

This is an incredible thing Tyler is doing again and your donations are going for a great cause. This is a topic I think needs more awareness and why not donate when you can be saving lives and having the chance to win a once in a lifetime trip.

You can donate through this link, to recieve a free entry to the LA trip from myself, as well as the entries you will recieve from donation.

PLEASE PLEASE DONATE! And let me know if you do!

Thank you dolls, you should be proud of your kindness xox

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