Bloggers throw a party; Gracelalaland edition!

So during my little trip away this weekend, I was reading the winter edition of the amazing company magazine, my one true love. As it was the party edition, they had a edition of bloggers and their ultimate party plans. They included Gala Gonzalez of, Victoria from and the fabulous Peony from So in the art of partying i decided to do a edition…so here we go!

If I were throwing a dream party, my top three guests would be…Marilyn Monroe, Lea Michele and Sam smith. i would love to hear about Marilyn’s life, even though i already know about most of it through the millons of biographies i’ve read, and just to be in her presence. Lea Michele because she’s so beautiful and a recent fashion and beauty icon (as well as Glee being my favourite show) and Sam Smith because I would love to just have a chat with him, for longer this time, and sing with him. Marilyn-Monroe-marilyn-monroe-30014001-960-1280


If money were no object…I would serve chamagne all night and each guest would leave with a goodie bag full of the most glamourous and perfect beauty, fashion and gadgets. The venue would be covered in the most gorgeous flowers in massive vases and fairy lights all around and the outside gardens of the venue would be covered in fairylights and red carpets.

Music Matters so i’d play…house music for my girls, chris brown for my boy, the trevor nelson r and b collection 3 because there are some hot tracks on that, as well as some The 1975, Two Door Cinema Club and get my boy Sam Smith to grace us with his gorgeous voice.

I’d drive to my dream party open back mustang jeep covered in fairylights with pillows and blankets in the back so me and tom can leave whenever we want and have a camp out.


The party would be in….A beautiful country house with big beautiful gardens, not my house so none of my stuff gets broken and i dont have to clean up.

If I could have anyone perform at my party it would be…Queen B or my boys The 1975! But then again Clean Bandit and Jess Glynne would be pretty amazing! I’m indecisive but then again money is not object as said above.

My dream outfit would be…A white beaded, sparkly floor length gown with a train with Christian Louboutins. Paired with some accessorizes including a flower headband.

My dream date would be…No one other than my gorgeous boyfriend…although I wouldn’t mind my guilty crush Harry Styles buying me a drink. Harry-Styles-enjoying-the-2013-Teen-Choice-Awards-at-Gibson-Amphitheatre

After all the fun...I would head to macdonalds drive thru to pick up some nuggets, a mcflurry and a chicken burger for my boy before we head off to camp in our mustang.


So that’s my party…hopefully someday it will happen.

Until that day, stay sassy dolls xox

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