Speed the Plow…& Danny O’Donoghue


Tonight I went to see the West End performance of Speed the Plow by David Mamet, starring the one and only Miss Lindsay Lohan. 

I was super excited to go see this play, simply because I love the theatre and also because I am secretly a huge Lindsay fan (believe it or not) I have to say after seeing Lindsay’s documentry with Oprah and her own documentry series, I was curious to see what she would actually be like on the stage. Whether she really was a good actress or whether them good films from back in the day were just a fluke of one off good takes put together.

I had high hopes for this production, after seeing Lindsay on Johnathon Ross’ talk show, she seemed so sure of it and spoke so well of the play and portrayed such a positive insight to it, that I had to go see for myself. So here is the verdict…

Overall the play was incredible, the storyline, the build up, the simplicity, the intelligence, the other actors..It was a fantastic play! David Mamet is a intelligent soul and a well known playwright, so much so that I must say that it was almost like this role was written for Lindsay. During the first half of the play, I have to say I was disappointed with how little Lohan had to do, the other two actors were overpowering her. But when the second half began, she came alive. The words she was speaking she really seemed to believe, even getting choked when saying some of them, she obviously connected to. And there were a lot of lines…for Lindsay’s first theatre production, it was hard to believe that is was. To be such an intense play for her first, not intense as in the acting but intense as in the amount of lines and the fact that there were only three actors as well as the set and scenes being so minimalistic (nothing to distract from her acting)

So the curtain went down and the encore began…Turning around to leave my seat, I noticed Danny O’Donoghue from one of my favoruite bands, The Script. He smiled and waved at me, so I went over to chat to him, talking about his music and asking him for a picture of course. My mum quickly became just as excited as I was when he asked me who my ‘friend’ was. Yes she is now a script fan!!  He was so lovely and actually chatted with us for a while until we had to go 😦 IMG_2806IMG_2805

As we was leaving the theatre we spotted the stage door and went to wait for Lindsay, after being told she would be out in half an hour we waited patiently (begging my phone to stay on with just 1% battery left) after waiting an hour, she then came out, refused to take pictures and autographs, got in her car and left.

I have to say I was then extremely disappointed, here she is trying to make her comeback and doing an amazing job at it, only to let herself down by doing things like that. There were about 10-15 of us at the stage door, she could have easily taken a few pictures and then gone on her way. After all we were paying auidence members, not just random stalkers on the street. I was just rather disappointed after seeing such an amazing performance.

Never the less I still would encourage you all to go see the show before it ends in November as it really is worth it, there were quite a few empty seats tonight and you never know who you might spot in the audience. Let me know if you end up going and what you thought.

You never know she might take a selfie with you if you’re lucky.

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