It’s coat time!

So dolls, autumn/winter is here and it’s time to get them coats out again!

Some find it sad wearing a coat again, realising that summer you thought would never end has ended! But no worries, I have done my research and found some fierce coats that you won’t just have to wear, you’ll want to wear!





Now some of these coats are a littl pricey but for a good coat, you need to spend a little but others are cheaper or have some amazing deals! Asos particularly are being generous with coat prices this winter! So head on over to some of these websites for even more deals and let me know what you think of my picks!

1; – £60
2; River island – £90
3; Asos – £54
4; asos – £42
5; New look – £24
6; – £55
7; River island – £90
8; Topshop – £75
9; Marks and Spencers – £79
10; – £59.99
11; asos – £36
12; New look – £64.99
13; Topshop – £48
14; river island – £90


Personally my coat was one of my best investments, I love this topshop coat of mine! Although I get told I look like candyfloss about 4 times a day, I take it as a compliment! 👍 x

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