Ways to make your nail polish stay on longer


We’ve all had them times when we’ve gone to the nail shop or painted our nails and a week later we’re saying ‘HOW ARE THEY ALREADY CHIPPED?’ Well you may not know but you are actually doing some things with make your nails chip without knowing it. Lucky for you i’ve got 8 ways you can make your gorgeous vanish stay on longer.

Nail Biting: I know I do it! Brought on my nerves or stress, biting your nails or picking at them is the most common way to ruin your polish. You should try applying the dip and twist no nail biting polish. It certainly works wonders for me.

Hairspray: Hairspray hairspray hairspray! Although it keeps your hair looking perfect but it has all the chemicals in it similar to nail polish REMOVER! So don’t go spraying to much over your pretty nails!

Perfume: Perfume also has many of the chemicals similar to nail polish remover, so you may smell good but you have chipped nails so remember not to go spraying that sweet smelling scent too close to your nails, just your wrists will do.

Dishwashing: Hence why dish gloves aren’t just a fashion statement.

More Nail Polish: Many of you think that putting more nail polish over the top makes them less likely to chip but in fact it makes them more prone to chipping as the layers of polish begin to lift off altogether.

Suncream: A great protectant for your skin, but it will ruin your polish. Sunscreen ingredients can soften nail polish and even dissolve acrylic nails. Yikers!

Now hopefully by following and not following some of these you’ll be all ready with perfect nails for longer that usual!

Stay Sassy Dolls xox

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