Your Image represents who you are….or does it?

okay so i’ve been asked to do a personal blog post a couple times now so today i was thinking and i decided that this would be a good topic to talk about as it is close to my heart especially recently.

So society says image is everything, facially, fashion wise, body image…everything.
They say that someone looks at you and instantly judges what kind of person you are by your appearance. If you’re ‘ugly’ no one will like you. If you’re ‘pretty’ everyone will like you.
In my opinion ‘image’ is a funny thing. It’s judged when you’re out in public. I’m a 16 year old and if i’m wearing a hoodie (just cause its cold, its not my usual fashion:/) i’ll instantly get looked at like “teenage thug”
Same with my dream (a singer) you always watch x factor and they say “oh you haven’t got the right image” or “change your image and you have a chance” “you need your own image” and “well you’ve got an image”
Is the word ‘image’ starting to sound weird to you…? me too.

I’ve always experimented with my look, i suppose it’s always been an insecurity of mine. Ever since i was little I’ve always been tormented for my unique hair colour, from playground words of ‘ginger’ ‘ginger’ ‘no soul ginger’ and more. I’ve also always had a bit of a thing for my weight and its always yo-yo-ed. Because of this and because of my insecurities I’ve always chopped and changed my ‘image.’ That being my clothes, my hair, my make up and more.

When I had just started secondary school, i was fresh, clean cut hair, no make up, hollister t shirts and jeans, that kinda girl. Then the teens came and i changed to wearing a little more make up, a little more strappy tops, skirts. Then when i was having some troubles at school and genuinely having rather a crappy time (i didn’t think this was the case at the time) my image kind of changed. I began wearing a lot more make up. And when i say a lot i mean a lot. Heavy eyes, dark lips. I wouldn’t go so extreme to say i went goth, but i say i went ‘alternative’ haha. I wore my creepers everywhere, my wet look leggings and my leather jacket. They were my statement pieces. Not to mention my leather jacket had the metal stud look going on.

After that time passed i’ve evolved into my in-between stage (thats what i like to call it) i change my look according to my mood now. I’ll dress a little sparklier and wear a little more make up if i’m feeling glamourous or put on a blazer and loathers if I’m feeling smart. Any of you that read gracelalaland frequently will know i’m a lover of lipsticks and you’ll notice that my lipstick colour changes on my mood too.

Basically what i’m trying to say is that, you are you for a reason. And your look is YOUR look for a reason. Don’t let peoples assumptions make you change.

I know that when i got out in my smart clothes people look at me as if to say ‘posh gal’ or if i tend to wear a little more eye make up i’m a ‘goth’ or if i wear my extensions and a little more make up than usual i’m ‘fake.’ This used to bother me, like a lot. But now i know that it doesn’t matter because i am who i am. If i like my outfit that day and i like how i look then thats all that matters. Of course we all have our down days and sometimes it does reflect in our looks but that doesn’t mean that we should be judged for our ‘IMAGE’

Excuse the ugly pics but just to give you a visual of me throughout the few years of ma looks!







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