So today i wanted to talk about confidence. 

Recently most people seem to think that to be confident you have to be sassy, bitchy and have that ‘don’t care’ attitude. That if you don’t have the fierceness of Queen B or the rebellion of Miley Cyrus, that you aren’t confident, that sure isn’t true.

To me, right now I’ve discovered that confidence isn’t really about being any of them things, its about self esteem, motivation and most importantly self love. I’ve learnt a lot about this, specifically in the past few years.  i’e always said i would never talk about my story of anxiety and self esteem issues but in basic terms, i had zero confidence. I had no confidence in myself, in my capability to do things, in my dreams, in my looks, in anything about myself basically. But recently, with some help, i’ve discovered that actually it isn’t all about being outrageously confident, loud and out there. It’s about being content in your own skin, trusting yourself, believing in yourself and respecting yourself. 

Don’t get me wrong there are days where i have the least amount of confidence going and i just want to curl up in bed and never show my face again, but for everyday there is like that, there is another where i get up and smile and lift my head up and show the world what I’m made of (no matter how cliche or cringe that may sound) 

i suppose this evening those thoughts were going through my head and i wanted to share with you my thoughts about it. if any of you have anything to add to this post, please don’t hesitate to comment. Alternatively if you want to know anything else about my experiences or have any questions or want to advice linked to this post or not, feel free to contact me from the contact page in the menu or once again comment. 

I hope this evenings post has left you with some thoughts, whether it’s about your own self confidence or ways in which you can help someone else develop theirs. But for now dolls, stay sassy xox 

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