When I was younger I believed in magic. I did believe in so many more things than I do nowA I created some of the best memories when I was a child because everything was far more innocent and real. Children see no bad, no fear, no darkness. I remember being a little girl, going to my 4th fancy dress party dressed as a mermaid and truely believing I was a mermaid. I remember leaving letters and making dresses for the fairies and expecting a reply. Looking up and waving to the man in the moon, waiting to hear Santa’s sleigh bells. Believing in happy endings, true love and that my prince will come.

But now I’m older. Now I know that mermaids aren’t real, the fairies never really wrote back, the moon is scientific and that Santa’s presents came from my mum and dad and that most of all happy endings don’t always exist.

However separate all of these magical beliefs being crushed, no matter how old I get I will always believe in the magic of dreams, love, hope, spirit, memories and life.

I will carry the memories of my childhood knowledge and innocence I once had throughout my life. Although those beliefs are not part of my past, the true magic of life and belief in myself and my dreams are present and future.

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