Make up Today

So today I’m just having a casual day, popping out a couple of times so I thought I’d show you my make up for today and the products I use.

So I moisturize using aveeno and I use that after my cleanse for the morning.
This hydrates the skin which leaves it smooth and long lasting for foundation.

I then use my real technique foundation brush to do my foundation and I use true match by l’oreal Paris and the colour I use to match my skin is vanilla rose. I then use my power brush by real techniques to do my powder, again using l’oreal Paris true match powder in vanilla rose.




I then put on my base eyeshadow which today I used the Barry m white dazzle shimmer. I put this on my eyelid and buffed in so it wasn’t such a block colour. I then used my body shop eyeshadow pallette and used the shimmer brown in the crease of my eyes.




I then use my seventeen wet look eyeliner which is amazing! Best eyeliner I’ve ever used, it glides so well across the eyelid. I’ve done a 50’s flick today which I drag out the side of my eyelid. Then I’ve put on my benefit real eyes mascara which I got last week at the open air cinema benefit truck.



Next I put on my new l’oreal Paris pink lipstick, I don’t know exactly what colour this is but it is identical to the old mac girl about town lipstick, which for some reason I cannot find anywhere recently. If anyone knows of where I can find it please let me know.

Today I’ve done a small plait on one side of my hair, inspired by pixie Lott at v! And inserted a feather accessory into the underside of my hair.




Thank you for reading, I will post a picture of my new nails later. If you have any questions about the products used don’t hesitate to contact.
Stay sassy, grace xox

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