V festival 2014


On the 16th August, the first day of V festival 2014 commenced.

This weekend I went to V festival with my best friend melody. For those of you who don’t know V festival is run by virgin media and is a music festival in Hylands Park, Chelmsford.This year the headliners were Justin Timberlake and The Killers. So I thought I’d tell you exactly how our weekend panned out

So we got up Saturday morning and got ready all festivalish, complete with wellies and face paint and off we went to Hylands.


Once we got to Hylands, we met with my cousin, Jasmine. We then set off and found a spot to sit at the MTV stage, as all the warm up acts were coming on. We watched a band called starsailor who I personally didn’t know of but they were pretty awesome. After they’d finished their set we headed down to the front of the stage to watch George Ezra, who I must say is not only extremely talented but extremely beautiful as well.


After George Ezra had performed we decided to wait for Pixie Lott as we were pretty close. May I just say I wish I looked like that girl, she is stunning in photographs and in person. She was wearing this amazing metallic gold outfit, and as I said to melody many times, I need her hair!


After watching Pixie Lott we grabbed some ridiculously expensive for it’s quality pizza and headed to the main stage were the Kaiser Chiefs were performing. I love the Kaiser Chiefs and Ricky and his stage prescense is just amazing, he had the whole crowd up and jumping!  After singing along to the likes of ‘I predict a riot’ and ‘Ruby’ we waited for Bastille, which was a hilarious wait after melody was chatted up by some guy which actually ended up working in her favour as by the first song she was up on his shoulders rocking out to ‘This are the things, the things we lost, the things we lost in the fire, fire, fire.’


We then suffered some mad mosh pits through Example, sung and waved our arms along to a favourite ginger of mine, Ed Sheeran, then it was time for the main man himself. MR JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! He was just unbelievably incredible. His looks, his dancing, his voice, the way he got the crowd involved! He did all his hits including ‘suit and tie’ ‘mirrors’ ‘sexy back’ and ‘take back the night.’ All of which were incredible and we were so close it was amazing. After almost twelve hours of standing and dancing we headed back for a nights rest, ready for the second day.


The second day of V fest commenced and we were shattered from the first still but that wasn’t going to stop us. Although it did start to pour weith rain on our way in so our ideal festival looks got a little ruined (i.e my hair went majorly curly). So we rushed into the arena tent as soon as we got there and went to see Jess Glynne. After dancing to ‘Rather be’ we met up with some of my girls from school and went to see Aleo Blacc at the MTV stage. We then left them and went to meet our friend Neda who met us there. Then we headed back to the MTV stage to see one of my personal favourites, SAM SMITH! I love Sam, he is such an incredible writer, singer and just general performer as well as being as lovely person (we met in Brighton Feb 2014.) He was simply amazing once again and had the whole crowd of thousands singing along to ‘stay with me’ beautifully.

281 285299

After Sam Smith we headed up onto the hill at the main stage for something to eat and sat and overlooked Nile Rogers’ hits performance which banged out all the classics such as ‘Like a Virgin’ ‘We are family’ ‘Le freak’ and of course ‘Get lucky’. We then headed down closer to the stage to see rudimental who got everyone jumping and even a few crowd surfing. We then headed forward which was were we met our new found V fest buddies, Rory and Will, who just so happened to be in a band although I cant find them! If anyone knows of a small English band called ‘Tache’ or ‘Tash’ please get in contact! Haha!


After a few selfies, we saw Lily Allen, who I must say I was surprised I knew so many lyrics for, she got everyone singing along as well whilst looking fab for a recent mum, I must say! After Paolo Nutini (disappointment that he didn’t sing his biggest song ‘Last request’) It was time for….The Killers! Neds and Mels were almost crying from the tension of waiting! I only knew the main songs but I must say they absolutely smashed it! Mr Brightside was of course the highlight and lead to the husky screamed out sound of my voice! However I was extremely sad it was all over 😦


All until next year eh? I might see you there xox



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